Trend Lab Dr Seuss ABC Burp Bouquet, 4 Piece

Trend Lab Dr Seuss ABC Burp Bouquet, 4 Piece

Dr. Seuss ABC 4 pack burp cloth set. Fun modern prints on one side, white terry on the other. Size 13 x 10.

Main features

  • front: 100% cotton; back: 100% cotton loop terry
  • Imported
  • 4 pack
  • Burp
  • Dr Seuss
  • Cat in the hat
  • 13″ x 10″

Verified reviews


Love them!

These are soft and pretty thick. The pattern is cute as well.They are average size and will be more than adequate for burping needs.For those saying they are small perhaps a bath towel would suit you better?

Kelsey Littlefork, MN

Just OK – I prefer others

These are so-so, not terrible, but definitely not my preferred brand of burp cloths. I find these to be on the small side, and not too absorbent. I wouldn’t purchase these again, nor would I recommend them to anyone, but I have used these in a pinch when the others were all in the wash.

Lessie Leroy, IN

Love these!

Great, exciting and durable! As a teacher, you have to love Dr. Seuss. These did not let me down, I will be giving these as gifts to other new moms. They hold up well in wash and even when our dogs sometimes run around with them in their mouths..LOL Very durable and perfect for what you need!

Margo Bath, IL

These work great for baby with reflux!

These work so well! I have a baby with really bad reflux and he pukes all the time. These are super absorbent, soft, and hold up VERY well to multiple washings. I loved these so much I ordered another pack. My old burp cloths have been moved to the rag bin. I would highly recommend these. The material is towel-like so they clean up spit-up really well. The designs are cute, too.

Melva Idlewild, TN

The perfect size

I was a little disappointed by the lack of Dr. Seuss characters on this set, but the terry side really does absorb and that’s the important part of a burp cloth. Would definitely order this again.

Jana Milledgeville, TN

Super cute…a tad too small

They are really cute, but a tad small. Is really like any wash cloth. Maybe that is the way they are supposed to be…my first kid so….

Veronica Madison, FL

Cute but not very soft

I love the print on these burp cloths. The fabric the print is on seems to be very durable and absorbs well. My only complaint, and reason for not giving it 5 stars, is the fabric on the opposite side. While it is extremely absorbent, it is not soft at all. The fabric on that side is actually rather rough and my baby does not enjoy laying against that side as much.

Della Piketon, OH

Not soft enough for newborns

I am sure these will be great in a month or so but they are neither small nor manipulable enough for a newborn. The thickness makes it impossible to fold them into the small crevices of an infant’s neck, for example. They are cute and durable however, so we’ll keep them around until we can utilize them better.

Deana Geigertown, PA

Nice, but not exactly what I thought it would be

These burp clothes are nice but I thought you would see more of the Dr Seuss pictures on them. Out of all 4 burp clothes there was only 1.5 images of Dr Suess characters. One of them was cut in half. So if you want something that shows more of the cute images of Dr Suess that we all know, don’t purchase these. Other than that, they will make great burb clothes.

Latanya Sparks, GA

Not as big as I thought

These burp cloths are bright and fun and absorb a nice amount. I wish they were a little longer, however, because they don’t lie on the shoulder as well as I would’ve hoped.

Heidi Maplecrest, NY

Trend Lab Burp cloths

This is the second set I’ve ordered because I love them so much. The terry is the greatest for dabbing up spit up, and they are just the right size to cart around with the baby and not as bulky as a receiving blanket. I also find them useful during pumping and breast feeding to keep me dry. Get the matching bibs too, you wont regret it

Traci Salinas, PR

My favorite burpcloths!

I bought these since they were unisex and cute. I LOVE them. They’re terry on one side and smooth fabric on the other (nice and gentle for wiping baby’s face). They’re the perfect size for me and I find myself doing extra laundry just so these are clean!

