Tommee Tippee Formula Dispensers, 6-Count

Tommee Tippee Formula Dispensers, 6-Count

The First Ever in Bottle Formula Dispensers! Tommee Tippee closer to nature formula dispensers fit neatly inside closer to nature 9oz bottles for convenient mixing and feeding any time. Measure dry formula in advance, then make up the bottle as needed. The formula dispenser fits right inside a 9oz bottle to save space and protects up to 8 scoops of formula. Portable and Convenient The formula dispensers are so easy to use. Simply measure dry formula ahead of time. Place the dispenser in the bottle to store and keep the formula fresh. ..then make the bottle when baby is ready! Dispensers go wherever the bottles go so no need for a separate, bulky container. Great solution for travel & daycare as you simply mix a feed whilst on the go. Takes baby from birth to transition. In bottle formula dispensers are perfect for all stages. When baby is new, and her feeding schedule is unpredictable, have an extra on hand, safe and pre-measured feed. Then, when baby takes a bottle with cereal, just pre-measure both and the bottle will be ready in seconds. Closer to Nature formula dispensers are part a range of products that will make feeding baby safe, convenient, quick and easy. Check out the entire range of Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature products. Why choose Tommee Tippee? Tommee Tippee, from the U.K.-based Mayborn Group Limited, has earned a reputation for its clever ideas, product quality and simply intuitive designs that promote natural development at every age, stage and feeding need. Today, tommee tippee innovations provide comfort for babies and peace of mind for parents in 45 countries around the world.

Main features

  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Holds enough formula to make an 8 ounce bottle
  • Dispenser fits inside bottle to avoid separate bulky containers

Verified reviews


Convenient product!

These dispensers were a great investment. Now I can prepare the 6 bottles that baby is going to use in the next 24hrs all at once. I lay out the bottles filled with boiled water that quickly cool to room temperature on the kitchen counter next to each formula dispenser filled with formula. This is convenient because:(1) they aren’t mixed beforehand so it’s easier to stick to that use within 1hr rule that is marked on the powdered formula directions(2) I don’t have to store them in the fridge and then spend time reheating the bottle while baby waits!!! (This was a most annoying ritual and not to mention stressful for baby. Plus our baby actually prefers room temp. formula)(3) I don’t have to worry about whether her babysitter or grandparents etc would mix the correct amount of formula as I have measured out everything myself(4) there’s less wastage of formula so baby gets the correct amount of formula because it’s easier to scoop the formula into the dispenser than the bottle and most importantly the formula in the dispenser flows directly into the bottle with no spillage!(5) I can just grab what I need and put it in the baby bag if we have to make a trip.I definitely recommend buying this product!

Jenifer Lizemores, WV

Makes Bottles On The Go So Easy

This product is absolute genius and we love our Tommee Tippee formula cups! These cups are so easy to use – you simply measure out the amount of formula you need into the formula cup and cover with lid, add the amount of water needed to your bottle, drop the cup into the bottle, and cover with nipple and lid. When its time to make the bottle, open up bottle remove cover off formula cup and empty premeasured formula into premeasured water. Waala! Your bottle is ready to go where ever you are and there is no mess or left over formula. Another reviewer mentioned an issue with making an 8 oz. bottle and while that may be true, my 9 month old has never taken more than 6 oz. at any one time, so we have not had that problem. It has made time on the go with my baby super easy and daycare loves the ease of these dispensers!

Stacie Mc Carr, KY

worth getting bottles just because of this product

I used to hate having to make a bottle for my baby in was so hard to hold him, find bottle, pour out formula, get bottled water etc. I often spilled formula everywhere. Anyway, these dispensers fit perfectly (unfortunately they don’t fit my advent or brown bottles) in TT bottles and you can easily have a bottle ready in seconds! I would consider this item a must have!

Juliana Mount Aetna, PA

Just what i needed

I really love these little pots – i breastfeed and offer a couple of supplement bottles a day, and these are perfect for having the right amount of formula dispensed on the go! They fit inside the Tommee Tippee bottles with no spillage if you knock a bottle over. Great!

Vivian Arley, AL

Love this idea

I use these all the time and find these to be a great idea. The store inside the bottle and I just carry a bottle of water in my diaper bag to mix formula when I need it.

Jeanie Murrells Inlet, SC

If you have Tommee Tippee bottles.

