Trend Lab Paisley Park 4 Piece Crib Set

Trend Lab Paisley Park 4 Piece Crib Set

Paisley Park is sophisticated sweetness with ultra feminine pink and green paisleys set against a crisp, white base. A coordinating stripe, white mini waffle pique framing and pink ultra suede add accents. Set includes coverlet, 4 piece slipcover bumper, sheet and crib skirt. It is 100% cotton twill paisley print; 100% cotton percale stripe and 100% cotton pique.

Main features

  • Bumper: 100% cotton twill prints/100% polyester ultrasuede; Coverlet: Front: 100% cotton twill prints/waffle pique/100% polyester ultrasuede; Back: 100% polyester velour; Crib Sheet: 100% cotton; Skirt: 100% cotton twill prints/100% polyester ultrasuede
  • Imported
  • Paisley Park 4 piece set
  • Set includes coverlet, 4 piece slipcover bumper, and sheet and crib skirt
  • 100% cotton twill paisley print
  • 100% cotton percale stripe
  • 100% cotton pique

Verified reviews


Very cute. Disappointed on quality.

I bought this bedding set for my little guy because we were doing a surf theme for his nursery and I couldn’t find anything else in surfing theme that we liked or that was available. It arrived and I was a little disappointed. The quality is ok. However now that I washed the blanket a couple of times, it has a tear in it so very disappointed about that. The blanket is super thin so I usually add a blanket to the top over it so my little guy (now 19 months) doesn’t get cold at night. The bumpers are ok but the small ties look cheap and there are a ton of them. The bed skirt only hangs properly when the crib mattress is at the tallest height, when you move the mattress down as your little one gets older, it now sits on the ground, which I really don’t like because it looks messy all the time. I constantly have to readjust and pull it around to make it look a little better. Everything does wash up really nice in the washer, with exception of blanket though.

Denise Pocomoke City, MD

Love It!

This is so adorable, and it doesn’t stand out to much. The blues within this set are very calming, and the soft material is perfect. The only bad thing I’ve noticed is the bumper which is a little short from the corners of the crib, but it’s hard to notice. Other than that it is wonderful! Worth the money!

Olive Jefferson, IA

Very Unhappy With this Purchase

I normally don’t take the time to write reviews but in this case I felt I needed to share my experience. My the bumper literally fell apart, the ties completely detached from the bumper and overall it did not keep its shape. Don’t buy this set. I really wanted this to work out, I love the look of it but the quality is really lacking.

Joan Creola, AL

So-So…I’d pass on this bedding set purchase!

I originally was going to purchase a similar bedding set from Pottery Barn (surf theme), but thought this set looked really nice and received decent reviews. When we first received the set I loved it, but after I took it out of the bag, washed, and ironed it was VERY disappointed. The bumper set is in several sections, meaning there are extra strings to attached (looks messy), the quilt is very thin and I would assume be more for looks, the sheet is a solid color jersey type, and I thought the skirt was decent. Overall, for the price and quality, I would pass on buying this if I had it to do over.

Shirley Eagle Bay, NY

So cute!

This is very adorable and fits the crib perfectly. Its a must to get the matching mobile, hamper, lamp, and blanket of course!

Elisa Columbia, MO

Happy with items

It went perfect with the stencil set we had. This was the only bedding set we found that matched. I like that the bumper pieces have several ties to tie to the crib. We haven’t got to test it out yet since baby hasn’t arrived, but the sheet fits very snug on our mattress. We are very pleased with this purchase.

Yolanda Ridgeville, SC

Nice for the price

Very nice set for the price. Blanket is very light but nice. Only thing I don’t like are that the bumper comes in 4 pieces which gives it even MORE ties to tie on and the ties are pretty dinky. Replacing the ties with grosgrain ribbon instead.

Ursula Olive Branch, IL

Okay….bumpers improved from photo

Product arrived as expected. I ended up returning it because everyone thought it to be a little girly for my little boy. Blanket was very soft and I liked it a lot. The brown squares and solid green squares on the blanket are soft fleece other squares are cotton. Bumper is flat like traditional bumpers not rounded like the ones in the photo.

