Totseat – Stripe in Blue

Totseat – Stripe in Blue

The Totseat is an award-winning portable highchair that adjusts to fit your dinner table chairs to create a seat for your little one. It has an integral cummerbund which offers additional support to work with almost any open and closed-backed adult chairs. The Totseat secures behind the seat with an adjustable clip to keep the Totseat in place. Plus, it is made of fabric, highly squashable to fit anywhere and comes with a carry bag for transporting everywhere. Measures 12″ L x 12″ W x 6″ H. Suitable only for children who can sit unsupported – about 8 to 30 months of age.

Main features

  • Adjusts for high and low backed chairs
  • Has an integral cummerbund which offers additional support
  • Clips neatly and firmly at the back
  • Fits almost any adult chair
  • Squashable and highly portable

Verified reviews


Useless if your tot likes to eat at the table

I tried this totseat with my nearly 9 month old. It is a great harness if you need to keep them in place, but does not work with an average table and chair set. We like to offer puffs or mashed fruit at the table – this offers no place to put them. The baby sits on the regular seat and is, therefore, too low. I will be looking for something with a tray. I honestly see no point to this product.

Lynette Hope, RI

Not the best

I thought this was a brilliant idea, but when I received the product, it was not great. The materia was mediocre, and the chair sagged a bit. I would not waste my money on this. I wish I spent a few more dollars and gotten the portable chair that hooked onto the table instead.

Christie Landrum, SC

Didn’t work for our squirmy toddler

I was hoping to be able to use this for mealtimes, but it just didn’t work for our active little girl. She wiggled around so much that the "front" section slumped down to her waist, and it just didn’t work to restrain her. Worth a shot, but not all that useful for us.

Latonya Worthington, IA


Has not been opened as my grandchild has not been born yet, saw this item on wish list had to purchase it The product is adorable viewing from the packaging!!

Dollie Malta Bend, MO

This is my new baby shower gift for everyone

I have used the Totseat at home and while travelling for over 7 months now. My little one is now 16 months old and likes to sit on her own in a chair but when she is tired Totseat works great because she actually falls asleep in it at the table. It’s size and washability were reasons I tried it at first. I love how it fits all chairs. My husband and I agree this chair was the best baby gear purchase and used the most. That’s why we send it to new parents for our shower gift.

Shawna Chambers, NE

Pretty good

We got this to travel with our infant son. It worked well for the most part, but didn’t fit on some larger round wooden chairs at my parents house. I was a little bummed about that, but other than those chairs it has worked on all others tried. Great for travel

Tonia Wichita Falls, TX

Totseat chair…

My 1yr old girl hate it.Every time I set her in it. She try to stand up and twist her body. She almost fell down from the chair so I stop using this.I think it is a bit dangerous for small baby.. I guess I could try it later when she grow up more.

Jeanie Rivesville, WV

Love this product!

I try to avoid buying things for baby as much as possible, and when I do buy, I want small. I was going out of town for a wedding in Washington DC with our son and was checking out my favorite restaurants to see if they could accommodate babies, and none had high chairs. I realized I needed a baby seat solution quickly, or I would be stuck eating pizza at the hotel. This folds up to the size of a baseball and fits in my super small diaper bag. It attaches easily and quickly and my son seemed pretty happy in it. Since I wanted him to be at table level, I like to put my diaper bag under his bottom to boost him up. No surprise, but everywhere I ate I had several people ask for details about this product for their own kids of for shower gifts.

Jenifer Essex, IA

Fits on any chair – Baby didn’t like it

Totally a great quality product that kept its shape and color after an initial washing. It fit on every chair we tried to use it on, which is a big plus over other brands of travel high chairs. Our 8 month old did great with this for the first 2 days of our trip, but by day 3 she learned that this restraint system allowed her to lean left… and lean right… and touch her feet… and kinda turn around. While she was definitely secure in the chair and did not have any chance of falling out, she just had too much freedom of movement and couldn’t focus on eating. The restraint came high under her armpits (as it should to prevent baby from falling out of the chair) and I think having it pull at her so high up made her uncomfortable. When you think about it, other high chairs and strollers don’t put pressure on the baby at the armpits.Quality: GreatVersitility: ExemplaryBaby Compliance: LowIf you have a slightly older child, this may be a better buy. As other reviewers said, the child will be sitting directly on the chair, so they will not be at table height. This wasn’t a problem for us since we were sitting on the floor of a condo to feed the baby. This may be an issue if you take it to a restaurant.

