Tommee Tippee Newborn Bottle Starter Set

Tommee Tippee Newborn Bottle Starter Set

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Newborn Starter includes: 2 x 9 ounce bottles with slow flow nipples, 2 x 5 ounce bottles with slow flow nipples and 1 x clear shield pacifier 0 6 months.

Main features

  • Nipple mimics natural feel, flex and movement of breastfeeding
  • Allows for easy transition between breast and bottle
  • Wide neck nipple for easier latch on
  • Anti colic, anti gas, advanced easi vent valve
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


Great bottles

I love these bottles. They do seem more natural to me since they have such a wide nipple base. The only downside is that they are so wide, making them very short so they are not as easy to hold on to. You definitely can’t do the whole ‘hold the bottle with your chin’ thing with these!

Meghan Fort Monmouth, NJ

Missing Items

Received this as a registry gift and it was a different product from the picture. It had 4 bottles and the pacifier but it was missing the formula dispenser and brush. Will now have to purchase the $9.99 brush separately, bummer.

Lois New Brighton, PA

Over rated

I can’t think of why this is so popular. I have Medela bottles as well and I like them much better.Cons:There is a lip that catches the last of the formula/breastmilk and makes it difficult to empty the bottle completely.The bottle is so big I can’t see baby’s face.It’s awkward to hold.

Fanny Bagdad, FL

Not happy, false advertising

I bought this item at Amazon because it included the bottle brush and formula dispenser, however when I got it, the box contained neither of those items. It did contain a pacifier. This is considered false advertising. Also, the box was shipped on a yellow envelope, and arrived very damaged (the box was a gift….no time to return it for baby shower). Very not happy (and I paid for shipping!)

Brittney Benoit, MS

Great bottles

Glad I purchased the starter kit with the brush. These bottle are great we do not have any problems with gas

Meredith Linden, IA


I breastfeed and bottle feed our little one and these were the first bottles I used. She is only 7 weeks so we are still using the newborn size with a 0 nipple. I like the shape and they are easy to clean but my little one makes a mess with these. I have since bought other bottles and not near as much of a mess. I do like that these hold 5 oz measured. It has its pros and cons I guess. Not swooning. =\

Jamie Willmar, MN

Just OK

I thought these were going to be great but unfortunately didn’t live up to it. The wide neck of course is great for cleaning and the shape is kinda cool although a bit awkward to hold. the main problem I have are the nipples. Our DD was 2 weeks early and they were not slow enough slow flow for her, she was choking on them. I introduced the bottle back to her after a month and this time was ok with the flow but the nipples collapse. If you don’t hold it up and make sure baby doesn’t suck too hard then the nipple collapses into the base. I’m hoping once she can hold a bottle on her own I’ll be able to use them but for now we’re sticking to Gerber Essentials as she likes them much better.

Jean Bradley, OK

really love these botles

Only con is that the caps can be really difficult to get off, especially when I’ve got the baby in one arm and am doing it one-handed. Otherwise I love these. Nice soft nipples and my child transitions nicely from breastfeeding to bottle when needed. easy to wash and not a lot of little parts to mess with. (Other’s I’ve tried and not liked as much: Avent, BornFree, Playtex VentAire Advanced)

Genevieve Sybertsville, PA

Worked Really Well

Bottles and nipples worked really well. The brush they give you if a nice brush as well and work wells with the bottles. The little formula cups are the best thing for traveling. You put the correct amount of formula in the small cup, fill the bottle with the right amount and then put the cup in the bottle, screw on the nipples and you are good to go! The top of the little bottle comes off so you can easily pour the formula into the bottle with no mess.

Alyson Donnybrook, ND

Great Value

These bottles work well for our son. This particular set was a good value for the 4 bottles. We didn’t use the free pacifier – I was unimpressed with it because it filled up with water when I washed it, weird.

Edna Dawson, AL

Shower Gift

I really like the design of these Tommee bottles as opposed to the traditional ones. The Phillips Avent bottle set offered more I wish these ones did. Would have rather had a bottle instead of a pacifier.

Robyn Buffalo Gap, TX