Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill-proof Water-bottle 2 Pk 12 Oz Colors May Vary

Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill-proof Water-bottle 2 Pk 12 Oz Colors May Vary


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great cup for 3 and 4 year olds

I was looking for a cup that was in between a sports water bottle for adults and a sippy cup that does not spill milk- enter this cup. Bought at targets as others mentioned for $7 (why does amazon have very odd high prices on some items?!) and LOVE them. always used the standard playtex sippy when they were littlier but not my son is in TK and needed something to hold water in his lunch box and this is great. The liquid comes out fast enough for my 3 and 4 year old and it can still fall on the carpet with out leaking. The best part about it besides the non leaking is the nipple part is hard plastic meaning if your kids like to chew those flexible sippy cup straws they can’t do that with these! Great design, get them at your local target 🙂

Roseann North Middletown, KY

Great straw free sippy!

I found this cup on sale at Target and decided to give it a try because it is straw free, yet the tip is shaped like other straw cups (my daughter likes to tip her cups to drink). It works great, leak proof, and is easy to clean and assemble. I came onto Amazon, my #1 go to, to buy another set thinking for sure the price would be better…I was wrong! The price for this exact 2-pack at Target is $7.99, a HUGE price difference (I just checked their website to double check too)!!! Great cup, not a great price Amazon seller!

Avis Yellow Springs, OH

Good for baby, but valve comes off if dropped

My baby does well with these as far as drinking and not dribbling out water, but when he throws the cup off the highchair (which is a lot), then the valve pops off and water can come out if its full. I bought 1 and then 2 more of these, but am ready to move on (baby is now 15 months).

Jessie Lake Crystal, MN

great cups for busy toddlers

I love these cups. My son needed to move on from straw cups, but I couldn’t find sippees that didn’t leak until I found these by Tommee Tippee. The only times I’ve had trouble were when 1) he had dropped or thrown the cup and loosened the valve assembly and it trickled a slow steady drip until I figured it out and 2) when there is a significant difference in the temperature of the beverage versus the room temperature. In those cases, there will be a little capillary action up and out of the spout. Just something to keep in mind, but nothing that would keep me from buying or recommending these cups. I haven’t found anything better!

Alyson Saint Lucas, IA

no spill even when thrown

These are great for travel and around the house. My 11 month boy throws everything and these hold up well under the abuse. You do need to make sure when you put the top together that the plastic buttons are pushed completely through the holes or else it will leak. I don’t find taking them apart for the dishwasher to be too much work. My son gets all wet no matter what drinking bottle I give him, though, because he sort of spits out part of the mouthful and it dribbles onto his clothes. Since these are technically for 18mo+ maybe that will improve with age. I bought a second set after trying out the first for a couple weeks. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for durable, non spill, sippy cups.

Danielle Indianola, PA