I think everyone should own these if you have Tommee Tippee bottles! I love that I can just stick them in the bottle and not have to carry around a bag or a container. I have Avent Natural bottles and they don’t fit in them. I will also say that I use Earths Best formula and it only fits 3 scoops (6 oz) it hasn’t been a problem for me yet, but I can foresee it being one. I do keep an extra one just in my bag (not in the bottle) and it holds up very well with no spills or coming apart.

Corrine Sedan, KS

Nice design idea but not practical.

These are a creative idea and design. Only problem is you have to use an 8 oz bottle and can only put 4oz of water. The container only holds 2 scoops of formula. If you put more than 4 oz of water it will spill over once you add the container insert.

Carly Ratcliff, AR

They’re okay…

I think the function of this product can be achieved by other products, I got it because I had purchased the collection of bottles for my daughter’s baby only to discover that she decided to breast feed—-I much prefer this over bottle feeding—so…it sits pretty in a box at the moment…

Ingrid Alba, PA

Time saver!

I really like these formula dispensers!I like them more than the ones that have compartments because those always spill into the other compartments and I’m never sure if the quantity is right.They save me time because i fill them all and just grab one when i’m on the go. I don’t have to be measuring formula every time.Using Similac Advance, they fill up for a 6oz bottle.

Brandie Freelandville, IN


These formula dispensers are absolutely perfect. With my first daughter we used the little containers that come with the baby bullet to hold formula, and they worked wonders. We moved and I misplaced most of them, so when my youngest was born, I was looking for something to replace them. I am so glad I went with these! They are the perfect size, close up perfectly and fit inside the tommee tippee bottles we have (9 oz). You have to tap it around to get all of the formula out, which is obvious. We bought these specifically to use while traveling across the country. Our trip is in a couple weeks, but I have a feeling these will make air travel a breeze (well, the feeding part).

Margie Russellville, MO

Very handy

At first I was really displeased but after having these a couple of weeks, I loved them. We have a lot of kids so a lot of different hands make the bottles in our home. I fill these after washing my hands well and they ensure that each bottle is clean and proportioned correctly.

Lorena Hammondsport, NY

these are great

these are great. perfect fit and i use them for cereal made out in breastmilk. perfect for traveling to grandmas

Fay Storm Lake, IA

Ridiculously Convenient

The little canister fits perfectly inside a 9oz bottle, with enough powder to make 8oz of formula. Does it fit with the water? Dunno. I walk around with bottled water, anyway, so I dont need to prefill the bottles with water. I love these little canisters so much. It makes pre-measuring a breeze.

Stacey Bushton, KS

Great idea..!

These are a awesome way to take extra formula along in , whether u put these in or out of bottle. I also use them for cereal sometimes on the go..

Tracie Madisonburg, PA


Excellent buy. It’s so convenient having a container that fits right into the bottle while traveling. My diaper bag already is so big so having something that doesn’t take up more space and is exactly where it needs to be is a great product for mommies on the go.

Leah Pindall, AR

Very convenient!

I love these pods! They are very easy to fill and throw in the diaper bag for feedings. Wonderful purchase!

Fannie Bowersville, GA

So convenient

I love them, the daycare loves them and it makes preparing bottles in a hurry a breeze.If you don’t have these you need to get them.

Millie Santa Barbara, CA

Can’t live without these!

I LOVE these! They are so convenient for traveling with and they are a much better alternative than those travel packets. I have purchased two of these 6 packs already!

Bianca Yellowtail, MT

Great for anytime

Anyone with a baby knows when they’re hungry, they don’t wait patiently. These are great for pre measuring so all you have to do is dump it and go. They’re also small and a great fit in the diaper bag.

Claudia Putnam, OK

Great standby’s

I send one each day to daycare in case my child wants another one… sometimes he does and sometimes not, so it keeps me from wasting a bottle every day.

Hallie Greene, ME


Where were these when I had my two previous children! These are so much more convenient than the other products made for dispensing formula. My son is breast fed and formula fed so this made traveling with both really easy and less cumbersome. Love Tommee Tippee!

Addie Wynnewood, OK

Perfect for traveling

These were the perfect thing for traveling. I had to look up how to use them first, but once I did we took them everywhere. This saves you from having to carry around the big formula container wherever you go. Get these if you are getting the bottles.

