Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, Brown, Narrow for Crib Rails Measuring up to 8″ Around!

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, Brown, Narrow for Crib Rails Measuring up to 8″ Around!

Trend Lab Long Narrow Cribwrap Rail Cover – Brown Protect your baby and protect your crib. Trend Lab’s CribWrap rail cover for narrow rails is the perfect solution for protecting your crib and teething baby. With white super soft Sherpa fleece on the top, a light padding in the middle and a waterproof backing, you no longer have to worry about your baby ingesting wood or harmful toxins while also preserving your crib investment for use in years to come. Just wrap and tie on this simple solution. Long rail cover measures 51” in length with 6.5” ties. Also available in 2 piece set for side rails. This crib wrap This crib wrap fits rails that are up to 8” around.

Main features

  • front: 100% polyester; back: waterproof mattress pad fabric
  • Imported
  • Soft padded 100% polyester fleece crib rail cover with waterproof backing
  • Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins and guard your crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration. When laid flat, CribWrap measures 51″ long by 6″ wide. CribWrap fits most narrow front and back crib rails measuring up to 8″ around.
  • Rail cover is made with soft fleece on top, a padded middle and waterproof back for ultimate protection; Simply wrap and tie this solution to protect your child and crib investment for years to come
  • Rail cover is free of PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA
  • Includes one long rail cover for crib front or back. Coordinating set of two side rail covers is available for separate purchase to offer ultimate crib coverage. Wide versions of CribWrap rail covers are also available by Trend Lab

Verified reviews


Great rail cover for the crib!

We got this crib rail cover after my infant started chewing on the wooden rail. It fit our standard size crib perfectly and matched well with the crib wood color. It was easy to install–you just wrap it around the rail and tie the ties in front in either a bow or a knot (we used a tight bow so that we could easily remove and wash it if need be). She has never bothered with pulling on the ties (so far). Overall, a great product.

Norma Thomasville, GA

Excellent for teething infants

Our daughters were chewing on their cribs while they were teething and getting splinters. We purchased these cribwrap rail covers and it solved the problem! I washed them before putting them on, and continue to wash them on a regular basis – they have held up very well! I’d highly recommend these as a solution for teething infants.

Charlene Woodstock, VA


We have never liked the gummy style rail covers. For our first daughter we bought the cream colored fabric cover that has loops to hang toys. We absolutely loved it…until after a few months we took a closer look and realized it had completely worn off the paint of the crib. Ouch.After having twins this year we knew we needed to find another solution. When I found these I knew they were perfect. I love that they match the color of the crib (off white on a dark brown crib really did look a bit awkward), and they are super narrow (no extra fabric!). They are literally a rail cover. Small, narrow, soft, safe. Couldn’t ask for a better product.

Joanne Hesston, PA

A very durable must-have

My son started getting teeth around 6 months old and began chewing the stain off his dark wood crib. He is now ten months old and has six teeth and the chomping never stopped. However, with the dark brown fleece lining his entire crib rail, I now can keep the crib scratch free and my boy from ingesting wood/stain.The brown matches very well with out cherry stain Basset crib. They are not immediately noticeable and do not look cheap. With all the chewing, my son has not managed to tear them or get a bunch of fuzz into his mouth like I read in another review. I raved about them so much, my friend got some white ones for her gorgeous crib. They look great and her one year old doesn’t scratch the crib up!

Jackie Harpers Ferry, WV

Why does it smell so bad?

The covers look nice and make my old crib look new again, but the scent, OMG. It smells like bad chemicals. So I washed it twice and it seemed better. Until a few weeks later. Then it started to smell again! Not sure where this was made but I am actively looking for something to replace it but my son is able to stand up and put his hands and mouth on this product. That is not ok in my opinion.

Myrna Willard, UT

Wash it first, and it works like a dream

This has worked really well for us. My daughter was scraping the stain off her crib rail with her new baby teeth at around 8-9 months of age, and we bought this to prevent it. After washing it before use (which helped with the stinkiness), we attached it easily and it’s worked really well. Now that she’s almost 13 months, we’ve noticed her chewing the BACK rail too… so we are buying a second one just to keep the crib damage to a minimum. It’s very easy to remove and throw in the wash (it’s in the washer right now, actually!). It dries pretty quickly too, so you can wash it in the morning and have it back on for bedtime. It’s easy to tell when it needs washing — drool doesn’t show up but snot does, and our little gal has a killer cold right now. In short, a great product, would recommend it to anyone!

Gracie Waterbury, VT

Soft & waterprrof but has a chemical smell

These are made out of a really soft fleece and the backing is waterproof so if your baby chews on them they won’t damage the crib with moisture. The only disappointment I had with these was that they had a chemical smell when I took them out of the package and you could still smell it after it was washed. I try to keep things "green" in out house so I was really disappointed by that but overall I love it so I will keep them. They will be airing out a few weeks before the baby will be in his crib anyway.

Adrian Archibald, LA

Good buy

Soft, and looks nice on our crib which is the same dark brown color. Very glad I bought this for the crib.

