Ton Ton For Kids Travel Buddies Neck Pillow – Dog

Ton Ton For Kids Travel Buddies Neck Pillow – Dog

Travel Buddies Neck Pillow snuggles to go. The travel buddies neck pillows are designed to comfortably support sleepy heads on planes, trains, and automobiles. Kids will take them everywhere and won’t leave them behind. It is machine washable and hypo allergenic. This is a snuggly soft pillow. It has won Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence 2007 and Dr. Toy Best Vacation Products 2005.

Main features

  • Machine washable
  • Snuggly soft and Hypoallergenic
  • Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence 2007
  • Dr Toy Best Vacation Products 2005

Verified reviews


my son is obsessed with this pillow

I bought this up an up coming trip to the states from Europe, and my 5 year old won’t leave it alone! I had to take it away from him to make sure he wouldn’t distroy it before we left on our trip. The stuffing was getting weak in an area that he liked to bend it. Its not an everyday toy…so I just keep it up when we are not traveling.

Ines Arvada, CO

Not comfy

We used it once! The head of the animal makes it very difficult to position the baby head. Also, the material made him to sweat.

Stacey Stoutland, MO

Too bulky for a 2 year-old

This pillow is very cute and my daughter loves holding it while in the car. It is actually too big for her tiny little neck (she is 33 inch tall and only 22 lbs), so it doesn’t really serve the purpose of supporting her head. It will probably work a lot better in couple of years!

Tracie Montello, WI

Son didn’t like it

While this is a great pillow, it is shaped like an animal for their enjoyment it is comfy, but my son just didn’t like it, that’s on him though and not the product.

Sheena Wellsburg, IA

Great for Car/Plane Trips–Big for a Toddler, but Room to Grow

I purchased this product for my 16 month son to use for an upcoming plane trip. We purchased the dog model of this. The product we received was very true to the picture and seems to be very high quality. The fabric is very soft and feels as though it would hold up well to a few cycles in the washer. Initially, my son wasn’t a fan of having it around his neck, but we demonstrated how it was used on ourselves and he seemed to warm up to the idea. Then we used in the car a few times when he was about to zonk out. Overall, it is a little big for him, but not enough for it to be completely useless. He is a toddler, so I’m hoping he can grow into and get a few years of good use out of it. I will say while it’s been helpful in the car, it doesn’t completely eliminate that ‘head forward hang’ that sometimes happens when he falls asleep and slumps over. This seems to help a bit so that it doesn’t seem quite as uncomfortable, but doesn’t solve the issue completely. That said, I don’t blame this as that is more an issue of the car seat dimensions.Overall, we’ve been very happy with this and my son has enjoyed carrying it around with him. I think this will be a great purchase for upcoming trips!

Earnestine Lutcher, LA


We have used this pillow a few times for our 18 month old. So far we are glad that we have purchased it. It fits her well and seems to hold her head in place well when sleeping in the car.

Matilda Fort Sumner, NM

Nice and cushy

I got the Lion pillow. It is not too big and not too small, just right for my 5.5 month old (who is on the big side being 90+ percentile)- fits him now and I can imagine it fitting for more months to come if not years. Although the material is polyester, it is very soft all around with no noticeable odors. My son loves to use it when he is riding in one of his strollers. It’s a little tight when used on his Recaro ProRide carseat but it still works as it provides him the needed cushioning for viewing out the window without straining and curling his neck to gain a view which he did prior to this pillow.He looks very comfortable using this in both of his strollers, Chicco Cortina and the BumbleRide.The only complaint, minor, is that when the pillow is centered the lion head sometimes covers part of his left face, but easily remedied by pulling the pillow downwards to his left to get the lion head sitting on his shoulder instead of on his face.Would love it even more and willing to pay more if this pillow was made of organic cotton with corn fill. But all in all very happy with this purchase.

Mariana Craley, PA

Great item, but too big for my 2 yr olds.

I love this item – it’s adorable, super soft, and would work great if my girls were a little bigger. I have twin toddlers who are nearly 2 years old. The pillows are too big and make it awkward for them to use in their car seats – not comfortable at all. However, I will hold on to them, as I think in a year they will work great.

Gabriela Whitelaw, WI

Soft & Cute

This neck pillow is both soft and cute. I think it needs a slightly less plump back/middle of the pillow, because it kinda pushes the head forward, which didn’t seem very comfortable for my son.

Ilene Beulah, MI

Yeah didn’t work

All it does is push my 3.5 yo son’s head forward. We have to put the neck pillow towards the front and try to prop our son’s head on it while he sleeps, but then have it fall when he moves his head. Not worth it.

Erin Winchester, IL

Worked Great For Our Needs!…

I purchased this for my 4 year old son to use in the car for a long trip we took. He just recently switched from his Britax car seat to a ‘big-boy’ booster car seat. Unfortunately the headrest on his new seat offers zero support should he fall asleep. I purchased a neck pillow at CVS for him, but it was for adults and was just a bit too big. This pillow is much better suited to toddlers (I’d say ages 3-10. This would be MUCH too big for a baby). It supports his head on both sides should he nod off, but isn’t so big that he’s uncomfortable. I definitely recommend this. Pay attention to which animal you get though since they’re all different prices (at least they were for me at the time I purchased them). I bought the black bear because it was the lowest priced, and aside from getting him a pillow for girls, he really didn’t care which one I bought.

Silvia Rolla, MO

Cute and soft

I love this product, its very soft to touch and very cute. However, my baby does not seem to like it at all. He hates that it is around his neck. I have not returned it with the hope that he will grow to like it and will find it useful later when he is sitting in a properly car seat which is bigger and has more space. Right now, it might be a little cramped in his infant car seat and that might be the reason why he is rejecting it.

Gwen Johnson, AR

Too bulky for use in a carseat

This is too thick and bulky to work well for my child riding in a forward-facing carseat. She likes it b/c it’s cute and wants to wear it, but it forces her head forward and when she falls asleep her head is just hanging down uncomfortably.

Dionne Himrod, NY

Welcome addition to the car!

My 3-yr old loves his new alligator travel pillow! Can’t wait to put it to the real test this upcoming 4-day weekend!

Lolita Nappanee, IN

Too big for our 1-year old

We bought this product for a 2000-mile road trip with our 14-month old. We found it was too thick to be helpful in keeping her head propped up in a good position as she slept to prevent wheezing. If we put it around the back or sides of her neck, her head would fall forward and her breathing wouldn’t be smooth. If we put it around the front of her neck, it wouldn’t stay put or she would pull it off. On the positive side, it worked reasonably well for me and my 16.5-inch neck, but we will be looking into something more wedge-shaped that goes around the front of the neck for the next trip with our toddler.

Chris Miller City, IL