Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, Blue, Wide for Crib Rails Measuring up to 18″ Around!

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, Blue, Wide for Crib Rails Measuring up to 18″ Around!

Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib Long Rail Cover Protect kids’ teeth and also prevent teeth marks on crib rails with Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib Long Rail Cover. The crib wrap is easy to use by simply wrapping the crib rail and tying it on. It’s lightly padded to make it soft and comfortable for children. The crib wrap also has a waterproof layer in between to prevent any moisture from seeping through to the rails. Why You’ll Love It: Made from super soft Sherpa fleece, the crib wrap is a great solution to protect both babies and the crib rails. Features Soft and durable material Easy to install on long crib rail Machine washable

Main features

  • Soft padded 100% polyester fleece crib rail cover with waterproof backing
  • Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins and guard your crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration. When laid flat, CribWrap measures 51″ long by 18″ wide. CribWrap fits most wide front and back crib rails measuring 8″ – 18″ around.
  • Rail cover is made with soft fleece on top, a padded middle and waterproof back for ultimate protection; Simply wrap and tie this solution to protect your child and crib investment for years to come
  • Rail cover is free of PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA
  • Includes one long rail cover for crib front or back. Coordinating set of two side rail covers is available for separate purchase to offer ultimate crib coverage. Narrow versions of CribWrap rail covers are also available by Trend Lab

Verified reviews


Nice product

I can’t review this product in depth until it has been tried and tested (baby is not due yet) but I received this product today and it looks and feels like very good quality. The backing is a sort of plastic/vinyl, but doesn’t feel like it will flake off or stick to wood. The fleece is soft and warm and the ties are sturdy. It actually has holes to thread the ties through to get a tight fit, unlike bumper ties, for example, that become loose as they are tied to the crib itself. This product ties to itself. It fits my convertible crib long rail perfectly, and feels like it could even stretch out in order to accommodate a slightly bigger crib, though I believe mine is standard size full length rail. I will update if and when baby starts to teeth on crib to see about protection, but as of right now I am very satisfied.Update: She is only 2 months old and therefore not standing or teething, however, I have found an added bonus. Those long early nights of leaning over the crib are made just a little easier having something soft to lean on!

Dorothea Northport, MI

Essential for teething baby

If your crib has a round bar, get this wide wrap instead of the narrow one. My daughter will just spin the narrow one around and get to the painted wood.

Annette Lamar, MS

Stopped my chewer!

As the little man was teething, his crib started taking a beating. I didn’t know they made something like this until he already gnawed a few good gashes in his future foot board – ergh! I was going to make something and through googling, found this. I chose this for two reasons – waterproof back and the ties.Waterproof backing was chosen because of drool – don’t want it getting through, or trapped between the wood and the fabric and ruining the nice wood finish.Ties – there was no way he was going to undo this, and some others out there are not so secure (velcro was used on some and although easy to get off for the adult to clean, also easy for the child to remove). These ties are nice too because there is a slit on the outer side and one tie goes through that slit, and then you tie it, so it is an extra layer of protection in case your child can figure out how to untie. The ties also are on the outer side/front edge, so when you pull the one string through and actually tie the two strings together, it is facing out of the crib, not inward for the kiddo to play with. Sure he can reach them if he wanted to (but not too alluring), through the slats but would only be able to grab a couple inches of the string, back to his side – not untie it and then pull the one string through the slit.It is also safe for the washer/dryer. When it comes out of washing machine, because of the fleece like fabric, it is mostly dry. I put mine in dryer on very low heat with a softener sheet and that makes it smell good, and to get out a little extra moisture and then hang it for an hour or two just to make sure. already.I wish I had this sooner and will be ready next time with one!

Selena Elko, GA

Protect your investment!

We purchased this rail guard to protect the convertible crib once our son began getting teeth. The top of the rail is rather thick and this guard covers it perfectly. There are 5 ties that secure it to the rail snugly. Now there are no worries about baby ingesting the stain or about him ruining his future big boy bed!

Lynda Mount Cory, OH

Serves its purpose

This works well on our Da Vinci crib. My kiddo can’t chew on the wood anymore, which is pretty much all I was looking for. These are still nice after the washing machine (don’t machine dry them) and are very soft. They don’t add much style to the room, but I don’t really care about that. I would recommend these.

Lakisha Lone Star, TX

Does the job

The backing of this crib wrap prevents any drool from soaking through to damage the wood. The top material is very nice and soft. The ties are a little stretchy and may rip if you pull on them too hard, but I believe the slight stretchy-ness allows for the knot to hold better, while not being hard for an adult to untie it when it comes time to wash it.UPDATE 2/3/2012I did not listen to the advisory not to dry this in the dryer, due to impatience, so the following is my fault, but I had washed and dried this product several times on low setting and had no problems until I moved. The new dryer must be hotter than my last one because after one round it there, the crib rail shrank. It wasn’t the cloth material that shrank, it was the plastic backing that keeps any drool from soaking through to the wood, so stretching the material to make it fit better is out of the question. I lost 2-3 inches on each side. I still have it on the crib, pulled mainly to one side, to help keep my son from getting out of the crib so easily. Without the crib guard there is no extra friction and it is easier for him to slide over the top. The guard actually makes him work harder to climb over rather than just slipping over and falling however he may land.Either way, I would purchase again if I had another child and just hang dry it until I got a nice dryer that has a good low setting or an air dry setting. If you have a mini crib, I would imagine that the shrinkage wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Angie Boothbay, ME