Penelope Curllsville, PA

Works Great!

We put these on our son’s crib as soon as he was sitting up, just to be ready. We have friends whose baby’s crib got all chewed up BEFORE they put these on….well, what’s the point to that? We got this long rail, along with the two coordinating side rail protectors. They blend in really well with our cherry brown crib, plus when you notice them, they are kind of cute with the ties. Not at all unsightly like those hard plastic ones! They work really well, and I know if our son pulls up and is standing in his crib, they are soft and he won’t get hurt if he chews on them. My only issue is that his drool and any baby boogers cling/dry on them and are easily seen since it’s dark brown, and since they are fabric. That means a lot more laundry than just wiping the plastic hard ones clean with a rag. But we have been really happy with this gift!

Claudia Oak Ridge, LA

Looks good

Haven’t had to put to use yet but looks great with the crib and hopefully it works like it’s supposed to.

Lora Beech Grove, KY

Saved the crib rails.

Fits perfectly to the crib length and ties down nicely. Very happy I went with these ones. My LO doesn’t even bother with the sides anymore.

Diana Carr, CO

Saved our crib during teething

I love that this cribwrap is fabric and easily washable (especially during cold season). Our son was beginning to chew on the rail and mark it up, and this made the difference in keeping it nice! It’s soft and has a waterproof back for even the worst of drool. Plus, it’s way more attractive than the plastic covers.

Sabrina East Falmouth, MA

Good product

Our son was biting the crib railing so I quickly ordered this. It matches our breathable bumpers well and keeps him from biting the crib with no problems so far. The only downside is we have a graco crib and the outside railings are too thick to tie the ends to. It is still secure though without the ends tied and the ties are short so they shouldn’t pose a safety risk.

Gina Manheim, PA

Great product!

This fit my crib perfectly, it is soft and stays in place. I love it!!! My friend gave me her sons crib and there were teething marks on the bar 🙂 This covered them right up and made the crib look like new. It is soft and gentle for the baby.

Augusta Pomerene, AZ

Awesome crib wrap!

This is a great crib wrap. My girls have taken so much paint off their cribs, so finally I decided it was time to get something to protect the cribs. The fleece on this is so soft, and there is a waterproof backing so the drool doesn’t get down to the crib. It’s also pretty thick, more so than I thought it would be, so that is nice. It was very easy to put on. It was slightly too small for my cribs (we have two of the Storkcraft Sheffield II Fixed Side cribs from Wal-Mart, very basic cribs), just about 1/2″ to an inch on either side. I just stretched it as best as I could. I haven’t had to wash it yet, but after reading other reviews I won’t dry it in the dryer, and I’ll lay it flat to dry out so the inside material doesn’t bunch.

Grace Virgil, KS


I bought this the day after I found hundreds of teeth marks in my 10 months old wooden crib. It helped up prevent a broken rail, and lip splinters!!!

Kara Albany, LA


Only an inch or so short, but it works. Keeps my baby from chewing on the crib railing, and seems to be of a nice quality.

Freda Adams Basin, NY

Great buy!

These are the perfect size in every way. I loved how easy they were to just tie on and they are so secure. My son doesnt even try to chew on his railings now that these are on. We have a dark crib and we purchased the dark brown so you can barely even tell they are on the crib. They are also very soft!

Antionette Sontag, MS

Very good

I love it! It is feet perfect my crib, looks very nice and feels soft and safe for my baby. So happy that I got it.

Ofelia Mason, TN

Perfect for Babyletto cribs

Easy to tie to our Babyletto & Stokke cribs and blends in perfectly regardless of your bedding set. Our crib is a warm walnut color and you don’t even notice the rail cover. Much prettier than those ugly plastic rails.

Tiffany Henrietta, NY


This works well to keep our baby from hurting his teeth (or the crib). Was glad to have a color that matches the mesh bumper pads and bedskirt so it doesn’t stand out from other decor. Our baby still chews on it, but it is soft and machine washable. I was worried he might try to pull it off or untie it since he LOVES strings, but he hasn’t tried that yet, plus the strings are very short and positioned facing the outside of the crib.

Jaime Colwell, IA

Great item – works very well!

This was exactly what we needed when our son started chewing on the side of the crib. It fit perfectly, and the dark brown color matched his mahogony crib exactly. Ours didn’t have a funny smell that some of the other reviewers talk about. Would definitely recommend!

Ladonna Preemption, IL

Easy & Smart

This is an easy solution to a common problem. Once our son started teething, he chewed on everything. Including the sides of his crib. We purchased one set for our house and one set for Grandma’s house. Perfect fix. Very soft and lined on the inside to prevent drool from getting through.

Angelina Hialeah, FL

worked great

This worked great to keep my son from chewing the paint off the railing of his crib. I didn’t notice a foul smell as some reviews stated.

Nan Islip Terrace, NY

not a fan

this product did not meet my expectations, the tie strings were too short and overall it was a bad design for my crib. i found a design to make my own on pintrest after i purchased this. i would suggest buying some fabric and making your own.

Milagros North Spring, WV