Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Covers for Crib Sides

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Covers for Crib Sides

Trend Lab CribWrap Convertible Crib (2) Short Rail Covers Brown Brown Fleece CribWrap Convertible Crib Rail Cover-27″-for use on side rails. Protect your baby, and protect your crib investment from teeth marks. Just wrap and tie on. Safer solution is lightly padded with a waterproof layer. Machine washable in super soft Sherpa fleece. 2 pieces included. Please line dry, do not machine dry. Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 5 inches

Main features

  • Soft padded 100% polyester fleece crib rail covers with waterproof backing
  • Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins and guard your crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration. When laid flat, each CribWrap measures 27″ long by 18″ wide. CribWrap fits most wide side crib rails measuring up to 8″ – 18″ around.
  • Rail cover is made with soft fleece on top, a padded middle and waterproof back for ultimate protection; Simply wrap and tie this solution to protect your child and crib investment for years to come
  • Rail cover is free of PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA
  • Includes two short rail covers for crib sides. Coordinating long rail cover is available for separate purchase to offer ultimate crib coverage. Narrow versions of CribWrap rail covers are also available by Trend Lab

Verified reviews


if you can spare the money but not necessary.

these were great and did the their job while looking great. the only downsides were that they were difficult to clean (the back would fray a bit in the dryer – of course, i may not have followed directions on washing them perfectly, either) and the front rail of my son’s crib (had a long crib wrap on it) did sustain some wear from him standing up in his crib and attempting to jump or climb out; after so many times of doing this, the varnish did rub off but it doesn’t look nearly as bad as it could have. a wise investment — if you can spare the money but not necessary.

Gabriela Pulaski, WI


nice and soft and ties on very easily. Its gentle on my teething sons gums and protects the crib from teeth marks

Belinda Eleva, WI

Works great, looks great, and does it’s job.

I had to take my baby out of his crib and put him in a playpen temporarily because he absolutely tore the heck out of his crib in one night.I swear he spent the whole night chewing away at his crib, that child was on a mission.Well cause of the splinters I was afriad and plus the paint can’t be great for him to eat…SO i ordered these and the long rail crib quard and waited anxiously.As soon as I go them they were beautiful and fit on so nicely. Now my son is back in his crib and no more paint chips or wood splinters.I love it!

Raquel Radom, IL

Work and are not ugly

We bought both the long and short sets in dark brown, as the crib is dark brown and I didn’t want them to stand out. They keep my daughter from chewing the crib, they stay on, and they are not an eye sore. Great purchase.

Maribel East Saint Louis, IL

Protection is everything!

My daughter-in-law requested these for when our grand son starts to stand in the crib. They look perfect, but he’s not quite there yet!

Gretchen Ermine, KY

Great Invention

Wish I would have gotten these before the chewing started. These were great and kept baby from chewing the crib.

Emilia Orange City, FL

Get this!!

After spending so much money on our daughters crib, and thinking we didn’t need such a thing, we found teeth marks. We wished we would have gotten this right away! A good investment till they get past that teething phase!

Denise Reform, AL

Wish I had known sooner

I never thought about my baby chewing on his crib. One day I walked in and saw teeth marks on this very expensive crib and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I immediately bought these crib wraps and they work perfectly. If only I had known sooner I would still have a chew free crib.

Ella Lee Center, IL

great crib protection

We bought these when other babies my son’s age started chewing on their cribs. So glad we did because shortly after we put them on, my son started chewing on the rails, there’s drool all over these rail wraps. I can just imagine what the wood on the crib would have looked like if we waited too long to put these on. My son was about 8 months when we put these on, so be proactive and get these before you crib gets damaged!

Cara Elm Creek, NE

Saved my crib

My daughter had just started chewing up her crib railings when this product arrived. I was so grateful for the ease of installation. My only complaint is that it can’t go in the drier, which means I have to wash it when I know she’s either not in bed or when she’s already asleep since it has to air dry for a long time.