Marianne Hooker, OK

Simple but useful

This is such a simple item, but it does work. Perfect for when you are away from home and you dont have a high chair.

Cheryl Red Lodge, MT

A lifesaver

We travel quite a bit, and when we’re overseas, we find that it’s not always easy to find a highchair in restaurants. This saved us in Brasil. It didn’t matter how high or the stool or seat was, as long as we had this, our 15 mo old was able to sit comfortably with us at the table. It’s compact and travels so easily.

Marietta Cullen, VA


We bought this for an upcoming trip. Super easy to use. I didn’t think my 8 month old daughter would like it (I envisioned her squirming and escaping), but she acted just as she does in her Fisher-Price booster seat. Very convenient.

Mina Hartford, IA

Just okay.

This was something we bought to take our baby on vacation. It was okay depending on the type of chair you are using it with. We found it was just easier for one of us to hold him in our laps and that this was an unnecessary expense.

Heidi Rainbow Lake, NY

A brilliant solution when there is no high chair

We bought this prior to a long trip with our baby, knowing we were unlikely to find high chairs in many places overseas. It had been recommended to us by a British couple we met here in the States. I am so glad they told us about this product as we used it every single day that we were overseas and have used it back home multiple times since then. Anytime we are at a restaurant or friend’s house or our church and there isn’t a high chair, we pull this out. It is made in a way that fits onto virtually any shape or size of chair. And, it packs into a very small bag that fits easily into the diaper bag. Our baby is comfortable in it, it keeps him secure, and it allows him a place to eat and play. It doesn’t sit him up at table height, but that is the only downside. This is on my list of “must haves” for baby – see more of the list at […]

Louella Kylertown, PA

Great for on the go!

This is great for use with babies and young toddlers. It was perfect for traveling and for going to family, church dinners and receptions to keep our little guy in his seat (and upright when younger, was sitting on his own but needed some stability). {We have since outgrown this, but am saving for future babies.} It is easy to use, fits most every chair type and is compact. It washes well too! Definitely great gear for moms and dads on the go!

Ruby Cedar Creek, TX

A Baby Product That isn’t Bigger Than Baby! Is it possible?

I adore the Totseat I have for my baby son so much I bought these two as gifts. It is rare today to find a product for baby that is both highly functional and compact. It always amazes me that for such a tiny baby the “must have” items are huge. I wish I had this for my 13 and 10 year olds when they were tiny.Yes, it really does fold up into a packet about 5x7x2!Yes, it really does fit any kind of chair! We have had it on midback barstools, folding chairs, oversized dining chairs and at the movies.We keep it in the storage area of our van so we are never without it. (I carry a very small diaper bag.) Weddings, grandparents’ homes, church events, picnics, movies and vacation rental homes.It is very simple to use and fold up. Also very easy to wash.This has the My Little Seat beat by a landslide. (It fits very few chairs.) I also contemplated some Etsy designs as well as making my own. The Etsy ones have the same issue as the My Little Seat. As for making my own, by the time I bought sturdy fabric and the closures that make Totseat so fantastic, I would have spent way more on materials than the cost of purchasing a Totseat!This will be something that never hits the yard sale either. I’ll keep it around long after we are done with it for my son.

Desiree Gypsy, WV

This was good and then lost it’s goodness

We bought this when we traveling overseas so my 7 month old could sit in one place and eat. But unfortunately, the buckle is no longer tight and therefore no longer secure for baby who fidgets a lot. It was good for our stay and that was it.

Letitia Forest, MS

Wonderful for traveling!

This was so easy to pack for vacation and came in handy at the hotel! We will get a lot of use out of it in many different situations.

Gracie Winchester, IN

Pretty Useful

I used this specifically to visit family that didn’t have any kind of high chair when my son was 9 months old. He’s little guy and also wiggly. It definitely depended on the chair we were using whether or not it worked well. Any chair that had a high back and a fabric seat worked well, but on a chair without fabric then my son was sliding everywhere. We didn’t use it in a restaurant, but I wouldn’t have. It was fine for home, but I really did have to be paying attention to him the entire time because he could have easily tipped sideways. I definitely think it’s a great product and I would recommend it to other people and I think that my son is now 11 months, walking, and much more stable sitting on furniture that it would work much better. It did what I needed it to do in a pinch and it was so easy to travel with.

Erin Ney, OH

absolutely love!!

I bought this because well i don’t like germs and i work in a restaurant and i know we do not clean our highchairs so other than having to use clorox wipes to wipe down highchairs i bought this.. My baby is almost 7 months so hes not even old enough for a highchair but this works great for him! he seems to like it to Sometimes he kicks his foot back and it gets stuck on the side of the chair and he bounces his head off the back of the chair ( we put a blanket on the headrest). But its a great buy!

