Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, Sage, Wide for Crib Rails Measuring up to 18″ Around!

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, Sage, Wide for Crib Rails Measuring up to 18″ Around!

Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib Long Rail Cover Protect kids’ teeth and also prevent teeth marks on crib rails with Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib Long Rail Cover. The crib wrap is easy to use by simply wrapping the crib rail and tying it on. It’s lightly padded to make it soft and comfortable for children. The crib wrap also has a waterproof layer in between to prevent any moisture from seeping through to the rails. Why You’ll Love It: Made from super soft Sherpa fleece, the crib wrap is a great solution to protect both babies and the crib rails. Features Soft and durable material Easy to install on long crib rail Machine washable

Main features

  • Soft padded 100% polyester fleece crib rail cover with waterproof backing
  • Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins and guard your crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration. When laid flat, CribWrap measures 51″ long by 18″ wide. CribWrap fits most wide front and back crib rails measuring 8″ – 18″ around.
  • Rail cover is made with soft fleece on top, a padded middle and waterproof back for ultimate protection; Simply wrap and tie this solution to protect your child and crib investment for years to come
  • Rail cover is free of PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA
  • Includes one long rail cover for crib front or back. Coordinating set of two side rail covers is available for separate purchase to offer ultimate crib coverage. Narrow versions of CribWrap rail covers are also available by Trend Lab

Verified reviews


get all sides covered

I got this one and now my kid chews the other sides of the crib. It is a huge help! Get all sides covered. I love how it’s waterproof.

Kimberley Woodridge, NY

Nice product

I got this more as a pad since my little one started pulling herself up. It is very nice and fits well.

Andrea Spencer, IN

Covers rail, but does not cushion

This cover protects the rail, but provides little cushion for baby bumps and falls.It might help if your baby chews on their crib.

Jacqueline Spray, OR

Great product

If you have a wide rail convertable crib I would recommend this product. I have had friends tell my about their problems with the gummy crib rails coming off in pieces and not sticking.I went with this brand because it is machine washable and is also padded. I have no problem with it coming untied or bunching up. AND my son is no longer teething on his crib…thank goodness!!I totally recommend this product!!

Deanne Distant, PA

Nice, but too short for my convertible crib rail

I really like this Crip Wrap for Long Rails, but my problem was that it wasn’t quite long enough. I have a convertible crib from JCP. It’s about 2-3 inches too short on either side. We had to try to put hand towels to make up the difference so baby didn’t chew the crib. I have returned this because if I’m going to spend $25+, I don’t want to have to stuff hand towels, etc. along with it. Looked messy/junky with all the hand towels stuffed around the sides plus this Wrap. If you’re Rails aren’t that long, maybe this will work for you.

Esmeralda West Terre Haute, IN

Works wonderfully, looks nice

This is the perfect solution for a convertible crib that needs protection from your “little beaver”. I’ve had it now for a few months and I occasionally pull it off to check the crib, and my son hasn’t been able to damage the crib (anymore) through it. I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want an expensive piece of baby furniture to be used as a teething toy!

Florine Blanket, TX

Crib Saver!

We love these! Had bought them when my daughter was born and didn’t use them at first. Realized too late that she was chewing on the wood of the crib so we stuck these on. Work amazing and have saved our crib! Will continue to use them and definitely recommend them for all babies/toddlers.

Ada Shawmut, ME

Great Product

Item was received promptly. Toddler happily chews away without damaging the crib. Easy to clean and maintain. Would definitely buy again

Marta Taswell, IN

Good as expected

Soft, colorful, and functional. My child stands at the crib all the time and play with it. I feel released because it protects not only my child’s gum and his crib. Recommended!

Hallie Grenada, CA

Very soft

Material is very soft and there is some padding, so if your little one like to bang their head on the side, these provide some padding. Helps preserve your crib for future use. Length along the rail was perfect however the ties were a little short for the corners. It would depend on how your crib is made. The rails were thicker at the corners on mine.

Rosemary Hallstead, PA

Great product!

I bought this for my sons bed because he started biting on the rail when he began teething. Well this served its purpose while saving my son’s teeth and the baby bed so we acn use it for future children.

Carole Bogue, KS

Work like a charm!

These crib rail covers are very soft, attractive and smooth on our convertible crib. They have seemed to draw baby’s attention to them and help her stand, but now her little teeth no longer leave marks on the wood. I’d been concerned by another review’s comments that after washing, the fabric got bunchy and didn’t look nice. We have only washed ours once, but they still look great. I would highly recommend these!

Jenifer Jackson, WY


very good, looks good and it does what suppose to do: protects the baby’s teeth and the crib; love it

Liliana Minto, AK

Really nice.

I loved this. It’s thick and soft and stays on really well and can be easily washed if needed. I felt better with this on to provide cushion and kept my little one from chewing on the wood.

Jimmie Mahanoy City, PA

Great Item

Love the ties. The velcro style rubs the finish from the slats. Very useful for little ones who are teething.

Madge Charlo, MT