Liza Killen, AL

Must-have for your crib!

These covers are just plain awesome! They are a fleece-type material on the outer surface with a waterproof back. We got them after we noticed our son had been gnawing on the crib railings a bit. We purchased one for the front railing as well. The dark brown is a great color. The covers do their job to protect the crib from beaver-like gnawing and protect my son from ingesting wood stain. And they’re machine washable! I love these!

Olive Paulden, AZ

Not a perfect fit but does the job

The ties don’t quite line up perfectly with the openings in the crib rails, but I can make it work just fine. The material is very thick and durable (plasticky-backed fleece), so it really prevents my son from digging his teeth into the wood. The brown matches the wood of our crib perfectly, thus I don’t even notice it’s there. I would likely only use this product on the crib during the time my child is most likely to gnaw on the wood, since it doesn’t fit perfectly. It’s really more to serve a purpose than be decorative, if that makes sense…

Doretha Grand Gorge, NY

Trend-Lab Wrap Rail

This fabric does the job, it is easy to attach but should be thicker. Wish that the color purple was available.

Mellisa Ruston, LA

Love these!

These worked perfectly to prevent a certain baby boy from chewing on his crib railings that will turn into his full sized bed someday. I bought both the side and long rail covers -Trend-Lab Crib Wrap Rail Guard for Long Rail, Brown Fleeceand they worked perfectly (even on a crib that has an extra wide railing). I also didn’t have to worry about adhesives damaging the wood which was a big plus for me!

Krystal Loma Linda, CA

Worth every penny. Perfect for our espresso crib!

Purchased these rail covers (along with the long singular cover for the front rail) for my son’s espresso colored crib (Sorelle Verona from BabiesRUs). I considered the clear, plastic strips that adhere to the crib, but was afraid the adhesive would damage the finish on our crib. These covers are perfect. They’re thick fleece with a waterproof material on the underside and they simply tie together through the bars of the crib. My son can’t chew through them, and after a day or two he turned his attention to the stuffed animals in his crib and not the wood. (Score!) I’ve tossed these covers in the wash several times and they’re still in perfect condition. Will definitely recommend these to anyone looking for rail covers.

Brittany Schiller Park, IL

Love these

I wish I had thought to look for these when I had my first child 8 years ago. These are perfect for preventing your little one from hitting their head too badly if they fall in the crib or, in my case, keep your children from turning into beavers and chewing the wood from the railings if they happen to wake up in a good mood and you don’t get to them right away. They have a bit of padding to them, but not terribly much. These solved the chewing problem no question, and now my son won’t have to ask when he gets older (convertible crib) who was chewing on his bed. This is a great product, just what I needed!

Rhea Mount Laurel, NJ

Protection Against Beaver Baby

My wife walked into our baby’s room and noticed that our little girl (10 months)had decided she need some fiber in her diet. She had had her two bottom teeth for a while before she found out about chewing on her crib. She just chewed on the rail and moved her way down the line. It wasn’t too bad, but still doesn’t look good and we didn’t want her to get a splinter or something. I immediately went to Amazon and found and ordered these. They fit perfect and so far have protected the crib nicely. I have walked in to find her little slobber on the soft fleece, indicating she was still trying to chew, but didn’t like it as much as the wood and stopped. I looked underneath the pad, and there were no new marks. The pads have a nice soft fleece outer, and a plastic underneath that comes in contact with the crib. There is a little padding in-between. They wash nice, and dry fairly quickly when hung. My wife is very adept at sewing, and we decided to go with these, for speed and the added padding and waterproofness of the plastic backing. So far, we are very pleased. I recommend getting this, and get them before your baby sprouts teeth!

Tasha Berkeley Heights, NJ

Chew no more!

This has been perfect for my little guy who likes to chew on everything! I know he will be safe and it keeps the crib from being damaged as well. I went with the brown so it would match the wood on his crib. It blends in well. I am happy with this purchase!

Nola Herbster, WI

Wish I knew about this sooner!

