Tortle Repositioning Beanie – FDA cleared to Prevent and Treat Flat Head Syndrome – Baby Blue – MD

Tortle Repositioning Beanie – FDA cleared to Prevent and Treat Flat Head Syndrome – Baby Blue – MD

Repositioning is recommended for all newborns; every baby is at risk for developing Flat Head Syndrome, plagiocephaly or torticollis. Because baby’s skulls are soft, yet heavy and necks are weak, infants are vulnerable to developing these conditions in the first few months of life. This is why, proper movement and deliberate repositioning of your infant from birth is one of the key’s to the healthy development of your baby. Tortle is a simple, comfortable beanie that is FDA cleared to help prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome (plagiocephaly and torticollis). Early detection and correct use of Tortle will ensure the best long term results. To properly use the Tortle, you must pull the beanie down as far as possible so the crown of the head is fitted into the top of beanie and ears are covered. If beanie is covering baby’s eyebrows, you can fold the front of the beanie. Remember to let your Tortle grow with your baby and purchase the next Tortle size!

Main features

  • 95% Cotton/5% Spandex
  • Tortle helps to prevent and treat flat head syndrome. It does this by gently deflecting your baby’s head when she’s sitting or lying on the back of her head, to gently move her head from side to side. It’s a natural way to encourage healthy head and neck motion, without any of the suffocation risks of repositioning pillows or wedges.
  • Sizes: Small (0-2 months/5-10 lbs.) Medium (2-4 months/10-15 lbs.) Large (4-6 months/15-20 lbs.)
  • 95% cotton/5% spandex
  • Machine Washable
  • It is recommended that all newborns wear a TortleTM for the first six months of life to aid in repositioning baby’s head.

Verified reviews



Got this for my son who is developing a flat spot behind his right ear from always wanting to look right when he sleeps (or is in his Fisher Price Rock & Play). It does seem to help keep him looking the other way but he’s strong enough that he can still get to looking right. Also, he is a very HOT baby and is always overheated so keeping a hat on him is a major challenge and I usually don’t even try since he’s hot to begin with. I think it’s a great idea and will probably save a lot of parents the worry over flat head syndrome, just isn’t the best for my son.

Latoya Rapelje, MT

Best option for torticollis/flat head

This is a brilliant idea and works relatively well. My baby has torticollis and a flat spot. I use this overnight in the hopes of avoiding helmet therapy. Used with physical therapy, it does seem to be helping the torticollis. I generally wait until she is fast asleep and then quickly put it in. She’ll usually knock it off after about an hour, but I’m up every three for feedings and put it back on then. It works better than a rolled up towel.

Erin Cohocton, NY

Good product except it didn’t fit

Even though my baby was right in the middle of the weight & age sizes for the medium hat (3 months, 12 lbs), it was too small and kept sliding off. I think it would have worked well if it had fit. I’m going to have to order the next size up.

Pearlie Mescalero, NM

Doesn’t stay put

I got this because the back of my son’s head is flat from his fisher price chair & not being able to hold his as much as my oldest, I but it on how the directions read but he’s able to move his head to the point where it pushes off the top of his head. My son is 3 months and over 16 lbs so I got a lg

Tara Haverhill, NH

It’s ok but my baby didn’t like wearing it.

My baby didn’t like wearing this hat so I didn’t end up using it. I did by the noggin nest and that was the best thing I purchased for her head. She doesn’t mind using it and I think it is helping.

Serena Penhook, VA

Worked for my plagio baby!

My little one’s head went from a 14mm difference (she was approved for helmet therapy) to an 8 mm difference within a month by using a combination of this and constant repositioning. Under 5mm is "normal" so we are waiting a few more weeks to see what happens.It does pop off if your baby rolls around a lot, but it’s very easy to put back on and it stays on well for the most part. I will definitely get this earlier on if we have another (Started using it at 3 months old).

