Toysmith Battat Ready Set Go Cars Toy

Toysmith Battat Ready Set Go Cars Toy

Tickle your toddler’s funny bone—and his senses—with this set of 4 chunky, spunky speedsters. The zippy cars are easy for little hands to operate. Pull-and-go action sends them zooming across the floor. Full of fun sounds, too, the truck chimes, the taxi squeaks, the racing car rattles, and the flower car rings a bell. A Play + Learn toy from Parents Magazine.

Main features

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  • 4 spunky, chunky vehicles
  • Pull back action sends cars zooming
  • Truck chimes, taxi squeaks, race car rattles, and bell rings
  • Great fun graphics
  • Designed for a child 12 months and up

Verified reviews



My son is 17 months old and we just saw these last week at a friend’s house and then at the National Building Museum’s playroom for kids. These are incredibly great! He now has 4 and we are very happy!

Germaine Montandon, PA

My son loves these

My three year old son loves these cars. They are tough with big parts so there is no fear of him chocking. He loves the noise they make when they roll too.

Lelia Phelps, WI

Nice set of cars.

They are cute, semi-soft and perfect size for little hands. They also make a nice sound while propelling themselves! My 14 months old likes them very much, and I think he will play more and more with them!

Ramona Mary D, PA

Lots of fun but movement difficult for child to master

I got these for my son when he turned 12 months on the basis of the very positive reviews here. At first, I regretted the choice, seeing that my son didn’t take to the cars right away. Then, at about 14 or 15 months, he really got into them. The cranking sound intrigued him and like most boys, he fell in love with all cars, buses, and trucks.He is now 20 months and still enjoys playing with the cars, but he hasn’t yet figured out that you must face each car forward in order to get it to move forward quickly with the cranking motion (as opposed to just pushing it). He loves to make the cranking sound himself, but he often does it with the car turned backwards. I used to spend a bit of time trying to show him how to do this and then gave up, but I will tackle this challenge again with him and see what happens. Perhaps only my child has this problem with the cars, but he doesn’t have any developmental delays, as far as his doctor can determine!I agree with other reviewers that the cars are a little expensive for what they are, but they are of decent size and seem sturdy. I’d expect something closer to $20, $25 max, rather than $30 or $35. Of course, if your child loves the cars and spends a lot of time with them, you will not mind the extra $10!

Shawn Sunderland, MA

Adorable, soft and fun!

These little cars are so cute! The size is perfect (not tiny, like a matchbox car) they’re big, but not too big. Easy for the little one to figure out – just pull the car backwards and they zip across the floor (my son loves when they crash into something and I say “boom!”). Or they could just roll them forward, at their own speed. Highly recommended – lots of fun! I like that they are soft and easy to clean too – just give them a good wipe. A good toy to take along on an outing or trip.

Luann Eddy, TX

These are SO much fun!

We have these in our church nursery and they are really fun cars! When I work in there I play with them with the little ones and we race them. They work great on the carpet there, although it is very thin and flat. I liked them so much that I bought some recently for my daughter (4) and son (11 months) and we do the same thing with them at home on the tile – race them. My son loves crawling after them and trying to get them to “go” on his own. He also loves banging them around and they’ve held up really good. They are soft rubber material so he can chew on them too. Fun, fun, fun!

Ora Severn, MD