Travel Potty

Travel Potty

Cool Gear Travel Potty When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. And when there’s no clean restroom in sight, you’ll be very thankful you brought along this handy little travel potty. Durable and lightweight, it folds up to the size of a small briefcase. To use, simply pull the recessed grips to open, slide the sides down, and lock into place. Lift up the seat, insert a resealable gallon-sized storage bag over the lid, and then close the seat to lock the bag in place. When your child is done, remove the bag, seal it shut, and dispose of the contents. The seat even has two storage compartments on either side to hold the bags, wipes, and a change of underwear or training pants. Open dimensions: 12 1/2″L x 10″W x 6 1/2″H; folded dimensions: 12 1/2″L x 10″W x 3 1/2″H  

Main features

  • Easy to use and carry, Folds to compact briefcase size.
  • Two large compartments provide room for storage.
  • Use with any 1 gallon bag
  • You will receive (1) Cool Gear Travel Potty .

Verified reviews


Super handy!

This potty has been a lifesaver on many occasions during potty training! Everything locks into place very well, so that it’s sturdy enough for a child to sit on (not sure how much weight it will hold). The only drawback for me is that I have difficulty unlocking the storage areas. Maybe they lock into place a little *too* well! But I generally leave the potty set up in the trunk of the van, and leave the storage area with the extra ziploc bags ajar (doesn’t affect sturdiness) so that I can quickly get it ready. I have ziploc bags in one storage area, and plastic grocery bags in the other so that I can put used ziplocs in a bag … don’t need to be seen walking around with a bag of pee. 🙂

Adrian Scandia, KS

Great little travel potty!

So handy for road trips, camping, and potty training on the go! We use our gallon size ziplocs, rinse & reuse for pee only. My criticisms are, there are some sharp parts on this potty, I have had a few scratches and even a deep cut from the rough plastic edges on the container parts that turn into legs. My son has had a few owies from this as well. Also, it is a little short. The containers are difficult to open, and my son can’t really use them. We put a couple bags in there and that’s all they are useful for. the bag is a little difficult to snap into the potty, fit is a bit snug. Still, a great idea, love the handle and compact size, disposable nature of this product. I will recommend to my friends. Hope the company fixes the few issues with the product.

Christa Branford, FL

so far so good

we’ve only used it at home and have only used the bags that came with it. will probably update once we’ve tried it outside the home.wish it had a pee guard in front. daughter gets pee a little on the seat but so far hasn’t gone on the floor. would prefer to have a cover on the back because when it’s folded up, little plastic parts stick out to scratch you or your toddler carrying it. the underside of the seat with the plastic that you can put in ahead of time also gets exposed. another problem is the pee may get underneath the seat. not a lot and you can just wipe it with disposable wipes.i’ve had no problems with the side containers like others have complained. they open just like how you unlock the legs and open the seat to replace the bag by pressing inwards. It just doesn’t have the label like the others. To close, you just press it in again until the locking hook has gone in. with a little wiggling, the side containers fit a brand new pack of costco flushable, disposable wipes.UPDATE:We’ve used it outside the home. Used it with ziplock freezer bags because those were the ones available in costco. I think it was a mistake. The material is too thick and may have caused a big leak on the floor. I’m not too sure if it was also because we almost missed the pee, but i know the bag may not have been as secure as it could have been. so i bought cheap generic gallon sandwich bags and so far it is working good.I now only keep the bags now in the side pockets. It’s too annoying to take the wipes out when we need it for something else. also sometimes the legs fold in when trying to open them. I understand the need for the thickness of the feet for stability. But i wouldn’t miss the pockets. Even the handle. Because i carry it in a bag when we go out anyway.i have also tried washing it by hand after the pee debacle. The nooks and crannies make it hard and the sharp corners make it especially annoying. As others, I have scratched myself on them.I can fit this bag in a backpack or in my oversized purse.Oh and for the newly potty trained, unfolding the potty takes extra time and has contributed to the big miss i mentioned. But I would still prefer the miss to a dirty public toilet.

