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Seems Comfy and Convenient – but What a Pain!

I had this highchair with my first son – and when I pulled it out to put our new baby in it – I remembered all of my frustrations and ended up throwing it away.I bought the chair originally because of the comfort for the baby – the plush, big seat, the reclining options and the height adjustment options.I also loved that it had wheels on the bottom so that I could move it around the kitchen and out to the deck for summer meals.Everything was great at first – until we really started using it. Here were my main issues:1 – I hope they’ve fixed this in newer models, but the baby could get the tray off by sticking his foot in the handle and kicking it off.2 – The cotton cover pills the first time you wash it, and the batting (stuffing) inside, bunches up into one of the corners.3 – The legs stick out further than the chair, so every time the baby drops little bits of food off the side (or lots of food when they’re older and think it’s funny or want to feed the family pet!) it gets stuck on the legs and in between the legs and the seat. I was constantly scrubbing food out of the little cracks and off of the various molds on the plastic legs.4 – When you wash the tray, water seeps into it and doesn’t all come out no matter how much shaking and draining you attempt. So, when you stick it back on to the chair, it slowly leaks onto the floor. After a while it starts to smell like mildew.5 – It takes up a lot of space – and even with the nice print on the cover – all of the plastic and metal makes it stick out like a sore thumb.We purchased the Eddie Bauer wood highchair for our new baby. I’m so much happier with it. It looks nicer, it doesn’t get anywhere near as dirty – but when it does, it is easy to clean. The baby seems just as comfy in it as the Trend seat. I don’t mind having to pick it up and move it instead of rolling it – that little task is worth all of the time that I spent trying the Trend chair clean.

Camilla Linden, IA

not sure about it yet

I bought this chair to replace thje graco one I had for my daughter. that chair had major drawbacks… difficult to keep clean, 5 pt harness that was not easily adjustable, and a tray that was too big to wash in the sink let alone the dishwasher. It came with a vinal pad and cloth, but the cloth had to hang dry, and the vinayl didn’t cover enough. to top it off the plastic seat had crevisis so food got stuck in it (fall thru pads).So when our son came along I knew I needed to find something that was easier. I looked at several seats at B-r-us and this seemed to be the best.What I like… 5 piece harness that the shoulder straps come off the waist strap (easier to clean & adjust. ***down side, they don’t tighten snug enough to fit my 5 month old**Vinyl cover, easy to wipe down, covers around edges, and minimum amount of ‘holes’ for straps and food to fall into **down side, the ruffle is fabric and not machine washable, I know he will be smashing food into it and it wont wipe down.The seat is wide & deep – so a large child will sit nicely… however my 5 month old is hidden behind the large bulky tray, even with out the tray he is down low in comparision to the sides – makes it hard to get spoon to his mouth, over crotch piece (hard wide bulky piece of plastic that goes between childs legs to keep them from slipping down)I am keeping it for now since it was the best I had found, but why cant a manufactor try their chair with real babies?

Kathi Vanderbilt, PA

the best chair on the market

If I could I would give it 6 stars! Boy do I love this chair!We are urban, minimalist, no nonsense people. I always dreaded the ugly plastic baby chairs I used to see at other people’s houses. So we registered and got Eddie Bauer wood highchair for our baby shower. One word of advice – don’t buy products such as chairs until you meet and get to know your child.We set up the EB chair and realized right away what a mistake it was buying it. It was gorgeous but totally unsafe and difficult to use. It had 1 point harness, the strangest contraption I’ve ever seen. We could imagine our kid hanging off the chair in a year or two. So we took it back and after much research and testing, we chose Malawi. We are so happy!1) We got both the vinyl and cotton covers, so when the baby is small we can use cotton, than later we’ll move on to vinyl.2) Malawi has the wheels so we can move the baby with us when we’re cooking, cleaning, or just moving out and about. We can even take the baby to our deck when we dine outside. EB chair was VERY heavy and no wheels so I had to lift or drag – a major pain in the you know what. The wheels can be locked or omitted if you don’t want this feature.3) Unlike hard, uncomfortable EB chair, Malawi gives the plush, armchair type dining experience for our 8 month old kid. We put the cotton cover on top of the vinyl so it’s extra padded and comfy. I used to have to put rolled up towels on both sides in order to keep our baby upright.4) Malawi reclines, where EB doesn’t. Major plus with the tiny ones who don’t sit on their own yet. Also the fact that it has different hights is a wonderful feature. We can play real low or dine real high.5) My only issue is with the tray. Tray is not really one-hand release. It’s heavy and bulky and it took me some time to get used to it. Unlike Fisher Price Healty care chairs it doesn’t really slide into place with one hand. However, the dishwasher tray is large and covers the whole tray which makes cleaning a snap, plus you get an extra one in the box to use when the first one is in the dishwasher being cleaned! How cool is that!Also, the tray is a bit too high for our kid, but we’ll just keep it in the closet for now.6) This chair is by far the most comfortable out of all the ones my baby tested. I like that unlike Fisher Price Healthy Care chair it doesn’t have reclining lever in the the middle of the head rest. Also the chair cover is longer than on any other chair. I was under the impression that Fisher Price vinyl cover sharp edging would be cutting in my kids legs.7) Malawi is very pretty green and blue color, but if you don’t like plad you have a choice of solid blue or solid green covers. The 5 point harness is nice and tight and you can remove it to clean it.Hope this helps and you consider this chair.

Randi Saint Croix Falls, WI

love this high chair!!

we have this high chair, only a slightly older model. this one seems to have more bells and whistles than ours does. i love the one we have! couldnt think of a better one! (although it would be nice to have some toys, but i have several toys with suction cups that i can put on the tray.) i love it, and so do both of my kids!

Billie Harrison, AR

Excellent chair

This chair was recommended to me by the staff at babies r’ us. I have not been disappointed with it! It reclines to three positions (like many chairs do), but, unlike other chairs, the footrest reclines with the chair–a very nice feature. It has a height adjustment as well, and folds fairly flat for storage. It rolls like a dream and the wheels have locks on them for safety. I did notice, like the above reviewer, that the tray was a little tight initially, but with repeated use has loosened up nicely and I can now slide it easily on and off with one hand. The tray locks in three positions as well and also comes with 2 additional dishwasher safe removable tray tops. The seat is very colorful and cute and wipes clean with ease. The chair also comes with an additional reversible seat pad (green one one side, blue on the other side)–I guess this would be used as additional padding for the chair if you were just using it as a chair (if used for eating, it would have to be removed and washed if anything got on it). My son sits safely in the seat because there is a 5 point adjustable harness built into the chair as well. I am very happy with this high chair and will be recommending it to all of my new mommy friends!

Madeleine Hesperia, CA