Trend Lab Paisley Park Musical Mobile

Trend Lab Paisley Park Musical Mobile

Paisley Park mobile attaches to most cribs. Mobile dimensions approximately 18″ tall x 20″ wide. Encourage eye tracking and sound perception skills while listening to Brahm’s Lullaby. Adult assembly and operation require. Ages: Birth to 5 months.

Main features

  • Cotton, Plastic, Polyester
  • Paisley park musical mobile
  • Plays Brahms Lullaby
  • Adult Assembly and operation required

Verified reviews



We purchased this for my daughters crib and it matches everything else in the Trend Lab Paisley Park decor set perfectly. My daughter loves looking at it and would stare at forever if the music was infinite! lol I give it 4 stars because of how it attached to the crib. I fear its going to leave marks. Also, because of how it attaches, it doesn’t feel very sturdy. I definitely wouldn’t put my daughter down directly underneath it.

Magdalena Reeds, MO


Bought this for our mini-crib. Does fit the rails on the side. Light weight (our old mobile would have been too heavy for this crib). Larger than I was expecting. The mobile itself is almost too big for out crib. Hangs low, so I won’t be able to use it much until we lower the mattress down.

Young Dingess, WV

Works fine, just didn’t fit our crib

We chose this rating because it is pretty; however, it doesn’t fit on our crib. The side of our crib is too wide for this item to actually fit on. We found out that you do have to wind it up quite a bit for it to actually play the music. It also matches our bedding set and the room. Can’t wait for our son to use it!!

Margarita New Orleans, LA

Our baby swears by this

If she could talk she would say she loves this… Everytime she sees her pink little bears spin on by she smiles.

Clarice Blackstone, IL

Cute but does not fit crib!!!

We got this mobile because it matched the bedroom set we got. When we went to attach it to the side of the crib, it would not fit because our crib wood is too thick. My husband had to take a saw and cut off the plastic attachment part and we had to secure it to the side of the crib with wire ties! Then we put a cute ribbon around it so you could not see the wire ties but still… they should make the attachment adjustable and not just a fixed size. We made it work but not everyone will want to go through all the work to have it attach to the crib.

Noelle Morris Plains, NJ

Nice basic mobile

I gave this 5 stars because it does everything I expected for about 20 bucks. It was packaged beautifully and is as it appears in the picture. It is pretty standard for a mobile… the wind up circle thingy plays Brahams Lullaby and turns the mobile. Once assembled, it easily attaches to the crib in seconds.The mobile (as with 99% of those on the market) seem more attractive from the adult view than they do from the baby’s perspective, in that the fabric is on top and the birds and flower elements face out rather than down. I was looking for something attractive for the room (matches our decor) and bold enough colors to register for an infant’s developing eyes–I think the colors contrast enough, better than some of the light pastel ones on other girlish mobiles. The wind up also only lasts a few minutes, but is what I expected and is the same as other like-products on the market. If I wanted to pay 4x as much, I could have gotten a mobile with various songs, volume control, timer, and plush items that face baby, but doesn’t seem worth it to me, for something that will only be used for 4-5 months.

Odessa Anamoose, ND