Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Mat

Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Mat

Explora Easi-Mat Easy-mat holds bowls and plates securely in place with release tab for less mess. Suitable for use with all Tommee Tippee tableware and most other brands of bowls and plates. For best results, wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and attach dish to suction device in the middle of the mat. To release tab, pull the tab at the back of the suction device. Features: BPA and phthalate free Rolls up easy for storage Colors may vary. Please let us choose for you.

Main features

  • The Explora Easi-Mat from Tommee Tippee is specifically designed to keep your childs bowls and plates securely in place, preventing slips and spills.
  • Let your child explore the wonders of self-feeding with less mess.
  • For easier mealtimes, roll it up and take it on the road.
  • Less Mess Less Stress
  • Sticks to all flat surfaces

Verified reviews


baby defeated this gadget

Alas, at 6 months, my baby figured out to peel this off the table and suck on it. It became merely a safe washable toy for her to play with during meals.

Vickie Grambling, LA

Making meal time easy.

The explora easi-mat is a life saver… or should I say floor saver! It sticks to all flat surfaces and grips bowls and plates, making meal time more about the food and less about the clean up. It is like magic! I no longer play the fetch game with tableware. The bowls and plates stay secured to the mat and I finally get to eat my food while it’s hot too! (Mom Mart Blog Review)

Patsy Springville, CA

too easy for my twins

My twins figured this thing out in no time flat. Just another thing to toss into the “nice idea” pile of products that do not work as advertised. What a waste of money.

Elda Underwood, ND

Best feeding mat out there.

Let me start by saying i hate items that say ” colors may vary” if you dont want to put all the colors atleast let us pick boy or girl? or maybe just dont send out pink? Back to the product. I really did like this product. Its a great concept and i have to admit there were times i couldnt even get the thing to come off of the bowl at clean up. It didnt take my son long at all to figure out how to roll the edges and pick the mat up, however the bowl stayed suctioned to the mat and never fell. I found that you needed to make sure the mat and table were clean before placing for it to really stay suctioned to the table. I like this product but would I buy another one???? im not sure. I think it depends on your child. I have friends who used it and their kids never thought to roll the sides and used it with no spills. My child likes to touch and poke at every little thing in front of him so it took him a couple minutes to figure out how it worked. I feel the product is well made and does what its suppose to but if your child is like mine then it might not work as well for you.

Katina King Of Prussia, PA

Does what it says

I’ve been looking for a way to help my daughter (12-15 months now) learn to self-feed. She has a tendency to take the bowl and just dump it over.This keeps her from doing so — but it also leaves here very frustrated (and usually not eating).

Janette Bryant, WI

Colors May Vary

We got pink which I am find with for our boy. It is also probably smaller than what you might imagine but that is what we needed for it to fit in the hang-on high chair that we have. It suctions just about everything with a flat hard surface – so we use it will all kinds of plates and bowls.

Blanca East Liverpool, OH

Love it, fits the Boon Flair Chair, but wouldn’t pay $20!

I bought one of these from a flash sale site, along with two matching bowls, a lid, and a spoon that fits in the lid. It works quite well — the bowl stays stuck on the mat, though the mat can be picked up by a dexterous toddler (my 17 month old can do it if he wants to, but usually won’t). The best thing is that it fits on the tray of ourBoon Flair Pedestal High Chair With Pneumatic Lift Coconut Seat And Tangerine Pad, which is often too small for other feeding contraptions.I’m excited to see they offer a three section plate for this as well, and have just ordered it. Updates later!

Latoya Saint Charles, IL

The BEST for Self-Feeding!

This has been a lifesaver!! I’ve tried several different brands of self-feeding bowls and plates and the Tommee Tippee products are by far the best! This Easi-mat is genius! It’s the perfect size, so it fits on top of our high chair tray (which has 3 different sections, it fits in the big, center section). It also sticks to other surfaces, like our wooden kitchen table. Obviously, you need to get the Tommee Tippee bowls/plates to go with it, but it’s well worth it! I used to hold the bowls in place for my 16-month-old son, but now he can completely feed himself with ease! This mat sticks to any surface, and then the bowls/plates suction to the mat, and everything actually stays in place! Seriously, GENIUS! LIFESAVER! My only complaint is that you can’t pick your color… why not?? I have a son and I got stuck with a bright hot pink mat, but oh well.

Beulah North Ferrisburg, VT