Trend Lab Caterpillar Blooming Bouquet Burp Cloths, Set of 4

Trend Lab Caterpillar Blooming Bouquet Burp Cloths, Set of 4

This 4 pack of burp cloths features fun and modern prints on one side in 100% cotton and terry on the other side. It measures 13″ x 10″.

Main features

  • front: 100% cotton/back: 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • 4 pack of burp cloths
  • Features fun and modern prints on one side in 100% cotton and terry on the other side
  • Measures 13″ x 10″

Verified reviews


Cute, but not functional

I really loved the design on these burp cloths, but what I like about them stops there. The fact is they are more like slightly oversized wash cloths… Maybe if they doubled the size it would suit my needs better?Second, they are ‘hang dry’ or ‘fluff dry’ only. Certainly not practical for a mom with a new baby. I put mine in the dryer anyway and they shrunk… So now its size is closer to an actual washcloth.I wouldn’t recommend these. I’ve found that SwaddleDesigns Burp cloths might be a little more expensive, but definitely worth their money in absorbancy and size.

Angel Prospect Harbor, ME

These are ok, but a wash cloth does the same thing

New parents, My wife wanted these and I am a weak male and gave in. Save $ and buy a wash cloth, it would do the same thing. These are nice I would recommend them to a yuppy or someone with money to burn.

Maricela Warrensburg, IL

Cute, But Scratchy & Not Very Absorbent.

Let me start by saying my baby has acid reflux. So, we don’t deal with the normal “occasional spit up”. We get about 1/3 of what we feed her back on a bad day. We go through at least 5 burp cloths per day. I wasn’t happy with the gerber or carter’s cloths I got at my baby shower, so I decided to do some research.In my quest for the ultimate burp cloth, I bought 2 sets of these. The black and white and the pink argyle. These burp cloths are nothing more than a thin washcloth with pretty fabric sewn to the back. They also get scratchy when you wash them. Unless you use fabric softener, which irritates some babies’ skin, I can’t see how that can be avoided.Instead of getting these, I recommendgreen sprouts 3 Pack Priceless Burp Pads, Rose. They are bigger, softer and much more absorbent. I have 3 sets and hate to run out.

Justine Sweet Home, TX

pretty but….

These are pretty but small. They do very little for bigger spit-up messes and I don’t use them very often. I bought the Gerber brand burp rags that are colored/patterned, they are thick, absorbent, and large.

Malinda Lindsborg, KS

Snappiest Burp Cloths Around!

I bought these as a baby gift for a friend of mine – almost as a lark as they looked so outrageous, but I must say they are just so bright & colorful I’m sure the new baby will love them! A nice size, they are a welcome break from the ‘usual’ pastel patterned burp cloths.

Lelia Everett, PA

Nice but not great

These are very cute burp cloths and match the bedding that I got for my baby. they are on the smallish side and the biggest con is that since the fabric on both sides is different the cloth part shrank and is now smaller then the terry side. impossible to lay it flat and it doesn’t look as good any more. at this point i am opting out for a single layer burp cloth. also the price for the 4 burp cloths, however cute they are, is a bit on the high end. probably will not get again.

Nola Chandler, MN

Great colors

The colors of these burp cloths are vibrant and fun but only one side is absorbent. Better products are available.

Marta Dittmer, MO

Good quality, but too small

These burb clothes are cute and decent quality. However, I find them to be a bit too small. They are barely larger than a washcloth.

Jeanine International Falls, MN

Very high quality – love all the Trend Lab items

Got these burp clothes in addition to the towel and wash clothes. They are high quality – good absorbancy – and we’ve washed them several times and they have held up very well. Very cute. Also more than enough to clean up spit-ups.

Willie Wales, ND

Very cute!

For some reason burp cloths are always expensive for what they are. These are a couple dollars more than some you will find but totally worth it because of how cute they are!

Lara Booneville, MS

Cute, but can really only use 1 side

These are very cute, which is why I bought them. However I tend to use other burp clothes before I pull these out. I find that the only side I can really use is the "towel side" where with other burp clothes I can use both sides.

Ma Shambaugh, IA

Not awful, but don’t need more

I originally requested 2 packs on my Baby Registry but once I received and washed the 1st, I canceled my order for the 2nd. As other reviewers have noted, they’re very small. Plus they’re made of two different fabrics, so they shrink at different rates and curl up at the edges after one wash (unless you iron them – snort!). The patterns are cute, and they’ve held up well after multiple washings, but one pack was enough. We use them to wipe up drool as he’s eating, but for actual burping, we’ve learned to go for something bigger and waterproof.

Alexandria Lava Hot Springs, ID

So disappointed

These look so cute, but they are not practical. After washing once or twice, they become stiff and non absorbent. These sit in the bottom of my burp cloth pile and do not get used. Very disappointed.

Josefa Maricao, PR

Pretty but not practical

These are adorable, pretty, thick and soft. But they are quite small, and unless you are very careful (and lucky) spit-up can miss the target.

