Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory

Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory

ATTN: Britax owners. If our product is too short, please check to be sure your LATCH straps are in the forward facing position. Whether flying on an airplane or traveling by train or bus, it is safest and most comfortable for your child to be in a car seat. But traveling with a young child, their seat, and your carry-on can be tricky. Not anymore. The Traveling Toddler strap allows you to attach your LATCH and top tether equipped toddler’s car seat to a rolling carry-on suitcase. Simply attach the LATCH and top tether straps from the car seat to the Traveling Toddler and adjust the straps so that the car seat is held securely on the suitcase. Once adjusted, the car seat can be detached and reattached to the suitcase in seconds. Lift the handle of your carry-on bag and you have a fun new stroller. Now there’s an easy and inexpensive way to take your toddler’s car seat and other gear on your trip. You do not have to buy a special seat or suitcase. As long as your suitcase handle locks in place, you can push it like a stroller. Your hands are free for check in and its simple to unhook for security. Keep your child safe and comfortable in their own seat. The Traveling Toddler has been tested with most major car seat brands including Graco, Eddie Bauer, Cosco, Evenflo, and Britax, and a variety of carry-on suitcases and has worked with every combination. It is important that the telescoping handle of your suitcase locks in place. If not, it might not stay extended when you try to push your child in front of you, though you would still be able to pull them. If flying, make sure that your car seat is FAA approved before traveling. The Traveling Toddler strap is made from heavyweight polypropylene webbing that will withstand 900 lbs of force. When not in use it easily slips in the pocket of your carry-on. As with any other wheeled child carrier, do not use the Traveling Toddler on stairs or escalators. Car seat and suitcase sold separately. Patent pending.

Main features

  • Quickly and easily connect your toddler’s car seat to your rolling carry-on suitcase.
  • Creates a travel stroller perfect for the airport.
  • Slips easily into the pocket of your carry-on when not in use.
  • Works with any LATCH, and top tether, equipped car seat (not compatible with European equipped IsoFix seats)
  • Your toddler flys in the comfort and safety of their own car seat

Verified reviews


Did not work well

The thing about this strap is that it uses the latch system on the car seat. So you have to adjust for the suitcase. Then adjust for the car. Then adjust for the suitcase again. I am travelling alone with my son. There is no way one person can work this. So unless your going to be traveling with someone I do not recommend it at all.

Nikki Prague, NE

I guess I don’t know how to use this?

I bought this hoping to have an easy way to carry the car seat and transport my daughter.I ended up returning it because we couldn’t get this to work on our luggage and carseat. I’m sure I wasn’t reading the instructions correctly – but it just didn’t seem to fit correctly.Anyway, I ended up preferring to buy a car seat bag with straps and wheels so we could check in the car seat at the front desk and then bringing a real stroller that we checked at the gate.

Sharron Lorman, MS

Works great–kind of pricey (for what you’re getting)

I give this a 4 star, it’s genius, but it’s expensive (it’s really just a t-bar strap that you could probably use your own belts, so for the price it gets 4 instead of 5 star). It worked great for us to wheel around our toddler in the airport, easy to take apart during the security search, and great to carry around in your purse/diaper bag until landing where you’ll have to do it all over again until you get to the car. Could not have managed to have her Britax Marathon carseat (lugging it around) w/o this unique tool! I loved the Travelling Toddler! It was easy to undo and attach, it was super quick through the security lines & I have no complaints except for the cost of the thing. Much cheaper than other products, but for around $18 all you’re really getting is a ‘t’-strap that connects to the seat and around your carry-on luggage, which probably cost 50cents to make!! Then again, it was SOOOO WORTH IT, when we travelled!! If you know a friend who has one, save yourself some cash & borrow it!!

Brandy Benton, KS

got the idea

They should really lower the price. I didn’t want to pay $14 for it, took chains off my dog’s leash, that basically cost me $4. Already tried with my car seat and luggage, works great.

Shelley Troy, IL

Life saver at airport

We don’t know what we would have done without this to move around the airport. It is a must have product.

Meghan Vestal, NY

Easy to pack, totally works!

