Totally Toddler Stain Remover -24 fl oz

Totally Toddler Stain Remover -24 fl oz

Highly recommended by parents of children of all ages!

Main features

  • Safely removes stains and odors caused by formula, spit-up,food, urine, vomit, diarrhea and more
  • Use on clothing, mattresses, carpeting, upholstery, diapers, bedding, training pants
  • Safe for all colorfast fabrics and flame resistant sleepwear
  • Combines mild detergents and natural enzymes to eliminate stains and odors

Verified reviews



I use this all the time for my mattress when a diaper leaks. It leaves my mattress smelling clean (a little strong-smelling, but I can live with that) and neutralizes the urine smell. No idea why it isn’t carried in stores.

Vonda Silva, MO

Awesome stain remover!

This is the best stain remover. Sometimes you have to scrub or soak it for a while but it gets out stains that I had trouble getting out with bleach even! I’ve found it in stores at Meijer, and Babies r us, and I think Walmart. Great product, I recommend it to all new moms!

Eloise Pottsville, TX

Works as Promised.

I used it on a mattress. Followed instructions on bottle. Stains are still barely there, but absolutely no order left behind.I also use it on clothes.

Harriett Eldersville, PA

works well

Works well but its a little expensive. dawn dish soap works a little better and is a much cheaper option.

Suzanne Winter Park, CO


What i love about this is that you DO NOT have to let the remover soak and sit on it. You can JUST SPRAY IT & THROW IT RIGHT IN THE WASH! NO worries, Ive actually gotten to the point where after its done washing i wont even look to see if the stain is gone, i just know its vanished! LIKE MAGIC!

Estela Vernon, IL

does not work

Does not get those tough stains out. Great for a toddler who doesnt spill/play in dirt but if your kids are like mine, they are filthy by the end of the day and this just wont cut it.

Iva Coeur D Alene, ID