Millie Mount Pleasant Mills, PA

Good, but slips off.

It’s a good product, the only issue we have with it is that it slips off his head a lot. So, we have to adjust it all the time.

Pearl Stonewall, LA

Great in Theory – NOT practice

My 2 month old was diagnosed with torticollis at 6 weeks. I saw this online I thought it would help keep her off the flat spot. In theory it’s great, however my newborn can wriggle out of it immediately, even though it’s appropriately sized. Plus, when we put it on her she screams bloody murder. So I’m disappointed, but I’ve already scheduled the return.

Audrey Lamar, IN


It sounds silly, but I really think it helped my daughter. She was developing a flat spot around 4 months…I bought two of these to alternate until she was about 6 months old, and it worked like a charm. It does pop off, but if you keep at it, it’s not too hard to keep it on her head. And so much cheaper than a helmet.Will be buying a set of these for every mother to be. Would be great if they had more colors and design options!

Traci Charenton, LA

My baby refused to wear this.

I got this at the recommendation of my baby’s physical therapist after my 2-month old was diagnosed with torticollis and slight flattening because of the way he angled his head while sleeping.I like the idea, but my son hated having it over his ears, which is the recommended way to wear it for therapeutic benefit. I couldn’t get him to stop crying, much less sleep with the beanie on. I guess it was worth a try, but for us, this was a waste of money since we couldn’t return it as it had been washed and worn (however briefly.)

Norma Springtown, PA

Perhaps for younger babies who don’t turn their heads as much

I bought this for my 4 month old who was starting to exhibit a distinct flat patch on the right side of her head since she prefers to sleep facing that side all the time. With my son, I had used the Boppy Noggin Nest pillow which worked wonders for him in a very short period. With my daughter, I used the Boppy for naps and when she was lying down, but I wanted something easier for when she’s in her swing or bouncer and this seemed like a great solution. Unfortunately, as other reviews have mentioned, it comes off too easily. My daughter would turn her head twice and pop! this would fall off. So, I can’t speak to the efficacy of this beanie for flathead reduction since it wouldn’t even stay on! Maybe it works better on younger babies who aren’t moving their heads from side to side yet.

Luann Amo, IN

Really tight and falls off

I have a hard time getting this on my baby’s head. She also doesn’t seem to really like having it on. I cannot get it on her when she’s napping without waking her up and it doesn’t stay on when she awake and active. It’s cute and it would probably work well if I could get it to stay on.

Sherri Norman, NC

Good in theory but…

I can’t keep the hat on my baby’s head. That hat fits pretty snug, so I know that isn’t the problem. It comes off within five minutes, and he doesn’t move much when he’s falling asleep. When he’s active, I might as well not even bother. Not only that, but my little one can easily roll over the tube, totally defeating the purpose.Would not recommend this to anyone looking to prevent or help their baby’s flat head.

Katy Winthrop Harbor, IL

Maybe my boy just has a big head

So we picked this up as his Dr. mentioned some concern about flat head syndrome. We used this for awhile but had trouble keeping it on his dome. Might want to go up a size to get a good fit. Not sure if this hat was the only reason why but the problem seems to have corrected itself once he got a little older and slept on his stomach.

Jeannine Idanha, OR

I don’t know

I can’t vouch for this. Maybe it helps as a preventative measure, but it did not help with correcting the problem. My son’s head is just barely lopsided too. Not bad enough for a helmet, but enough for me to like to fix it through mild measures if possible.

Teresa Fisher, LA

Terrible product

Just like all the other reviews, this beanie will not stay on my baby’s head. Don’t waste your time and money on this.

Wendi Oskaloosa, IA

Works great!

This beanie fits my daughter’s head well and it does its job beautifully by tilting her head to one side. Would recommend!

Corinne Montevideo, MN

Runs very small

It does its job but run super small for my 4 months old baby. Is a great idea for babies with flat spots

Jerry Garrison, UT