Madelyn Cibola, AZ

Handy, stable, easy to use

This is a really practical potty. Compared to some of the others on the market, it’s a little higher, too–more like a little potty. My daughter loves it. I use cheap zip-locs in the bottom and so I can zip and dump on the go. Like other reviewers, I find the side compartments a little tricky to open, but once you get the hang of it, they’re fine; I wouldn’t put anything in there you’d expect your child to access, however, if you’ve snapped them shut. I keep this open in the back of the van or car, and have used it camping in a corner of the tent. Handy.

Ashleigh Mutual, OK

potty in the privacy and comfort of your car!

LOVE this potty. When my son has to go #2 when we’re out the very idea of dragging my 1 year old daughter and and my son into some random bathroom makes my head explode. Instead I move the passenger front seat all the way forward and set this up on the floor of the back seat. Just roll down the windows and the whole family can hang out in the comfort of the car. Thank God for this potty.NOTE FOR BOYS: you must get your son to carefully tuck his you know what under the rim of the seat after he sits down or you will have pee everywhere. Sounds like a pain but no big deal for us.

Amelia Ellery, IL

Not just for potty training! On my top 10 must have for kids.

I originally bought this seat over 6yrs ago when we were planning to travel cross country. Before that we often pulled over to the side of the road with our young boys because frankly that was the only option. However,them having to go #2 was disasterous. Stumbled upon this in a specialty catalog and bought it. This is now on my top 10 list of things every parent needs to have.We travel by car a lot and having lived in areas where there are no restrooms to pull over and if there were I’d rather they go on the side of the road. We have used this so many times at this point. Most recently my 8yr old used it when were over 2hrs from the nearest town. We literally set it up in the back of the suv and the rest of us waited alongside the road and laughed! We store it under our back row suv seat for the last 6yrs.1. takes gallon sized bags. Buy the inexpensive store brand, the ones WITHOUT the zipper work best. The seat snaps over it locking the baggie in. I carry a few feminine pads/old disp. diapers with me so when the baggie is filled with urine you can drop one in and it will absorb the liquid. So no baggie with sloshing urine in the back seat!! Or if there is a trashcan around people arnt looking at you because your carring a bag of urine, its a little more discreet.2. Side storage holds the baggies and in the other side I have a small wet wipe container and feminine pads (see above)3. cleans up very easily and is quite sturdy. Its a travel potty, so yes it is smaller and not as sturdy as your porceline one at home.4. Can be carried without you inside to places and dosent scream “potty” because when its closed it looks like a smaller plastic case. I often carry it into places like a mall where we will be at for awhile. I go into a stall in the bathroom and set it up. Its WAY more sanitary and comfortable for my newest potty trainer.Love this travel potty and would recommend it hands down. We travel a lot for hrs at a time and this has been a lifesaver.

Susana South Sioux City, NE


This is a really great little product. We travel often and finding a rest stop, let alone a clean rest stop is not always easy. We have a little one who is potty training and this is a great solution. It folds up so it fits right up front on the floor. Pops open real easy, and best of all… You don’t have to purchase their bags. Any gallon size fits perfect. We like the side storage for wet wipes and extra bags. A friend borrowed it for a trip. She has a little boy. Previous comment state you have to make sure to tuck. She confirmed, tuck or there will be a mess. I have a girl so haven’t had any issues. Keep in mind it is not a full size potty. It is small for easy travel. We had no leaking, missing, or messes made. We love it.

Margarita Jerome, MI


Satisfaction with this product depends on your need. For potty training on the go this is a must to contain/ dispose of the mess with very little fuss. Everything latches in place for a secure seat for the child to sit on. For the parent… be smart enough to put presser on the release latch before trying to fold the seat or open compartments. I loved that it came with a few bags to get you started. A nice touch to show a consumer centric focus.

Deborah Marietta, TX

Easy to travel with

My son loves it and I have peace of mind. It is a bit stiff to use at first but you want that. It is a MUCH better alternative then a public restroom when traveling in the car with an infant and a toddler. It made our trip a lot less stressful. I would recommend it for anyone going through potty training or simply going on a long car trip with little ones.

Benita College Springs, IA

Yay love it!

This potty is awesome!!! We have an SUV… have set it up in the back and her our toddler use it with me supervising with the back open…. also used it recently while still inside the car, set it up on the third row seat… I was a bit nervous since we were on leather instead of a mat… but it was fine! I use the gallon ziplocks… and have nursing pads to absorb the liquid… but haven’t bothered with those… we just pour out the contents since its just been pee so far.