Twila Shepherdsville, KY

Very happy with bedding!

I have been extremely happy with this bedding set! Some reviews might complain about the bumpers being to big but note they have changed that…the bumpers shown in the picture are rounded but the ones you get are the flat standard bumpers and fit very nicely. I purchased this before my son was born, he is now 11 months old and the bedding has held up like new. I also purchased the hamper, storage bins, clock, Blanket in Green Velour with Giggles Stripe Ruffle, burp cloths, Messenger Diaper Bag, bear mobile and valances. I would purchase again.

Michaela Woodway, TX

1 wash and the blanket tore in 4 places…..

I got this bedding a few weeks ago from my registry. I just got the crib all assembled so I put the bedding in the wash on gentle (as directed) with mild baby soap .Well, the blanket tore in 4 places…. I’m 34 weeks pregnant, so I haven’t even used the set and it’s falling apart. Plus the skirt is not wide enough to cover the whole rail below so there are big gaps on both sides. I’d return it, but I already washed it. Very disappointed.

Dee Mc Dade, TX

very vivid and bright colors!

I recently received this bedding set and I absolutely love the colors of it! I washed it and the colors did not bleed at all. I have not yet tried fitting the sheet on the crib mattress but I am hoping that it will fit just fine. I am very happy with the bumpers, the blanket feels very soft and the fitted sheet and skirt feel nice too. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of this product and would certainly recommend to anyone wanting to buy a bedding set for a baby boy. You really don’t need more than these 4 essential pieces and I can’t imagine needing more than 1 or 2 sets of bumpers. The bedding came packaged in a large plastic covering that was a little dirty when I took it out of the box but whether it was stored in a dusty storage room or was transported in a dusty compartment, I really can’t say. I made sure to wash the outside of the bag before opening the rest of the package and was able to avoid any dirt problems!!

Jacklyn Saint Cloud, WI

Looks beautiful in my daughters room

This crib set is beautiful. I love it because it’s gender neutral and can be used even if our second child is a boy. It’s classic looking and has a wonderful silky soft texture. Very pleased with this purchase!

Marla Centerpoint, IN

So Disappointed

We just bought my daughter a Babi Italia convertible crib in Cherry. I had this bedding set on my daughter’s Christmas wish list. I chose this set because the colors matched up with the colors I used to decorate the nursery (and I LOVE plaid). Both of her grandmas each ended up buying her a set. (They had the bad luck of literally ordering the sets within five minutes of each other and didn’t look to see if the wish list had been updated.) One went back immediately, and I kept the second set. After washing it and getting everything set up, I’m extremely disappointed.The Good:It’s an adorable bedding set. The colors are perfect, and are exactly how they appear in the picture.I love the blanket. It’s not too thick, and the fleece on the underside of it is very soft.The Bad:The sheet is ridiculously thin.The sheet does not properly fit the mattress. I had to fight to get the sheet on the mattress. I was worried I would rip it if I tugged too much.The sheet is not soft. My daughter has a rash on her cheek from rubbing it against the sheet.The bumpers do not cover all of the bars. We had to overlap the ties on the corners to try to stretch it.The bumpers do not have removable covers. However, they are machine washable.The ties on the bumpers seem like they would rip very easily. I don’t think they will last very long with a curious baby constantly tugging on the bumpers.The skirt does not fit properly. No matter how it’s adjusted, some of the pattern will be covered by the mattress.Bottom line:This set feels cheap and doesn’t properly fit. Grandma basically paid $100 for a pretty blanket. This set is getting returned.

Shauna Orestes, IN

Great Buy

I was slightly hesitant on buying this simply because of the cost in comparison to other sets but I am extremely satisfied. The neutral colors work very nice for a nursery. In my opinion I would say this works best for a boy. The fabric is soft and I have had no issues with the quality of the set. The only con would be the strings to attach the bumber to the crib, they strings are the thick fabric which makes them more durable but are somewhat of an eye sore when they seem to stand out so obvious.

Katelyn Stanville, KY