Irene Archer, FL

Work for 5 Ounce Bottles too

Oh my goodness…. these are the best thing ever! If I had to make the decision again, I would choose Tommee Tippee bottles just so I could use this product. I love that these fit in the bottle with the water already allotted. We have used these with the TT 5 ounce bottles as well as the 9 ounce ones. I havent tried to fill these dispensers with over 8 ounces of formula, but Im glad to read the reviews of others who have and say that it works. If your infant is mostly formula fed, you really need these containers.

Bonita South Barre, MA

Great for traveling as well as at home

These are a must for anyone using Tommee Tippee bottles and using formula. I used these all the time with my son when he was infant. I had trouble with my supply the first time so we had to switch to formula with my son. These little dispensers were one of my favorite baby purchases bar to none. My son never took more than 8oz so these worked out great. The pods only hold 8oz of formula so if they take more than you may need to use another one. We used these for traveling and at home. I would just fill the dispensers with the desired amount of formula and stick the dispenser in the bottle so they were always ready to go. I had one of those Medela bottle trays and left the bottles on the counter near the warmer so we could just fill water from the fridge and just poor the pre-measured formula in the bottle, stick in the warmer and they were ready to go. Also, super easy while traveling as I didn’t have to mess with those silly dispenser trays and having formula spill everywhere. I know it seems silly but having something easy like that made night feedings and when you had a screaming baby wanting a bottle right away so much easier than trying to find the formula package and premeasure the formula and throw it in the bottle. We could easily be holding a screaming baby and throwing the bottle in the warmer with one hand. I honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about theses dispensers and can’t imagine what we’ve would of done without them with my son.

Edwina Cochrane, WI

Good bottles…

These are very good Bottles… Easy to clean and assemble…. But not a good a DR. Browns at preventing colic….

Ericka Fairmount, GA


These have made bringing bottles of formula for my little one for the day when we’re out and about so much easier. I love that its all in the bottle and there’s no fussing to find the other container with the powder.

Delores Huntsville, AR

Must Have Item!

While planning out first car trip with our then 2 month old baby I weighed my options between buying the Similac Advance Ready to Feed bottles and trying to get my newborn used to a different nipple or these. Overall these were the better choice both for value and ease of use. I agree with the other reviewers who’ve mentioned that you cannot really fit the 4 scoops of formula you need in the cup to make an 8 oz. bottle. Perhaps the manufacturer should correct that in the description or perhaps in other parts of the world formula is more concentrated? Anyway 3 scoops of Similac is the max but a 6 oz. bottle is still way too much for one feeding for my little guy so it isn’t an issue. Also, I love that you can put the water in the bottle with the cup but I choose not to now allowing me to pack two clean, dry bottles with formula in the cup and I can leave them in the diaper bag if I don’t use them for next time. Knowing the formula is in a tightly sealed container and will stay fresh until next time so I always know I have an extra bottle or two just in case. Brilliant product.

Velma Castleton, IL

Great buy

I think these dispensers are a must buy for any formula feeding parent using the Tommee Tippee bottles. I love that these dispensers fit inside the bottles. I never have to search for the formula in my diaper bag; I can just grab the bottle from its pocket and I’m set. The dispenser will hold enough formula for an eight-ounce bottle, but I don’t know how well that works with water since I don’t keep water in my son’s bottles.

Lenora Olive Branch, MS

Awesome if you only need 6 oz.

I love the concept of these, such a space saver! However, you can’t put 4 scoops of formula in them, they only fit three. This is fine for us since my daughter still only eats a 6 oz. bottle. We have used them with 6 oz. of water in an 8 oz bottle and an 11oz bottle.

Desiree Mc Cracken, KS

Ok formula storage.

I bought these to have portioned out formula ready for middle of the night bottles. I also bought them to take on the go. They are pretty amazing – all the formula comes out pretty well, it holds an ok amount (they’re bigger than I thought, and I wouldn’t mind using more than 1 if I required more than 2 scoops of formula), and they clean easily since the tops and lids are removable. The top of the dispenser is flat though as you can see from the picture, and I wish it was more like a funnel. When you turn it upside down to pour the formula out, you have to kinda shake it around to get all the powder through the spout. A very minor inconvenience, but I would definitely definitely still recommend these!

Callie Passaic, NJ