Trend Lab Max Dot Blooming Bouquet Hooded Towel

Trend Lab Max Dot Blooming Bouquet Hooded Towel

This terry hooded towel features a fun print on the hood and trim with white terry. Towel measures 32″ x 30″

Main features

  • hood/trim: 100% cotton; body: 100% cotton loop terry
  • Imported
  • Terry hooded towel
  • Features a fun print on the hood and trim with white terry
  • Towel measures 32″ x 30″

Verified reviews


Generous size but not as soft as I had hoped

I purchased this towel in hopes that it would be better than the towels I received at my baby showers… They were all very thin (somewhat see-through) or rough feeling. I liked the generous size of this towel, it is somewhat thick but not as soft as I had hoped for baby skin. I have paid less for towels for myself that are thicker and softer than these…

Matilda Kaleva, MI

Great baby towel!

When I first got the towel I was worried that it wasn’t going to be soft enough for delicate baby skin, but after the first wash it is perfect. The colors are still great and the hood is just TOO cute!

Marci Leckie, WV

great baby towel

This towel is perfect for babies; dries off baby quickly while keeping them warm. No, it’s not the ultra lux fluffy towel you would want for adults. It is a soft medium-weight terry towel that’s large for wrapping up babies/infants after bath and washes well again and again.

Carla Sumter, SC

Great quality – washes well – very absorbant

Got this towel and the matching wash clothes. They are high quality – good absorbancy – and we’ve washed them several times and they have held up very well. Very cute. Big enough – and great terry cloth. So much better than the ones at the store. Nice and thick. Will likely buy another.

Janna Aliso Viejo, CA

beautiful but…

We bought two different patterns for this towel. While they’re beautiful, the towels are thin. Also, one of them tore a bit where the towel meets the hood within a month of us buying it. PLUS, the entire towel is white and only the hood is printed. Considering how expensive these are, I expected more.

Rosanna Louisville, NE

Good but not perfect

We have used these towels for my daughter since she was born–she’s 10 months now. They cover her well, but she is a large child and i think by the time she is 16-1 months they won’t provide as much coverage. Decent texture and comfortable, but we also have one of the aden & anias towel and I much prefer that for coverage and texture.

Carrie Tunnel City, WI


NOT SOFT OR THICK! Besides the pretty design Im not sure how this was meant to be a towel for an infant. As the previous reviewer said, it rough thin terry cloth which was packaged nicely and by the time you open it, disappointment sets in. I don’t think it is long enough either, once I wrap my 4 month old in it the legs stick out. Will keep looking for something else.

Lucille Paris, MS

I love these towels

I have multiple towels of this brand. Great size. Wash well. I don’t use any fabric softener because of skin sensitivities and these still come out soft. Patterns are adorable.

Juliette Torrey, UT

It’s a fairly low quality decorative towel

Unless you’re willing to wash the item delicately and iron (I’m not, it’s a towel), then the printed trim will wrinkle up, and look and feel pretty rough. The towel itself is fairly thin and not terribly soft or absorbent. I think you’d do just as well to purchase a regular towel.

Cecilia Mesquite, NV

Great towel

I love this towel. It is not too soft where it doesn’t absorb, and not too rough where I am afraid I will hurt my baby! The hood is a great size. This towel gets warmer than all my other ones in the dryer, so it’s my son’s favorite. We warm them up while he is getting a bath, so he has a hot towel when he gets out! Cute designs; has been washed dozens of times and so far has held up just great.

Ida West Elizabeth, PA


This towel is the tiniest bit scratchy, but I’ve come to accept that since I don’t use any fabric softeners on my towels. We have sensitive skin, and it affects the absorbency, so I’ve just done away with it on towels. That said, it’s SUPER absorbent, and gets the wiggly kiddos dry very quickly. It’s definitely geared toward the younger than 18 months crowd, as my 2 year old seems a bit big for it, but it still works, he just can’t use it as an enormous cape. Honestly, probably a bonus at this point.Good towel, good value.

Deana Bladensburg, MD

Cowboy hooded towel

I have a number of things from this company, and they all seem to be good quality and even cuter when they arrive than expected. This hooded towel is no exception, I bought it to match the cowboy burp cloths, bibs and facecloths and they make a very cute matching set.

Elba Oak Grove, MO

Poor quality

When I first recieved it, it looked really pretty and thick, but after a few washes it started to tear. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Victoria Canaan, NY

Gorgeous towel!

Honestly, after seeing all those mediocre, garish choices at Target and BabysRus, I wanted to ‘throw in the towel’ (no pun intended). I wanted a classic, all-American towel… and I found this! It’s lovely! The blue gingham gives a very classic baby boy feel, and frankly, the price is not too bad. When I received it in the mail, I fell in love with it. The texture, thickness, feel, etc – I had no problem with it. I read other reviewers say the towel seemed a bit thin, however, I don’t find it that way. But that’s just me.

Rhea Jeffersonville, NY

Good quality – comfortable and big enough.

This is a good buy. I bought this for my son’s sensitive skin. He likes it. It is soft and comfortable. After so many washes, it stays the same quality. It is big enough to wrap my 4-months-old son (17 lb & 27 inch long) around. It also dries him quickly. Especially it as a hood in one corner to dry his hair.

Matilda Fosterville, TN


The packaging itself for the towel was beautiful as well as the towel. Its not too thick or thin, just the right absorbency. I’m gonna buy another one soon. Love all the pretty colors.

Miranda James Creek, PA

Very nice

The towel is nice and soft. We also have a Carter’s towel which is much softer, but this one is not nearly as bulky. Washes very well

Cheri Riverbank, CA

Good kids towel – nothing fancy, but does the job

We received lots of towels as baby shower gifts and then bought some of our own, but these have become our go-to everyday towels. Not much to say other than they are a good staple towel for kids, nothing fancy about them. They are soft enough to use on my daughters very sensitive eczema-prone skin, but not the softest towel I’ve ever felt. We wash towels after every use and after 6 months, they’re holding up very well. Plus the print is cute! I didn’t give the product 5 stars because nothing about it makes me say “wow… this is the best towel I’ve ever used on my kid”, but definitely recommend it as a stylish, comfortable towel.

Veronica Meridian, TX

Not soft/plush

I own about 20 towels, maybe more but decided I needed an extra soft baby towel for their soft skin. I looked for the best reviews and found this one. I opened it up and if feels like some of my cheap towels. I could have just saved my money. If you are looking for a PLUSH towel then this is not it.

Bridget Mount Eaton, OH

Trend Lab Baby towel

Not thick or soft. I’ve washed it several times with fabric softener and dye free sheets but it is still stiff. You get what you pay for.I’ve put it away to use as a pool/beach towel.The material is too harsh for a baby,

Ginger Hagerhill, KY