Recently, we went to visit my parents, who live out of country and two days worth of flying away. My daughter was 15 months, and we decided that a car seat was the best way to keep her calm on the plane. That was the best decision ever. The one flight where we has to hold her was awful.We toted a Graco MyRide 65.What I love about this product:* It is really small, so when it’s not in use, you can store it almost anywhere. I most often, put it in the top front pocket of the seat, or (on the plane), left it attached to the latch straps, which we couldn’t use on the plane.* We brought a stroller, that we never used. My daughter thought that it was SO fun to ride in her car seat as we ran through the airport. The strap was the perfect size.* Neither of use had trouble pulling her. I am 5’3 and my dh is 6′. It worked for both of us easily.

Colette War, WV

Does not work with Britax Advocate

This does not work with the Britax Advocate. The straps are too long and it doesn’t tighten enough. It would work if it was an actual suitcase but not a carryon type suitcase. You can save yourself the money and just buy a metal ring. We used that to attach the latch and tether strap. I used a ring off an old purse. Save your money and buy a metal ring.

Rae Mc Grath, MN

Love it!

So glad I bought it, it was so very useful. And so easy to just stuff in a pocket when not in use.

Sally Longton, KS

works great

This simple little strap works great. Wish I had invented it. I’m currently ordering a second one after losing our first one mid-trip, which made the trip home much harder without it.

Linda Amesville, OH

Great accessory for getting a car seat through the airport.

I recently took my daughter on her first trip. We used a car seat on the flight. With all of the extra things you have to take when traveling with a child, I was worried about the car seat around. This simple strap made it very easy to move the car seat through the airport. It easily attaches using the LATCH system on the car seat. It took a few tries to get it right, but once I figured it out it was very easy to attach and remove the car seat from the rolling carry on bag. It shows that you can have the child sit in it while attached to the luggage, but I did not use it that way. It did seem secure enough to do that though.

Bobbi Murdock, KS

Great for getting through the airport

I was super skeptical of this product but bought it based on all the great reviews. My two year old loved riding in it and it was really easy to navigate through the airport with it. I traveled alone with him using this and was really nervous about going through security, taking him out, getting it all through the belt, then strapping it back on after we got through, but it was actually really easy. Definitely practice attaching the car seat to your luggage before you head to the airport if you’ll be traveling alone though. While easy to do, it did take me a couple tries to figure out the best way.

Ada Anderson, IN

easy to use

Nice to have. Just in case I need an extra hand I can just hook up the child and it allows me to bring the car seat with me.

Luz Versailles, IL

Simple and versatile- also makes your car seat into a high chair!

I was very surprised by how small this was when it arrived, but it worked great once we played around with it to get the latch straps on the carseat sized for it (cosco scenera). I’m able to hook it up in less than a minute, hubby takes about 2 because he never loosens the lower anchor strap (the one that would buckle at the seat belt position) before hooking it up. I wouldn’t really count on it as a stroller option, but I was able to put my back pack and the baby’s lunch bag in the car seat and wear her in the Ergo while going through the airport easily. She’s about 23 lbs at 18 months but the weight was awkward for longer distances than around the house, which she Loved while we were initially setting the thing up. We really bought it to make hauling the car seat through the airport easier, which it definitely did.A bonus was we were able to use the strap to turn her car seat into a modified high chair by strapping it to a standard chair in our hotel room and then sliding it up to the table. Just lengthen the latch straps and hook up like you would to your suitcase. We just buckled her in using the crotch buckle (chest open and behind her) and it was great. We are rather strict about eating only at the table so this really made sure vacation didn’t ruin that lesson.

Tania Saint James City, FL

Worked as promised. Logistics are an issue, however.

This product works as stated (Britax Marathon, inexpensive rolling suitcase). It would work very well under the following conditions:1) You are traveling with one small child only and at least one other adult.2) You do not travel by air often enough to warrant purchasing the stroller attachment for the carseat.We purchased this product as we had planned a trip with our two year old daughter who needed to be in her own seat on the plane and decided bringing her carseat was the best way to keep her contained. My husband and I used it with our daughter’s Britax Marathon, a relatively inexpensive suitcase, and our 25 pound two year old. After a little practice at home we could use the LATCH system quickly and confidently to attach the suitcase to the carseat and our daughter enjoyed riding in it through the airport. We even balanced our infant’s carseat between the stroller and Britax before checking it.The problem was logistic – once you get to the gate you have to unhook the thing and maneuver onto the plane with a toddler, a carry-on suitcase, and a giant carseat, and then do it all in reverse after you land. If you have two adults and one child this is probably do-able. If you’re traveling by yourself or with a second child, you’ll likely have difficulties.As we travel by air quite a bit I believe we will bite the bullet and purchase a stroller specifically for her carseat and pay to check our luggage. Sometimes its worth it to pay for convenience.

