Travel Potty Chair

Travel Potty Chair

Great for long car trips or camping, it easily folds to briefcase size. Attach the disposable bag, and this potty goes anywhere. The two large storage compartments provide room for supplies, and it comes with 4 zip lock disposable gallon bags. Uses standard gallon size storage bags. Ages 18 mos. and up 70 lbs. 10″H x 13″W x 4.5″D.

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Better than expected!

After reading the reviews I was a bit worried about ordering since people were saying the seat was too small and the overall size was too big…however it is much better than I expected and I am very pleased! I purchased this potty to replace a (Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus), and although I liked the 2-in-1 potty I was just getting tired of replacing the bags, they are hard to find by us, and pretty expensive when you use it as often as we do. This new Travel Potty Chair uses gallon size ziplock bags, which can be found anywhere, including the dollar store! I have also found it works quite well with Diaper Disposal Bags, or doggie disposal bags. I like using the diaper diaposal bags best since I think it is easier to grab and tie closed. But no matter which bag type you choose it is mess free, and clean up is a cinch. The side pockets are great at holding extra bags,clothes and wipes. I find the overall size is still quite small, and we can easily fit it in the stroller, it is light weight to carry as well. It is also helpful to note that you can put several of the diaper disposal bags on at a time, so that you can strip the used one and have another ready to go immedietly. I can even fold it up with the bags on. Saves some time from trying to prepare in a hurry as well. We mainly keep this unit in the car for use when a potty isn’t around. We take it and fold it while at the park, a soccer game, or the zoo. Sometimes the nearest restroom is just too far away! I find that the seat size may be a bit bigger than what we were using and it actually seems more comfortable for my son. The other benefit to note is that it looks more like a toilet since it actually has a little toilet seat that opens and closes(where you put the bags in)which may help some children adapt to it more quickly. Never had any leaky bags, and I don’t have any problem opening the pockets or folding it as some pople mentioned. Maybe it is more difficult if you have long finger nails(which i do not) since you do have to push and open…overall I find this seat to be a great buy!

Alicia Oglethorpe, GA

Small easy alternative

Though the travel potty is not the most environmentally conscious item (the waste of plastic bags every time my daughter pees it is thrown away), but it is much better than carrying the big potty with us everywhere. It is real small and portable. When we take it with us, most people don’t even notice what it is (unless they know this item 😉 ).My daughter likes using it, but we did have 2 leeks in the new minivan 🙁 (the bags sent with the travel potty had tiny holes in them, never had that problem with the store bought zip lock (sp.?) bags (or equivalent).My husband would not agree, he does not like the travel potty at all! Because of the waste of bags and the leaks we had (2 of them).

Jo Vallonia, IN

On the road again…great! 🙂

Took it camping for a few days. So much better than porter potties.

Jeannette Carver, MN

We returned this

We were looking for a chair that was a little bigger than our Potette Plus. Unfortunately, the seat of this was actually a little smaller than the Potette so anticipating a growing child, we returned this. Loved the idea, but it just didn’t work for us.

Charity Gilmore City, IA

Would buy it again!

We bought this for our son for those times when a potty is not close. This seat is very sturdy, easy to clean up, and folds fairly compact. I would definately purchase this seat again. The hole also seems to fit my sons bottom well (ie. not to big ot small). One other thought I purchased another cheaper brand of potty seat which the hole in the seat was round and big plus when my son sat on it he fell through the hole and his bum touched the ground. Not good at all! One part that is helpful is this is high enough when set up to be about the same height as any other portable potty. Imagine that. Would recommend this to a friend, that’s how I knew about it in the first place.

Katherine Jesup, GA

Great idea for a germaphobe like me!

My almost 2 yr old son is not potty trained yet, but we’re planning on it soon. I bought this cause my best friend has this for her kids and I absolutely loved the idea! The only problem I have is with opening and closing it, it’s not smooth and tends to jam up a bit. But that’s only a minor flaw and I’m sure with more use, it will free up a bit.All in all, it’s perfect. I love the side compartments where you can keep extra ziplock bags and wipes/toilet paper or whatever else. And I absolutely love that you can just buy regular 1 lb ziplock bags from the dollar store and there is absolutely no mess/clean up with this potty.I imagine it will come in handy for all kinds of trips. We’ll be taking a road trip soon and I’m sure my son will love to go potty in this in the back of our SUV and I won’t have to worry about finding a bathroom or him using some of those nasty/dirty bathrooms out there. Will update my review once he uses it!

Erma Aransas Pass, TX

Exactly what we wanted

We purchased this chair and the Fisher-Price version at the same time. Both potty chairs are good, but we prefer this one due to the sealable bags. Yes, the hole is a little small, but, so far, this hasn’t been a problem for us at all.The potty chair folds compactly, so it packs easily. The side compartments allow for us to pack extra bags, tissues, wipes and even small board books and toys when the “duty” is going to take some extra time.It feels a little flimsy compared to the Fisher-Price seat, but we’ve used it multiple times and it remains intact. We do have some trouble opening one of the compartments, but the other side opens easily.Update: Six-months laterStill loving this potty chair. Even though it feels flimsy, it’s been used multiple times, smashed in the trunk under multiple loads of groceries, etc, and looks and works the same as the day we received it. Would recommend to anyone and would definitely buy again.

Guadalupe Parkton, NC

works well and big enough for 70% tall and heavy boy

no potty works well when boys pee, but it works well with the other business. My boy likes sitting there since it’s big enough and comfortable enough. He also likes to take out little books and ready them while he is sitting there. But these plastic lids are not study enough.

Carmella South International Falls, MN

A life saver for the car

We keep this one in the car. Oh man has it saved the day a few times. Nothing like being on the road when you get the call from the back seat that it’s time. The bags are just like zip locks, easy to seal up and store for later disposal. Couldn’t be any better.

Robert Winona, TX


Love it. We take it everywhere for our daughter who is newly potty trained and to avoid public restrooms. Great

Kelsey Cavalier, ND

great little potty on the go!

Potty training was going great at home, but out with BIG toilets and the pressure to go while in the public restrooms… Not so great.I love that this potty folds down like a brief case. Opens easily. has two storage areas… I keep one filled with clean one gallon bags and a few wipes. The other has a spare outfit…. just in case.My only complaint— it would be great to have a pee guard in the front. My little girl over shoots routinely.I keep it in my car trunk. She can use this where and when ever! I love that I can take out the soiled bag and put a clean one in, in less than a minute. It is sturdy enough for my toddler, but I don’t know how strong it actually is….hopefully by the time she weighs more than 30-40 lbs she will have no problems peeing in public restrooms.Overall very satisfied with this product.

Jerry Firebrick, KY