We bought this after some nice teeth marks were put in the crib. This wrap has stopped that from happening. We bought the long rail too…both are good quality and look nice on the crib. (very soft and easy to wash)

Susanna East Irvine, CA

Trend-Lab Crib Wrap Rails

Actually, I bought these rails for my grandson’s crib and he’s too young to need them yet. However, they seemed to be of very nice quality!

Jesse Saint Joe, AR

Nice, soft, safe cover for our convertable crib

Nice, soft, safe cover. I bought this to prevent "tooth damage" to the crib and to our daughter. We have a convertible crib so I want to make sure that there aren’t any teeth marks in the wood for when my daughter is older and to protect her from any splinters that she may have chewed off without protection.

Carol Chartley, MA

Great protection for the crib

These rail guards are perfect for protecting the wood of my sons crib from his little teeth. They secure easily, can be washed easily, and blend in perfectly with the color of the crib so you don’t even notice them. My son stopped trying to chew on the crib as soon as I put these on.

Justina Warden, WA


My son slept in a pack n play in our bedroom for the first 9 months because of respiratory problems. As we transitioned him to the crib I would place him in there to get used to it and the first thing he did was take a bite out of a railing. SOOO rush order, prime shipping…. they were installed two days after ordering. I LOVE THEM!!! He has no interest in even "tasting" the railings and I won’t have to explain to him someday why his bed frame has teeth marks…

Phoebe Rutherfordton, NC


Awesome, awesome, awesome. Awesome. Buy all three pieces to protect your crib. Don’t think about it, just do it. You’ll be glad you did!

Polly Trenton, GA

Crib Wrap

I bought this after noticing my son’s teeth marks on his crib (a little too late). To prevent further damage I decided thise would be a good solution. I am mostly pleased as it does cover the crib rails for the most part. However, my son can slide the wrap to the side a bit and still chew on part of the crib rail. The material also seems to pill a bit after being washed just a few times. Overall, this gets the jobs done for the most part and I assume no teething covers will offer top he perfect solution.

Zelda Freeport, IL

plastic lined!

These are great as they have a plastic lining that keeps the child’s saliva from getting onto the wood while protecting the wood from teething! Though I am not a fan of the ties. They are to short to tie bows in..but I know the knots will be hard to undo when it’s time to remove them.

Abbie Roundhill, KY

Exactly what I needed !

This is my first review, but couldn’t let this opportunity pass without praising these crib wraps. I purchased these crib wraps from Amazon after having them on my wish list for months at one of the large baby product stores. Amazon not only beat the prices but had the best shipping prices! And when you have twins – every penny counts. The wraps arrived promptly and well packaged. I ordered the brown fleece and they are a GORGEOUS rich chocolate. They are beautiful with my dark wood Baby Italia cribs. You need to order the side rail set and also the long rail too. Well designed, well made and they are doing their job. I machine wash them and line dry and they continue to be awesome! The color has held and there is no pilling. If you want to protect your little ones and your cribs to be beautiful for years to come – Don’t hesitate on this one! It would also be a great baby shower gift! I’m recommending the Trend Lab Crib Wraps to all new mothers and grandmas!

Ida Gypsum, OH

Just what I needed

My little boy had been biting up all three sides of his (expensive!) wooden crib, with me shaking my head in despair, until my sister saw what he’d done and mentioned a CRIB GUARD to me. As a first-time mom, I’d never heard of these clever little contraptions before, but I hopped on Amazon and ordered the highest-rated one I found. I was not disappointed. The Trend-Lab guards are high-quality, easy to use, and most importantly, they work great! They are thick and have a great water-proof underside to prevent my son’s teeth and drool from further damaging his crib. Highly recommend this product.

Jayne Nashport, OH


Great quality. Our baby likes it, we like it. Does a perfect job keeping him from chewing on the crib rail.

Marietta Whitmire, SC


This saves our cherry-wood crib from our little biter who starts every morning with biting all sides of the crib.

Alisa Macon, VA