Karyn Chesapeake Beach, MD

Nice and compact

I haven’t had the opportunity to use this since I bought it. I bought it for a 6 hour road trip for my toddler who was just potty trained before our trip. What I like best about it, is that it shrinks to a small compact looking case and it’s easy to snap into place.

Alejandra House, NM

very convenient, very easy to use

LOVE this product! brought it with me on an international trip for my 4 y/o to use on the bus tour; it really came in handy; a lot of ppl asked where I got it! folds up easily and the two compartments on the side are great for storing extra zip lock bag as well as a bag of wet wipe.One little thing though, I find it a bit time constraining to get the zip lock bag to fit snugly around the opening…it takes a while to get it to fit in (and it eventually does), but when you have a little one squirming around waiting to go potty, it makes it even more nerve-wracking, but other than that, this is a great product

Latonya Wilton, AL

So useful! Great to keep in the car!

We got this because we are potty training our son, and we were going on weekend car trips a lot this summer. SO GLAD we got it. It is very very handy. We even use it inside the house sometimes! My son likes to use it – he asks for the “car potty” when we are at home!For trips, it is great that it uses gallon zip-loc style bags. We have pulled over on the side of the highway for him to use it, and it is nice to just zip the bag up and get back on the road.It is really easy to fold up and it is very compact. It has been sturdy and easy to clean. I definitely recommend this to anyone with small kids!

Rochelle Deshler, NE

Best Travel Potty

This is the very best travel potty out there hands down. It uses 1 gallon zip lock bags. No cleaning, no hassles! After your kid goes, just pop out the dirty zip lock bag and zip it up and toss. Pop in a fresh one so you’re always ready in case of a potty emergency!You can collapse it and stow it away in the back of your car. This is a permanent fixture in the back of our SUV. There are two small compartments on the sides of the potty which doubles as a hand rail of sorts. I use one compartment to keep a stash of zip lock bags and the other one for baby wipes. I have a hand sanitizer pump in the drink holder for the kids to clean their hands afterwards. My six year old daughter still prefers to use this rather than use yucky gas station restrooms. She just can’t put her full weight on the seat now that she’s so heavy. But she still says every time, "This is the best thing ever!" I concur!My 3 year old son has started using it. Can I just say how great it is for potty training preschoolers? It is working out great for him, too! I haven’t toted it along with us anywhere, but it has a handle and is discrete enough to take anywhere. I don’t say this about many things, but you have to have this!

Caryn Dutch John, UT

Great idea

After one too many accidents and close calls with our newly potty trained toddler, i decided to stash this product in our trunk for cartrips. After that, we never had any more accidents, so no reason to use it. So i dont know first hand, but it seems like a great product. Its easy to store.

Jacqueline Copeland, KS

Really Smart and Awesome- Smart Buy

Well it might be too early to write a review but I just received my travel potty and I think I made a smart purchase! I like the way it was packaged when I showed it to my 3 year old son, I told him it was for him and he was excited to open it the box is really cute and inviting. He immediately wanted to try it out and we did. I purchased the Kalencom Potette Plus Liners with it. But I feel any large plastic baggy will work or if your real crafty you can put a bounty towel on the bottom of bag and viola you got your own liners.Anyway I had no problem setting it up it took me less then a minute, my son went and I toss the bag out right away which I thought was cool. The only thing was .. I had a hard time at first figuring out how to close it. To close the potty you have to find the words embedding on the sides that say "Push" it took me a few minutes to find them. I know it seems silly but I feel they could of told us where to locate them, maybe made them a brighter color or gave directions?? But once I figured it out I had no problem. I think if his grandma was babysitting and had to take it with her I’d have to show her how to open and close. And it is plastic so I already know to be gentle or I’ll break the potty lolz. But I did shop around and for days looked at all the potty’s. I read reviews and so on and didn’t feel comfortable or sure. I actually found this one on a consumer report and checked it out. I picked it because of the size and it looked lightweight and I liked the compartments on the sides I can put the liners, wipes or even sanitizer in it. This potty is going everywhere with us I’m happy about it. Wrapping toilets in paper wasn’t enough this gives me piece of mind that my son is sitting on something clean. Yay cool Potty!!

Bobbi Industry, PA