Totshield Stove Guard for Stoves with Control Knobs Located in the Back

Totshield Stove Guard for Stoves with Control Knobs Located in the Back

The TotShield® stove guard (pat. 7,624,730) has an innovative design. It doesn’t rely on adhesive strips to support the guard panel like the other stove guards. It fits on most free standing stoves, and can be installed or removed in seconds! It keeps toddlers hands away from the knobs and the burners. The stove guards for gas and electric stoves are basically the same. The only difference is that the guard panel for the gas stove is 1.5 inches taller. By design, the shield panel rests on the oven door handle. The control knobs of most gas stoves are located in the front and the oven door handle is about 1.5 inches lower than the handle on most electric stoves, which have the control knobs located in the rear. The stove guard shown in the picture was made of tinted material for clarity of photography. The commercial products are made of clear material. The clear material absorbs less heat and matches with stoves of any color.

Main features

  • Tilted shield for more cookware space. Innovative design, guaranteed to work
  • Adjustable to fit most 30 inch free standing electric stoves
  • No permanent mounting or permanent adhesive tape is required
  • Installed or removed instantly for easy cleaning
  • Shields hot stove top and control knobs. Lifetime Warranty

Verified reviews


Did not work for us at all!

This shield did not work at all. It didn’t stay up right, was flimsy – sliding back and forth in its grooves. On top of that, our toddler was so interested in playing with it (sliding) that it made matters worse. I sent it back.

Sharron Portage, ME

Causes Additional Safety Concerns

The product serves it’s purpose, but it’s far too large. Since it extends out past each side, if a drawer is opened without moving the guard (ex, open a drawer to the left or right) the oven door comes flying open and the guard crashes off loudly. I guess it’s not meant for leaving on full-time? It hit my baby last night (luckily not too hard) but gave us a big scare. It should come coupled with an oven latch and/or in unique sizes.The plastic pieces affixed to the oven door has turned dark in color and it concerns me that toxic chemicals from the plastic are leaking into the air when it gets hot.The plastic edges are sharp, and my husband cut his finger on it fairly badly.I feel better that my daughter can’t reach up to grab a pan, but all the other problems are dangerous in themselves. I’m not very happy with this purchase.

Jennifer Tillar, AR

Didn’t stay on and couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to…

I hated this product. I thought it looked simple enough, but the little plastic brackets that adhere to the stove snapped off two days into having it on the stove. It didn’t stay on when I opened the oven door and I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to or if I just didn’t install it right. After a few more days struggling to cook around it, I gave up and stuck it in a closet. If I am cooking a feast that requires me to use all 4 stove burners, I’ll dig it back out and give it another try. But I’d rather just stick to using the back burners than deal with this clunky thing.

Noelle Allgood, AL


Waste of money. Flimsy, falls out constantly, loose, blocks shelving on both sides of stove.Falls out constantly!!!! JUNK! Do not waste your money!

Pansy Cockeysville, MD

Would be great if we never used the oven

The guard is held together with plastic screws that can easily be loosened by my 15 month old twins, but this isn’t the biggest problem.The plastic guard blocks the vents of the oven. So if I am baking something hot condensation forms against the plastic and drips.My oven door stays cool even when the oven is on, so it is normally safe for the kids to be in the kitchen. The condensation problem this guard creates, makes it unsafe for my kids or even me to be around it.

Latasha Newport, WA

Does the job

This product is a little flimsy and comes with adhesive clips that I chose not to use as they almost seem pointless. It is a basic design that works as long as your little one is not smarter than the product. They could easily figure it out if given enough time to play with it, but I hope no toddler has enough time to figure it out. I think it is meant more for the quick ones who run over to an area and put their hands where they are not supposed to the ten seconds you turn your back and go over to the sink. It definitely would protect against quick reaches and actually prevent them before they happen.

Lorrie Jerry City, OH

Very practical and a good safe gaurd

Worth every penny. We’ve had this up since our son was a baby and now he’s almost 4 and he’s never gotten close enough to injure himself with something off the stove in part to the totsheild. Highly recommend.

Deann Union, MO

Isn’t smoke colored, it’s clear

Effective but had to rearrange the vertical pieces to the backside to prevent my 24mo old from playing with the bolt knobs. Easy to clean splatter but scratches easily. Use a soft sponge if you don’t want it to scratch or get foggy.

Lynette Abie, NE

It guards the stove, but I have other issues with it

Yes, this product guards the stove so my son can’t get his little hands on the hot surface. So I guess this product does what it says it will. But, it is so wide that I can’t open the drawers on either side of the stove when this piece is on. That makes cooking and prepping meals difficult because the drawers next to the stove are the ones I need to access the most frequently. Also, the piece that gets stuck onto the oven door is apparently not very strong. My 19 month old ripped it off on the second day we had it. Now every time he goes into the kitchen he points at the place where it used to be and says "no, no, no". I can still use the guard but it’s awkward and bulky. I’m not going to buy another one, I’ll just use this for now.

Candice New Glarus, WI

Perfect for frying bacon!

Our 21-month old twins have been exploring the kitchen, and along with that, the stovetop! This guard is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT (and very-well priced!) for keeping their curiosity at bay whilst I’m trying to cook, especially anything greasy or oily that might come with a danger of splashing hot liquid. Our stove is an older model and the lock protrudes but we were careful in our placement of the extremely EFFORTLESS-to-INSTALL holders, we accounted for the space and it works perfectly. You don’t have to remove it to open the oven (when unlocked) but it is easy enough to set aside if you’re in the kitchen by yourself. Besides outlet guards, this product has given the best relief in child-proofing. I will say, when they get quite a bit older, they will be able to slide the guard out of the holders, but if need be, you can use your imagination to prevent that. We plan to use simple zipties with a few drilled holes.**NOTICE** I just want to reiterate that this product is ONLY for use with control knobs that are located in the BACK of the unit.

Tanisha Cutler, IL

Sent it back.

It did not fit our range very well and the design only drew attention to our oven and stove range.

Nola Fort Scott, KS