Trend Lab Pique Toy Bag in White

Trend Lab Pique Toy Bag in White

PQ-TB W Features: -Waffle pique. -Decorative ties allow you to hang bag from crib. -Stores toys and stuffed animals. -White color. -White Pique collection. Product Type: -Toy bag. Color: -White. Material: -100% Cotton. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -1 lbs. Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -16″.

Main features

  • White Pique
  • Toy bag
  • 100% cotton

Verified reviews


A terrific toy bag!

When I ordered I feared it will be too small but its just perfect. I ordered two and I have one tied on the crib and one on the narrower side of the play-yard. it fits perfectly on both, a bit better on the crib but works just as well with a standard play-yard. nothing sags on the floor or touches the floor even on the play-yard. Its super adorable and matches the nursery decor (I got the green with animals). not sure why anyone would need to iron a toy bag (as one of the reviews say); i washed and dried mine and hung it up and there are no wrinkles, perhaps the drier that was used is not very good. The toy bag is very roomy. it fits stuffed toys and rattles and teethers and a thin blanket. Its an essential part of keeping the toys off the floor in the living room and off the shelves in the nursery. totally love it and I got one for my cousin as a present.

Evangelina Darwin, CA

Very large and it’s great for extra storge

This bag is ALOT larger than it seems in the picture. It fits comfortably across the side of my daughter’s crib and I use it to put in small toys and what not for easy reach when we/ she needs them. It’s not clear but the simpler ones are actually a checkered pattern, I guess you can see it if you look closely. All in all, a great idea and it serves its purpose very well. I would definitely recommend it for a nursery as a must have, where else can you put small toys for an easy reach? Maybe in the future, they will start including them in the crib bedding set like they do with the diaper stackers.

Dora East Templeton, MA

Too big

Bought this item for my child’s crib but found that it just seemed huge. I decided to return it and search for something smaller in which to place a few toys to keep her occupied during naptimes and in the mornings.

Nora Yeoman, IN

Not sure how others have hung this on their wall

Excellent for organizing my baby daughter’s stuffed animals (she’s only 4 months old and received a lot of stuffed toys as presents already). Definitely a lot prettier than the toy bag nets/hammocks. However, I don’t know how others have hung this up on their wall. The only way to attach this toy bag is by the side ties/ribbon on either end of the bag (in the item photo, it’s the ribbon part) – works well if you want to tie this to the railings of your crib. But to the wall – could not figure out how to do it. At first, I nailed the back part of the toy bag to the wall but the weight of the stuffed animals pulled the fabric out (and the stuffed animals aren’t that heavy).I had to attach a cafe curtain rod to the wall then tie the toy bag to it (which is why I’m giving it only 3 stars).

Noelle Belleview, MO

Great product and value

I had been shopping for a toy hammock for my daughter’s room so that I could get the stuffed animals off the dresser and out of the crib. All of the ones I found were not very pretty and looked huge. This bag has basically completed the look of her room. It hangs easily on the side of her crib and holds lots of toys. Other bags like this are way more expensive, so at about $15, it’s a great value. I love it!

Mable Malone, FL