Michell Renovo, PA


these are great!! they are super absorbent and bigger than what i imagined. i love the colors, love the prints…

Louisa Plymouth, MA

Best Burp cloths ever

I bought these because my son has pretty bad reflux and I needed burp cloths that were more absorbent than the ones I had. These are great! One side is towel-like, so it’s great for cleaning spit-up off of a rug, car seat, strollers, and of course baby. They are soft, too. I was a little worried that they might be too rough but they aren’t. They hold up well to frequent washing, too. I’ve had these for a few months now and still love them. In fact, I liked them so much after a few weeks that I bought another pack. They are a good size, too. I can just slip one in my back pocket for when I have baby in the carrier and no diaper bag. I would definitely recommend these.*Update* After having these for a long time, I have to say these are still the best! Now that my little one is older, I use them when he’s teething; for both snot and drool. They have been washed a hundred times and are still in great condition. The color has faded, but all things will fade after numerous washings. These have become my go-to shower gift!

Henrietta Greenville, SC

Stiff material

These burp cloths are stiff and doesn’t really work as burp cloths. One side is not really absorbent and the other side is rough also they are pretty small.

Gretchen Canovanas, PR

nice quality fit the bill

these were for a baby boy shower – they came rolled up with great ribbon – they are just a lovely addition to the cowboy basket!

Hazel Bayamon, PR

Love them

Bought these and the matching bibs for Daughter in law baby shower. Everyone loved them so much! Vibrant girly colors. I bought myself a set to have at my house too!

Juana Somerville, OH


I love these. I was concerned that the printed side wouldn’t be as absorbent as the terry cloth side, but both sides are quick to absorbed moisture. I like the small size. Depending on how I’m using them, I like to have some large burp rags and some small ones. These ones are great for wiping my baby’s mouth, and because they’re a little stiff the work great to cup under the baby’s mouth when holding her up in a sit for a burp. If your holding your baby over your shoulder to burp, then these will definitely be too small.And of course, the pretty designs are very nice. Not exactly as pictured though. I received two with flowered patters and two with the diamonds. No solid. I’m okay with that. I ordered these and the green ones. They came prettily wrapped in a large ribbon that says “eat” all over it – very cute – with a large button on the front, not a knot. Great for a gifts, but I got them for myself. 🙂

Lavonne Auburn, WY

cute, not practical

These are super cute! I bought 2 different packs and I think I got too many. 🙁 They work great to stick on your shoulder to catch spit up…but they don’t work very well to wipe babys face. The thinner Gerber ones (basic type) work better for that. I always find myself with one of these on my should (or a receiving blanket for when my daughter launches spit up)…and then a Gerber one to wipe her mouth and any other parts that the spit up got on.

Katina Cinebar, WA

Not worth the price

We registered for these and I thought they’d be a cute alternative to using a cloth diaper as a burp cloth. We used them once or twice, laundered them, and now they sit in the drawer. They’re wash cloths with a pretty piece of cloth stitched to one side. Not quite big enough if your baby is even half as wiggly as our little guy. They’re not even that absorbent and the wash cloth is quite rough. The pretty material shrank up a bit, too, so now the cloth puckers on the sides because one side is smaller than the other.If you’re looking for burp cloths, your best bet by far is a cloth diaper- they’re soft, absorbent, launder really well, and can take lots of abuse and still last forever. Gerber makes a 12 pack that doesn’t cost too much more than a pack of four of these non-functional burp cloths.

Billie Richmondville, NY

Looks vs Function

First time mom over here, bought these because they’re pretty and, hey, I needed burp cloths anyway. These are pretty small. Bigger than a typical washcloth, but not a whole lot. Plus, the fact that they are only absorbent on one side sucks when your baby spits up their whole meal, fountain style, and you’re scrambling to clean her up. Things you learn as a new mom…

Kerry Cadogan, PA

Only the terry cloth side is absorbent.

Only one side of these clothes are absorbent the other side any spit up just runs off. I wouldn’t spend the money for these again even though they are adorable and match the theme of the nurery.

Brianna Dillon, SC

I wouldn’t buy them again.

They are okay but they are pretty small and I hate the way they feel. They look really attractive though.

Inez Spring Creek, NV

Shrink Up

These shrink up pretty small, almost unusable as a burp cloth for this reason. The fabric is so stiff that it doesn’t drape well and it just feels like a piece of cardboard. I love how the Aiden and Anais burly bibs drape over my shoulder nicely and they are pricey yes but so much better.

Arlene Muscotah, KS

Cute, but not very practical

These looked so adorable in the picture! Unfortunately, they are pretty bulky and the patterned sides are scratchy feeling. The pink fluffy one is almost completely useless because the fluff makes my baby mad. They are super cute looking, but I would not buy them for anyone knowing how uncomfortable for baby they are.

Nettie Trimont, MN

Love these

Imlove these burp clothes! They are super cute, very absorbent, thick and adorable bright patterns. They are a little small though, but I don’t mind at all. I like having different size ones. These are a little bigger than a wash cloth.

Claudia Offutt A F B, NE


Cute and functional. Matches my diaper bag well.. what baby girl wouldn’t want to spit up on adorable burp rags lol. The pink one is very fuzzy and soft.

Hollie Danby, VT

Cutest burp cloths!

These probably are the smallest burp cloths that I have but they are definitely the cutest. Colors haven’t faded much in the wash and these are really absorbant. I would buy more of these—I think for the cuteness level these are pretty reasonably priced.

Violet Hinsdale, IL