Tooth Tissues ***

Tooth Tissues ***

Tooth Tissues are disposable dental wipes that were created when our daughter would fall asleep drinking her bottle – much to our horror as 2 dentists!!! They are convenient! Safe! and Effective! Helps to get your child or grandchild off to the right start!

Main features

  • Created by two dentists for their kids!
  • 99% Natural
  • Contains Xylitol to help prevent cavities
  • Paraben Free
  • Fluoride free

Verified reviews



I bought these along with a friend, we went in halves to check them out for our 2 year olds who did not enjoy using a traditional toothbrush. These are very foul smelling and I would guess tasting as well. I ended up discarding them.

Lynne Folsom, PA

Ended up using them for myself

Great idea! I actually ended up using these on myself because the baby likes our rubber finger brush & flavored toothpaste better. I can take these to work, and I don’t have to worry about rinsing off the toothbrush or the toothpaste residue. You can hear it squeak when you rub your teeth, so you know it’s really cleaning.

Gracie Greenview, CA

Not as good as I hoped

Upon having a baby and concerned about her dental hygiene I purchased these tooth tissues thinking this would be a great, simple solution to wiping the baby’s teeth after nursing and also it would be very travel friendly. This tissue has a foul odor. And the thought of mold crosses my mind. It smells strange and unpleasant. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind the taste as much as I do but she doesn’t let me wipe down her teeth with them. I mostly just poorly attempt it each time. The wipes feel big to be for baby teeth and my hands get sticky and have that foul smell on them every time I try to use it. I keep trying them hoping that I would like them and I have 3 packs of them! I haven’t yet tried the other tooth wipes out there but this item is an item I wouldn’t purchase again and if I could return the other 2 unopened packs I would love to!

Ester Fairview, NC

Great alternative to a tooth brush for babies

I first purchased these for baby 1 in 2009. Our dentist gave us a different brand as a sample and my fingers felt slimey and sticky at the same time. These have a mild taste and do not leave a sticky residue on your hands. They have texture to them so that they can remove debris from the tooth’s surface. I highly recommend these for babies that have teeth but aren’t quite ready for a real tooth brush.

Shelly Volney, VA

Great price for the product

It’s cheaper to get these product in multi-pack.My kid hates his teeth being brushed and so these wipes come in handy on those days.Just before not to get your finger bitten by those teething toddler/infant

Rosalind Belvidere Center, VT

Great way to clean baby’s gums and feel around for teeth !

Our baby actually likes the taste of these. She smacks her lips and we feel that we are actually cleaning her gums and nonexistent teeth. Its also a fun way to check her ridges and feel little teeth behind the gums.

Cecelia Morristown, MN

odd film

I bought this product to use on my 14 month old’s teeth. When I used it I felt like my hands had a weird film on them afterward. It didn’t make me super confident about using them in my son’s mouth. Other than that it’s a great concept, wish it had been executed better.

Sharon Milton, WV