Madge Oil City, LA

It works great

Love this and that it works so great. Only complaint is how it is difficult to put on and take off repeatedly. I still use it cause it is better then nothing and easier then lugging around a stroller and carseat.

Kathryn Taylor, AR

like another set of hands at the airport

This little t-shaped cord(for lack of better words) is probably really easy to make at home but i ran out of time and just ordered it to try it out. It was very easy to use once i got the hang of it. i will say definitely try it out at home with your carseat so you get the hang of it, trying this out at the airport is probably not the best idea.I used this with my cosco scenera and it was a breeze to use.Yes you have to unhook the car seta to pass thorugh security but it only took about 3 minutes to get the cars seat hooked up again.I should also mention that i carried my son in a ring sling so this was more so i wouldn’t have to carry the carseat.I had no damage whatsoever to our luggage and even though i carried my son for most of the time, when he was in the seat there was no damage.I would reccommend this if anything for not having to carry another item around the airport especially whne you are traveling with little ones.

Rosie Elton, WV


Great little belt! It is sooo simple yet sooo useful! A must have if you’re traveling with kids, even if you don’t use it as a stroller like the photo suggests!

Polly Rainsville, AL

Easy Breezy!

For all the items out there that are $60+ for a car seat stroller – this is a great price and is super simple to use. Would easily recommend this over anything. Great design and easy.

Adrian Manokotak, AK

Cheaper than buying a carseat stroller

I bought two of these for use with our car seats, we have a safety 1st all around sound car seat with no issues, the Britax I would catch rubbing on the ground every now and then, the straps were as tight as the could go, but adjusting the angle on how I rolled the carry on corrected this issue.Pros: Easy to use (Latch system), light weight, takes up little storage space/easy to store in carry on bag.Cons: Adjusting the straps to fit the suitcase right takes a little bit of time.

Johanna Tenants Harbor, ME

Best travel accessory EVER

This made makes my life so much easier! My daughter goes everywhere with me… everywhere, no exceptions. After an airline lost our car seat once I vowed that it would always be checked at the gate.Traveling through airports is made so much easier when I don’t have to carry a huge car seat. I had my doubts about this little strap doing what I needed when I ordered it. I was so wrong. If you have to take a car seat on your travels, this is the BEST accessory to make your life easier.

Justine Canonsburg, PA

didn’t work for us

we have a safey 1st convertable car seat and this didn’t work for us at all. i wish it had!

Estelle Karval, CO

Helps with transporting your car seat through the airport.

This is a simple strap that allows you to attach any LATCH compatible car seats to your luggage. As some other reviewers mentioned, this can probably be achieved with a metal ring if your straps are long enough to reach around your suitcase. This wasn’t the case for my Britax Marathon so I forked out the money for this product. With that said, I was able to attach my car seat successfully to both a larger suitcase and a carry-on size that I own. I also like to mention that I highly recommend not putting a child in the car seat while it’s attached to your luggage. Luggages were not designed for this purpose and you will likely damage it if you use it in that way. This product allows you to carry your car seat along with your luggage but does not turn your luggage into a stroller.

Rosemary Ada, OH

Life saver!

We went on a three-week trip to Japan recently and needed to take our convertible car seat. This strap helped us a ton in the airport and also through public transportation system. I don’t know what we would’ve done without it! We had two rolling suitcases and a laptop bag which my husband carried, and a backpack and small purse hung on a stroller that I was pushing. There was no way we could’ve carried a convertible car seat on top of all that. It only works with a convertible car seat that has LATCH system and a tether though because those clips are what you attach it with.

