TotShield Stove Guard for Free Standing Gas and Electric Stove

TotShield Stove Guard for Free Standing Gas and Electric Stove

The TotShield® stove guard (pat. 7,624,730) has an innovative design. It doesn’t rely on adhesive strips to support the guard panel like the other stove guards. It fits on most free standing stoves with a bar-type oven handle, and can be installed or removed in seconds! It keeps toddlers hands away from the knobs and the burners. The stove guards are made of clear acrylic. The clear material absorbs less heat and matches with stoves of any color. The assembled production dimensions: 33.5x9x2 inches.

Main features

  • Tilted shield for more cookware space. Innovative design, guaranteed to work
  • Adjustable to fit most 30 inch free standing gas and electric stoves with a bar-type oven door handle
  • No permanent mounting or permanent adhesive tape is required
  • Installed or removed instantly for easy cleaning
  • Shields hot stove top and control knobs. Lifetime Warranty

Verified reviews


Does the job, but a major hassle

Yes this product will keep your child from turning knobs on the stove and will protect them from splatters…However, it’s a pain to remove and store when you’re not needing it. I find that a dog gate to the kitchen works better and is safer too.

Marva Tempe, AZ

Cheesy & huge!

This thing is so freaking big!!! I couldn’t even get it attached to my stove, because it was so big! i really wanted it to work… my daughter grabbs the knobs & puts her hand on the stove top. so i’m just extra vigilent & she’s not allowed near the stove when we are cooking. there was no way for this thing to work. it blocked the draqers on the side of my stove completely. we would have had to lower the oven door every time we wanted to open the drawers….

Hallie Batavia, OH

good in theory

does not fit my stove properly at all based on knob location and the little window in the door. it’s kinda rigged on there, plus the kid can reach around the edges. may be returning it, but haven’t decided yet.

Lula Delaware, OH

Awkward, and not even 6 months and a leg broke

a leg broke as my husband was trying to open up and use our oven last night, we’ve had it just shy of 6 months. It did the job to keep our 14 month old away from the stove, but it made using the oven an awkward pain… It was too wide for our oven, so to get into the drawers we would have to slide it back in forth depending on which drawer we needed to us. Once the leg broke, it was still usable, but with a nice huge sharp edge where the leg was, where my toddler could get hurt themselves, so to the trash it went. Waste of money.

Consuelo Pleasant Plains, IL

Became useless so quick

I have 1 and 2 year old son. My 2nd one is mischievous one so I ordered this mainly to prevent my 2nd one to touch gas stove. The position was so awkward from the starter to put it on and the 2nd day, he was able to take it off. It became useless so quick, now it is just sitting on my countertop in the kitchen

Ada Wales, ND

Not for me…

The idea was good….It might work for some but didnt for me..The plastic is not wide enough for me…my kid can reach the knobs from the side…I preferred using the knob covers instead.Also, I felt it was too delicate, if you have an older kid and they try their experiments on it, it would break easily

Cecile Mojave, CA

A little bulky, but it does the job

This shield has proven worth the money. We have a two-year-old and a 7-month-old, and we feel confident that both children will not be able to hurt themselves on the gas stove. My older child can reach around it to turn on the oven light, but he can’t reach the knobs or the burners.I read the reviews for those little plastic knob covers, but a lot of people complained about them breaking or actually encouraging curiosity in children. I don’t think they’re very attractive, either. The tot shield blocks the children from reaching the stove and has a nice look to it (I think). Everyone who has come over to our house and has seen the shield has commented on what a “cool” idea it is. Some have even asked if we made it ourselves.Admittedly, it does get in the way of the drawers on each side of the stove, but I just lift it a little and it’s not a huge deal. My husband takes it off whenever he is cooking, but I don’t mind it being there. You should take it off when you open the oven door so it doesn’t fall on the floor, but sometimes I leave it on and it manages to stay in place.One thing I found a little amusing, though, was that the label was put on upside down on our particular shield. You’d think that would be kind of important to the manufacturers…

Amber Waves, NC


We have a Viking stove, so the regular knob covers don’t fit! We found this and love it. We remove it any time we want. Everybody that has or has ever had kids that comes to our house asks where we got it! It’s not terrible to look at either.

Sheri Rosendale, WI


I really like this product, and would buy it again, but in the center, there is a connection that comes loose. If you look at the picture, you can see where the two screens come together, well that sometimes disconnects and the entire thing comes crashing down.

Ruth Milton, KY

Very cool! Exceeded my expectations.

I found this stove guard to be the perfect solution on our Whirlpool gas stove. The shield was simple to assemble and install, it does not interfere with the use of the knobs on the front of our stove, and it definitely functions as an effective barrier to our baby boy who is curious about everything. There are just 3 very minor drawbacks, none of which are significant, in my opinion:1. Wide Width: This shield is so much wider than our standard-width stove that the cabinet drawers on either side of the stove top are now difficult to open without running them into the shield.2. Falls Off with Door Open to Floor: Only when the oven door is wide open–all the way to the floor–does the shield come off. This is no big deal to us, since it is rare that we would have our oven door open to the floor. If you know you are going to open the door to the floor, you can simply hold the shield on to ensure that it does not fall off.3. Unnecessary Clips: The shield comes with some clear plastic clips to be installed on the front of your oven door. I found these clips to be completely useless and devoid of function. I would recommend not installing them at all. The shield will work just fine without them.You cannot put a price on safety and security. There are few things as dangerous as stovetops. This is an excellent product, and I would recommend it to anybody.

