Tommee Tippee Stage 1 Chewther

Tommee Tippee Stage 1 Chewther

The Closer to Nature Stage One Chewther Teether is the first of four stages of teethers designed to soothe your baby through every teething stage. The teether will help with your child’s oral development in preparation for speech and feeding by supporting lip seal, muscle coordination and jaw development.

Main features

  • Self soothe – sized and shaped for your baby to stimulate and develop gums
  • Speech development – helps develop lip seal and muscle coordination for speech development
  • Progressive feeding – encourages jaw and muscle coordination appropriate for each feeding stage
  • Tooth care – textured surfaces help care for fragile new teeth
  • Suitable for babies aged 3 months plus

Verified reviews



I absolutely love this teether. However, you can get it for a third of this price at other retail stores. My daughter started teething about a week ago, she just turned 3 months old. She will not use a paci and she is not coordinated enough to hold a teether ring in her mouth to soothe her gums. She has two teeth coming at the bottom. You just put this into their mouth like a little football mouth guard and let the chewing begin. She chews so hard on this thing and she seems so content. She still manages to push it out of her mouth about every minute or so and then she cries because she wants it back in. This is the best teether, especially for younger babies.

Charlene Ellsworth, IL

I love it. My son doesn’t.

I fell in love with this thing as soon as I saw it online. I love the idea, and I love the design. When it came, it was exactly what I expected, nothing less. However, my son just isn’t interested in it. I would still recommend it to anyone with a teething baby.Edit: My son is now going on 7 months and has his four front teeth (two on top, two on bottom). I’m guessing due to the new sensation of having teeth, he has started grinding them. The Tommee Tippee Chewther has helped out a lot with this.

Elizabeth Peckville, PA

awesome for breastfed baby

She hates bottles & pacis but loves this. This and Sophie are her favorite teethers. This is great cause she’s not really coordinated enough to hold a toy in her mouth but her teeth are definitely hurting her. I got it elsewhere for less.

Candice Conley, GA

AMAZING teether!!!!

This teether is AWESOME!!! My 4 month old baby is starting to teeth and we’ve tried about 6 different teethers and they just don’t work. She doesn’t have the coordination to hold a teether and stick it in her mouth. This teether looks so weird, like a football mouthguard. Just pop it in the mouth and your baby can chew on it or suck it. It gets every single tooth area and both top and bottom gums!!!! My daughter loves this and its by far the best teether I’ve ever tried. Do not buy it here. Go to Target. Its about 1/3 of the price at Target. I don’t know how Amazon can justify selling it for over 13 bucks when you can get it elsewhere for about 4-5 bucks.

Estelle Morris, NY


My son loves this! He was an early teether and mainly chewed on his pacifier which only upset him. This chewther is easy for him to grasp and it provides all around gum soothing. Great buy!

Madeline Chattanooga, TN

“Pacifies” Teething 4 month old

At first my daughter was unsure of this new object I was trying to stick in her mouth, but once she gave it a “chew”, she was hooked. Let it be known that my daughter is breastfed exclusively. She refuses to take a bottle or pacifier. So to say the least, she is VERY picky on what she will put in her mouth. The fact that this chewther is basically like a mini mouthgaurd, it helps to keep it from falling out of her mouth from her tongue simply pushing on it. Once I place it in her mouth (its a little wide so she isnt able to do it on her own yet), she seems to enjoy chewing on it very much. I did not purchase mine on amazon as it is twice the price, but still wanted to share my review.

Celina Mount Calm, TX