Kayla Batesburg, SC

Very useful

Use this when we’re on the road- it’s a life saver and way easier to travel with than a booster seat. Especially great for those restaurants that don’t have high chairs. And if it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the wash! Great idea and great product- works very well.

Aurora Granby, MA

Great for travel!

I love this product! I bought it to take along to the beach instead of hauling the seat part of our high chair. It is perfect for travel as it is so small and easy to pack. My 10 month old son seems very happy to sit in it, and I feel that he is pretty secure in it. I supervise him at all times, though, as recommended in the product’s instructions. It might be possible for him to slip to the side if he tried hard enough, so I do not leave him unattended. He sits in it while I feed him, and then I take him out. Don’t expect to leave your child in it for extended periods or for playing in while you’re working in the kitchen. So glad I found this! Highly recommend for travel, for use at grandma’s house, or even for use at restaurants.

Charity Wiggins, MS

Greatest seat!

I originally bought this to use at my cousin’s house while we were there for the day. It was so handy we started keeping it in the diaper bag and pull it out at every restaurant we go to now! We never have to worry if there will be a high hair available (or who’s been sitting in it before us!). I haven’t found a chair it hasn’t fit on yet. My son doesn’t mind it, we just have to make sure not to scoot him too close to the table so he doesn’t hit his head on it. You could easily but something under your kid’s bottom to raise them up, but that’s too much work for me. Plus I like to travel fairly light most days. Oh and this thing folds/balls up pretty small so it doesn’t take up much space. It comes with a carry bag but I gave up on that and just stuff it ins pocket on the end of my diaper bag!

Lisa Williamson, GA

Wish I’d had this sooner!

This is a new diaper bag staple for us. We live in Japan, where most high chairs are just that, a chair that’s got a high seat, no tray and no seat belt. There are also a good number of restaurants which don’t provide any kind of baby seating. This is the answer to all our troubles! Turns those dangerous seats into nice places for our son to sit. Makes going out and about in Japan much easier.

Kristy West Fargo, ND

Love love it!!

We just love love love this…great for travel…fits many different chairs…didn’t really work with my son at approx 6 months…even though he was on the bigger side and good head control… now at 8 months…it fits much better!!! easy to use and keeps him at the table…. easy to travel with and everyone comments on it!!! glad I purchased this baby product, one that actually is worth every penny!!!

Samantha Rhinelander, WI

Amazing product!

This is an absolutely amazing product. We were traveling overseas and could not carry our high chair with us – it was a lifesaver. We also loved it when we visit our friends or go out to eat – our child is right there with us, same height, and he loves that fact! Very comfortable, safe, easy to use and easy to clean. Great product!

Cortney Hilo, HI

Great highchair alternative!

Contrary to other reviews, we’ve found that our 8 month old is at a good height when placed in the totseat in any normal chair. He cannot sit unassisted on the floor, but he is stuck in place in this harness. I do not worry that he will fall, though I was hesitant looking at the design. I believe you will be very happy with this, I plan on giving them as baby gifts — really awesome!!!LIKE:
• low price
• keeps baby in place (our baby can’t sit unassisted yet but this held him in place)
• folds up small (fits into my purse inside included storage bag)
• machine washable/dryable
• fits every chairDISLIKE:
• wish they made an organic/eco-friendly version

Bethany New London, PA

Great while traveling

This has been very useful to our family as we have been traveling. We are staying in China for six months and rather than buying a highchair, we just use this at home for every meal. We also take it to restaurants. Many restaurants in China seem to have booster seats, but no straps. My one-year-old would scoot right out of a booster seat if we didn’t have him fastened in with this. It’s true that the Totseat leaves your kid sitting rather low in the seat, but that’s the nature of chair and table design. At home, we put a pillow in his chair and he’s just fine. I like that it folds up small and seems pretty sturdy in the laundry–we’ve machine washed it several times so far and it looks as good as new. So far, I’ve never found a chair that it doesn’t fit, but I imagine one with a really high back might not work.

Bobbie Cimarron, KS


We have had the opportunity to use the totseat a couple times now. So far so good! We haven’t had a problem with fit or security. It is made of very good quality fabric, and is really attractive.

Tanisha Evant, TX

Easy and fun

Perfect to have your baby join the meal. Easy to use, clean, and carry and the patterns are cute. Definitely helps out when a place does not have high chairs.

Laura Clarksburg, MO