Margaret Denville, NJ

Cute, but mostly useless

They’re cute but why would anyone make a burp cloth with a side that’s non-absorbent? The absorbent side isn’t THAT absorbent, either! I use these for ship, the cheap white cotton ones are still my go to.

Madge Mcchord Afb, WA

My Favorite Burp Cloths

I bought these burp cloths when I was pregnant just because they were cute and I wanted to buy some baby stuff. These turned out to be my favorite of the different types of burp cloths I have. They are just the right size, not too big like the cloth diapers and not too small like some other ones I have. I have washed them several times, and the pattern has not faded. On one side is the pattern, and the other side is terry cloth. I think the terry cloth keeps the spit up from running all over the place. I’m buying more of these.

Shelley Girard, OH

Cute, reasonably absorbent

Our baby has reflux issues and is a spit-up queen, so we desperately needed more burp clothes. We’d been using some prefold diapers, but wanted something that looked a bit nicer. Some friends had given us Babylicious burp clothes in a gift set, and those were too small and the flannel backing was cheap, plus they constantly came out of the wash wrinkled (and who wants to iron a burp cloth?).The Trend Lab burp cloths are nicer than the Babylicious cloths. Like them, they have a colorful fabric back, with an absorbent fabric on the other side. In the case of the Trend Lab cloths, the absorbent fabric is terry cloth, which works better and is thick enough that the burp cloths don’t wrinkle in the dryer. On the other hand, they aren’t huge; that can be an advantage if you want something to put in a diaper bag, but is a disadvantage if you have a child who spits up a lot, as they get soaked pretty quickly.All in all, the cheapest and most absorbent option for a burp cloth is still a prefold diaper — plus they are great soft cloths for household use once they baby’s outgrown them. I’m not sure you’d want to use one of the nicer Trend Lab cloths as a rag. However, it’s nice to have a few of the Trend Lab cloths for more formal occasions when you’re out with the baby.FYI: Another absorbent option — one that’s much larger than the Trend Lab cloths, and also nicer than a white prefold — is the Aden + Anais burp cloth. They’re more expensive, but they’re big and can also be used as a bib.

Madeleine Keene, OH

Just ok.

These are ok. They’re a lot smaller than I was expecting, but I like that the one side is terry cloth.

Juana Smithville, IN

Trend Lab Dr Seuss ABC Burp Bouquet

These are a necessity, I recommend these for any newborn. They are very nice with a great print, will handle lots of use

Ruby Pleasant Dale, NE

Decent Burp Cloths

I was disappointed in these burp cloths. I suppose they serve its purpose, but they felt kind of cheap. It is basically a thin piece of Seuss fabric sewed on to a white terry washcloth. They are not heavy duty and and fairly absorbent. They are also on the small side. The printed side is cute (2 have Seuss ABC pattern and characters, 1 has multi-colored dots, and 1 with multi-colored stripes). But in my opinion there are better burp cloths out there and I would not buy these again.

Sara Dalzell, SC

Make a sweet gift!

I had a large gift all ready to go for my sister when her second son was born, but felt like I was missing SOMETHING. I wanted to add another little thing to the basket, and eventually found these adorable burp cloths. They’re soft AND absorbent! Worked well! She loved them!

Tori Altona, IL


this is exactly the kind of burp cloth i like. I got flannel burp clothes before i had LO. they do not aborb very well. Terry cloth absorbs great! they are also a great size and i love the graphics. LO started teething at 2.5 months, but would not use any type of teethers (she didn’t really have the coordination to use them anyway). She did however, love to chew on these burp cloths.

Barbara Grand Junction, CO

Not that good…

I had some Gerber burp cloths, but my son spit up a lot, so we decided we needed a few more and I decided to try these. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in them from the moment they arrived. They are really small and not very absorbent. The decorative side doesn’t absorb at all, so that’s the side that has to go down on the shoulder. The terry side feels a little rough for wiping his chin after he drinks a bottle and it doesn’t really do that good of a job of soaking up the spit-up. I wish I’d just bought more of the Gerber burp cloths…

Isabella Mc Rae, AR