Trend Lab Burps in Clear Zip Pouch, Giggles Print, Set of 4

Trend Lab Burps in Clear Zip Pouch, Giggles Print, Set of 4

The Trend Lab 4 pack of burp cloths features fun and modern print on one side with super absorbent terry on the other. Burp cloths features fun and modern prints on one side in 100% cotton and terry on the other side. The burps are enclosed in a reusable zippered pouch which can be utilized for wet, used burp cloths. Each burp is 13 x 10″ and zip pouch is 10 x 8.5″.

Main features

  • zip pouch: 100% cotton trim; burps: front: 100% cotton; back: white 100% cotton loop terry
  • Imported
  • 4 burp cloths and clear reusable dirty duds zipper pouch
  • Burp cloths measure 10″ x 13″
  • Dirty duds pouch measures 10″ x 8.25″
  • Burp cloths are machine washable; spot clean dirty duds pouch
  • Coordinating Giggles gift items available for separate purchase

Verified reviews


Small and misshaped after washing

I agree with the previous reviewer, they are square and resemble more wash cloths than burp clothes. I haven’t used them yet (delivering in a few weeks) but already washed them. They lost their nice shape after washing and drying. I am sure they will be fine for what they need to do, but they are definitely not the best burp clothes on the market.

Iva Kinderhook, NY

stylish and useful

I am very pleased with both Trend Lab Burps (pink and black/white) I have purchased. They are the perfect size and machine wash well. I love the fun designs.

Ethel Wautoma, WI

Don’t waste your money on these

I was very disappointed in these burp cloths. Cons: They were much smaller than I expected and shrank even more after I washed them. They are not soft at all – either side. Positive: The patterns are very cute and I did like the zip pouch. However, they are now at the bottom of my burp cloth pile and will only be used if I run out of my other burp cloths. Don’t waste your money on these!

Leanna Guffey, CO

Cute fabric, little too small

I like the fabric on these burp cloths, but I wish they were a little bigger. I even like the little zipper pouch they came in. I plan to use it to keep some like toys together.

Sandy Dilworth, MN


Love these! On the smaller size but still very functional and very absorbent. I would definately reccomend to someone who is looking for great little towels to throw into the diaper bag and go

Leigh Stonega, VA


These very literally are nothing but small, rough towels with fabric sewed to one side. Yeah, they are cute, but they are so NOT burp rags. I actually use them as washcloths now.

Ruth Victoria, TX

Not that useful, don’t last.

I was sick of always being surrounded by gross cloth diapers covered in spit-up, and I hoped these cute burp cloths would add a little excitement to the newborn grind. Not really. I do like the print (I got the black and white Versailles) so they have some aesthetic appeal, but they are cheaply made and don’t stand up well to the frequent washing that burp cloths require. The printed side is useless as far as baby vomit goes – it just smears it around. The terry side is absorbant and textured so at least you can use it to wipe, which is at least its better than the a lot of other burp cloths that are so smooth that they don’t absorb and just push wetness around (ew). They are washcloth sized, so they are really only good for one good burp. If you are looking for cute burp cloths, I find the Bebe Au Lait cloths to be much more useful, well made and still cute. Skip these.

Latanya Lumber City, GA