Trend Lab Nursing Cover, Blue Max Dot Print

Trend Lab Nursing Cover, Blue Max Dot Print

Max Polka Dots Nursing Cover allows for breastfeeding privacy. Fit one into your diaper bag or purse. Allows mothers to breastfeed in public but yet keep baby and mom covered. Adjustable neck strap with D ring for comfortable fit. One size fits all. 100% cotton percale in bright blue with cocoa brown polka dots. Approximately 24 inches x 34 inches. To Use: Place nursing cover over your head. Adjust neck strap for comfortable fit. The cover should drape over baby. Position collar so you can peek at your baby while nursing. To Clean: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach. Air dry.100% cotton percaleApproximately 24” x 34”

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Fashionable
  • Nurse in private
  • Observe child while nursing
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton

Verified reviews


Photo is deceiving

I purchased this nursing cover and have used it several times. It’s fairly easy to use and folds up super small (perfect for shoving in a purse). The only problem is the photo is a little deceiving (looks as though you can maintain eye contact with baby while nursing, but thats not the case). The neckline does NOT have any boning in it so it does not “arc” out, allowing you to watch baby. That was what I was searching for in a nursing cover…but for the money, this was a good deal.

Michell West Coxsackie, NY

Good Basic Nursing Cover with No Bells or Whistles

I bought this nursing cover to accompany me to the hospital where you always have tons of family, friends, and medical staff coming in and out of the room to visit you or check on you and the baby.It is a decent basic nursing cover for the price. The material is thin but not transparent and shouldn’t be too hot on your nursing baby. It is also of a size large enough to cover me completely. I am around 5’2″ and a size 6 and had no coverage issues. The product details list the cover as 24″x34″ so you may want to factor in your own size as we all vary by a large margin being both postpartum and lactating.There is an adjustable buckle that you fasten around your neck to hold up the cover. It does not flare out in the slightest to allow you to visualize your infact. There is no ruching or boning in the cover; it merely hangs down and covers the baby. You will have to keep the neck loose enough to look down and see him nurse.The cover is machine washable and I also find that it folds easily back into the original plastic, button closure pack it came in. I believe I will hold onto it so that it will be extra portable for the diaper bag.

Felicia Railroad, PA

It covers my boobies and matches my clothes!

I love this as it’s easy to wear, matches everything I wear and covers me well. As my little one has grown into the distractable phase it’s also nice to "go camping" in a distraction free zone when we have company. He sometimes gets a little hot but I’ve learned to fan him a little with the cover and that seems to work for him.

Yesenia Fence, WI

Better than I thought

It’s not too thick and it covers just the right amount. It’s not one of those big ones so if that’s what you are looking for this one isn’t for you. I love the price bc I didn’t want to spend so much for a cover.

Jenny Mason, TX

Too thin

I ended up never using this and giving it away-disappointed. It was very thin. I haven’t heard anything from the woman I gave it to about it but it was a waste of money for me.

Angelique Oglesby, TX

i love it

it took me getting used it because then my daughter keeps out because she doesen’t like to stay cover,but the design is very good and the quality fabric

Lou Beauty, KY


The Trendlab nursing cover is all right. I do as well with a small receiving blanket hung through the strap of my nursing tank or bra. I wanted a thick material that would not be transparent, and this cover fits that requirement. However, I found it difficult to hide the side view and the top view at the same time, while still trying to peek in and see how the nursing was going. So far, I’ve used it less than 10 times in 3 months. It’s the only specific nursing cover product that I’ve used, so I don’t know that it’s any better or worse than others.

Ina Cibola, AZ

Good nursing cover

Durable, easy to put on, easy to clean. I use it on a daily basis when I breastfeed my baby in public.

Irene Cannon Afb, NM

ok, but cheaper elsewhere

Good cover but they have them in Local stores for less. I bought this one because I thought it mattered how it looked "new mom" but it really doesn’t, as long as I have something to cover me up in public.. its good. I didn’t use it that much or that long. I only nursed for the first 6 months.. I think I nursed in public 10 times at the most.

Anna Jonesville, VA

Lovely color n material

I like the color,the material. But the trap does not stay, keep falling off. My son does not like it cuz he couldn’t see outside but I am OK with it. Barely used after purchased but I threw the original tag n box away after 1 week so couldn’t return it. :-((

Lola Renville, MN

not worth it

The top does not leave an opening to see child or to give baby air. Very thick fabric. Not worth it. My baby was sweating.g underbrush and it is winter

Marguerite Darden, TN