Michaela Chippewa Lake, OH

Didn’t work for my Diono Radian

This is such a cool idea, but I tried to make it fit with my Diono Radian RXT car seat and I just couldn’t get it to work. The directions leave much to be desired, too. Maybe it’s better for other car seat brands?

Socorro Red Rock, AZ

Worked for us!

This strap really did work well for us. We just made sure we had a rolling carry on with wheels that were in good shape. You simply attach the car seat to your luggage with this handy strap using the latch straps already on your car seat. It really is a genius idea. It made catching connecting flights a lot easier with our 19 month old!

Sharlene Shawnee, WY

Excellent product for carrying your car seat, not so awesome as a stroller substitute

The Traveling Toddler is a fantastic invention worth its weight in gold (or more, since it’s quite light) for parents traveling with young children and their car seats in the airport. We recently traveled with our 2.5 year old (30lbs) and herFirst Years True Fit Convertible Car Seatalong with a 22″ roll-aboard suitcase. To transport the car seat, the Traveling Toddler is ingenious. It attaches quickly to the LATCH straps and top tether of your car seat to give you an easy way to roll your seat through the airport — much easier than the GoGoKidz TravelMate, which takes far more time to install.The only drawbacks I see of this product are:*You need make sure you route your LATCH straps through in the forward facing position, or they may not be long enough to reach around your suitcase — so if you’re using your car seat rear-facing, you’ll have to re-route the LATCH straps before reinstalling it in your car. Not a big deal, but takes a few extra minutes.*Not so much a drawback of this particular product, but of this concept in general: this strap turns your car seat into a very novel stroller, which will likely attract your toddler’s attention. Sounds good in concept, right? In practice, 20lbs of suitcase (or more) plus 20lbs of car seat plus 30lbs of toddler make for one really, really heavy contraption to be pulling through the airport! The product photos show a man pushing the seat and suitcase, but in reality, to get an angle that keeps your child’s feet off the floor, you have you exert a fair amount of force, and at 5’10”, I would be walking pretty bent over to accomplish that. So we pulled it — still bent over, but less awkwardly.Overall, I highly recommend this product and will keep it in my travel arsenal for quite some time.

Margret Venice, FL

What an incredible little helper!

I bought the Traveling Toddler before a long trip with several layovers. We were taking our 2 year old’s carseat. This strap was the best thing EVER. It attached very easily in about 2 minutes (less as I got better at doing it). It allowed my husband to only have to care for our daughter while I easily pulled all of our carryon baggage in one piece. Even during the one very fast layover where we literally ran from one of the Denver airport to the other, I had no problem pulling our carryon, carseat, and several small bags.The picture on the package shows you being able to actually use it as a stroller. This might be true if you have a very solid carryon. Ours is cheap, though, and I’m sure couldn’t handle the weight of our toddler in her carseat. But I didn’t intend to use it that way anyway. Instead, what we got was a great way to attach our seat to our luggage and a great, SAFE place for our daughter to sit where she couldn’t run off.I highly recommend buying the traveling Toddler. It’s way cheaper than buying a fancy carseat dolly and it is so small that it easily stores in your suitcase when not in use.

Tommie Arminto, WY

works great

the product is very simple to use and my daughter did complaint ta all to be in her car seat.i give 4 stars just because it felt a little heavy on my suitcase and really i was affraid that it broke (refer to other post) but it did not.

Maggie Fruitvale, ID

Does the job

This strap works pretty well, although it always takes a couple of minutes to hook the carseat on correctly. One thing that’s annoying is that until the carseat latch is tightened, the whole thing moves around a lot and becomes un-centered on the suitcase. Is really a 2-person job.The price can’t be beat though.

Graciela Chancellor, SD

What a lifesaver! So simple and yet so handy…

I highly recommend this product to anyone that is traveling with a child and a car seat. It was very easy to set up and once we had everything adjusted it was a quick process when we had to separate things through security. My son loves his car seat (Britax Marathon) and he absolutely loved being pushed around the airport. He actually slept for quite a while in his seat while we had a layover. I’m very pleased with this purchase and have recommended it to other friends that travel with their kids. It was also very convenient taking the car seat for safety purposes and also the fact that we didn’t have to rent a car seat with our rental car.

Jeannie Iona, SD