Cora Glen, MT

Perfect for safety

Ive had two of these, and they protect in more ways than one. The kids cannot easily access the knobs, cannot touch hot burners duroing and after cooking, and cannot climb on the stove which my monkeys love to do. Additionaly, hot splatters or boiling bubbles cant reach little ones (or my shirt) so this is perfect. 4 STARS? yes- two down and I need to order ANOTHER- they break easy, when the oven door opens they fall off the handle, eventually that stress cracks it. I keep snacks in the oven- I suppose thats the real mistake, the 4yo goes in after them. lol

Kate Texarkana, AR

Fantastic customer service!

I love this product, I really do. I have two toddlers and I cook almost every meal of the day and this product has been God-sent for me. But the best part about this product is that the customer service is fantastic. The company really cares about standing behind their products and really works hard to ensure that their customers are happy. I had bought a previous listing of the same product, that’s why it doesn’t show my verified Amazon purchase but I did buy it from Amazon and I’ve contacted their company about half a dozen times they’ve always exceeded my expectations and ensure that I leave the correspondence a happy customer. That’s hard to beat in my book.

Autumn Central Village, CT

It’s OK

Number one issue I had was with my oven cleaning lever which prevented the shield from being placed into position properly. Number two issue is about the things that have adhesives and go on the front door of the oven. Those are permanent (to a degree as all things are) contrary to the product description. My conclusion is it may work OK if you don’t have a cleaning lever sticking out and if you can make the size work.

Brandy Sharon, WI

Great….until my 2 yr old destroyed it.

My son is a little rough on things, so keep that in mind. It was a great concept, until my son figured out how to pull it out, and then broke it. The plastic did crack very quickly while still in the holder, as it is flimsy. Additionally, he could pull it down in front, and reach over it. So – they probably need to try again.

Queen Costa, WV

The only guard that works for our stove

We have a 36″ Italian gas stove and the knobs do not come off to use the normal guards that are sold for stoves. I was also concerned about my daughter reaching up and touching the burners as my mom says I did that when I was a tot. This stove guard solves both of those problems. It’s not a perfect solution, it’s pretty large and has to come off to open the oven, so you need somewhere to be able to set it. But considering I didn’t really have many (any?) choices, I’m very happy with the product and the price. Don’t let the pictures turn you off, the product is clear and blends right in (we’re always bumping into it), the dark gray pictures are just because pictures of the clear one wouldn’t show up.

Fay Plymouth Meeting, PA

Great Safety Gift

This stove gaurd served not only child safe barrier but as a wonderful barrier for floor splatters! Get it even if you don’t have any children in the house…

Alisha Falcon, MS

Needs improved

Not wide enough past controls. My daughter can reach right beside it and grab the knobs. The screw knobs that hold it together also come loose without touching it! The holes must be too big for screw? Overall not pleased. Should be made longer and with better quality knobs to keep children safe.

Earline Fernwood, MS

Good stove guard.

This thing is easy to use, easy to install/remove (can be removed completely, very quickly by an adult, if needed) and will keep your child from reaching up onto the stove. Naturally, you want to encourage your child from staying away from the stove while cooking, but if you have to step away for a moment, this will allow a solid amount of deterrence and defense from access.

Elsa Alexis, IL

Okay but annoyingly long

This is easy to install and does the safety job great, but it has an overhang on either side, so it is crazy annoying when opening drawers — you have to lift the guard up every time you want to open the drawer, and then slip it back into the bracket. As a plus side, you can take it out really easily whenever you don’t need it in place. This is great for at my parents’ place, where we visit every month or so, so they don’t have to keep this thing in place all the time.

Mariana Oakdale, CA

Great Solution!

We are quite impressed with the totshield stove guard, and its simplistic design.Easy to set up and use, it is also easy to take off when you’d prefer not to have it in place.Caution though: the guard does stick out quite a bit, so might be tough to use in a small kitchen.

Lacey Asbury Park, NJ

Gives me peace of mind – LOVE IT

I was cooking and noticed that my 1 year old was fascinated with turning the stove knobs. I knew I needed to find a solution immediately. I found this and it has worked like a charm. Super easy to install and keeps baby away from the stove. It is a little inconvenient to turn the knobs now, but not that big of a deal. Very worth it in my opinion. I have also been able to use the oven with no problem.

Lauri Rothbury, MI

Love it- its my second!!

I bought this when I had my first child and it lasted 3 years but my second kid would try to hang from it and broke it so I had to purchase a second one. Pretty good at preventing accidents If you have a very active kid then be careful as it can easily crack and break if pulled on.

Tracey Norge, VA

Adequate protection

I have an 18 month old and I chose this product because it did not require me to attach it to the stove with adhesives. I wanted to avoid adhesives because most of the reviews say they do not stay on. I think this stove guard protects against my son reaching the hot stove top, the pots and the open flame, but I’m wondering as he gets older, if he can figure out that just by pushing it up, it will fall out. This is primarily why I didn’t give it 5 stars. So far, he has shown no interest in the stove, which I guess is a good thing.The picture shows a smoky color guard, but the one I received was clear. There’s a good and bad to the clear. The good, you can’t see it very well, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The bad, it’s clear and I can’t see it so I find myself bumping into it a lot. I’ve only had it on for a week, and I’ve been bumping into it less, so it may just require some getting used to. This seems to be the best product out there for this purpose, so I would recommend it.8/1/12 UPDATE***Our stove guard recently broke – it lasted almost 2 years. About a month ago one of the smaller “arms” that slips into the oven handle broke off, so we used it with just one “arm” and it worked fine until about a week ago, the other “arm” broke. My son is now 2.5yo and he never showed an interest in the stove. But if you have a child who is interested, this shield would not provide absolute protection. They can still reach around the sides and, with enough force, they could push it upward and out of the oven handle all together. BUT, this product seems to be the best option and I plan on buying another because I now have an infant that will soon be crawling/walking. It’s better than nothing. I still prefer this option vs the ones that need adhesives to stay up.

Glenna Hines, WV