Trend Lab Storage Caddy, Ultrasuede Brown/Pink

Trend Lab Storage Caddy, Ultrasuede Brown/Pink

This paisley storage caddy by Trend Lab is great for all your storage needs. Removable T shaped center separator buttons in and out for versatility. Caddy contains eight outer pockets and is approximately 11 1/4″ tall x 13″ wide x 9″ deep. Product use is diaper caddy which would hold diapers, wipes and more or as a craft caddy for all your scrapbooking tools.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Pockets: 8 exterior

Verified reviews


Every Mommy needs this

Every mommy needs this! This is by far my favorite baby item! It is perfect for toting around the house. Keeping everything organized….and easy diaper changes! I store all gas drops and baby meds in the pockets. This is great for diapers and wipes…ideal for the first few weeks of bringing baby home when you need to move fast (esp for little boys)

Patsy Fowler, CA

small and flimsy

Haven’t found this to be too useful so far – it is quite small and fits a stack of diapers, some burp cloths, diaper creams, and lotions. It is too deep to use as a diaper wipe holder. Would like it better if it also fits diaper wipes, some toys and clothes. However, it is a pretty bag which I may re-purpose someday.Construction is quite average. The materials are nice, but the inner cardboard piece which forms the compartments is quite rudimentary and does not align well with their attachments on the inner lining of the bag. One of the attachments already broke while I was trying to put it together. The attachments for the cardboard piece are made of an elastic loop which fits around a button.

Erica Willow Grove, PA


I recieved this is the brown/carmel. It looked okay. I returned it based on the fact that I recieved to many “baskets” at my baby shower. I did register for this product and was looking forward to having it. The other “baskets” I recieved I couldnt return bc of lack of receipts so I decided I would return this $25 one while I could. I do think it is over priced and I saw some reviews on here about the snap buttons breaking off so I figured why take the chance and waste money when I have something else I could use. It isn’t very big. One of the baskets I recieved probably holds double the amount as this caddy, so I will be using that one on my changing table. I was looking for a permanent caddy so the bigger basket works best for me. If your looking for a caddy that you move room to room them this smaller one is probably a better option, although I’m not really sure why you would do that. I would recommend a smaller plastic storage container from walmart/target or a wicker basket that is less than half of what this product cost.

Sandy Forest Park, IL

Works well, wish it were bigger

Great idea but small for cloth diapering. We make it work though just because there aren’t any other better options ….

Kristin Millen, GA

Decent organizer

I bought this organizer to hold my diapers and wipes. It is very cute and highly functional. The inner dividers are held in place by a loop and button system that is very hard to loop (even with my small fingers). After about 6 months of use the buttons started popping off. I still use this and would recommend it, though i wish it was made a little better.

Madeline Parlier, CA

Love it

I got this to hold my crocheting stuff and so far I really love it. I like how you can have the middle insert in or out. It has lots of pockets and seems pretty sturdy. I’m glad I went with this one.

Diann Vale, NC

Good size

It keeps all my things organized!There are a total of 6 small pockets on 2 sides and 2 larger pockets on the other 2 sides. I use these pockets to hold: diaper rash cream, nasal drops, thermometer, nail clippers, Emory nail board, bib, rattle.In the main compartment, there is a removable divider. You can have either one large section or 3 sections. The divider attaches to the caddy with buttons and looped elastic bands.1 section holds about ~15 disposable diapers.1 section holds a toilet paper roll (cuts down on # of wipes used to clean up poop).1 section holds container of hand-made wipes (paper towels drenched in baby shampoo and baby oil).There is space to put more things, but that’s all I need for my diaper caddy.1-19-2013 Update: It has been lasting since June 2011. It has been durable. Everything (buttons and elastic loops) have all remained intact. The caddy’s stiff fabric walls are still upright and have not sagged. The cardboard separator insert is still working too, separating my wipes container from my burp cloths. No color fading, no tears, minimal wear overall. My only regret is that I wish I bought this caddy in a gender neutral color! The pink is gorgeous, but soon I’ll be having a son. Seeing that my daughter became attached to the color pink at 4months old (only grabbing pink toys even now), I don’t want to subconsciously cement this into my son’s brain. Hey, doesn’t have to be boy=blue and girl=pink, but I think a variety of colors is best. I should have bought this caddy in a green, blue, brown, or black pattern instead. Otherwise, I love this caddy and I think it has held up very well. I’m not gentle or rough with my things, so usually all my belongings tend to show a little wear after a couple years. I’m still pleased with this product. I would buy another Trend Lab caddy for my son, but $20 for a diaper caddy just seems too steep for me.Learn from my mistake: Buy this caddy (and other often used baby items) in a neutral color so you only need to buy ONE forever, regardless of the gender of your child.

Christa Stroud, OK

Love this caddy!

I use this to store all my random baby supplies instead of them just being strewn all over the place! Easy to carry up and down stairs even with the baby too. Stylish. Love it. No complaints.

Alisha Garden City, AL


Great product, really makes diaper changes for both kids easy with everything in one place. Love the divided compartments, kept everything sorted!

Deloris Howe, ID

Versatile diaper caddy

This is a really great caddy for diapers. It holds a decent amount of diapers and other diaper changing items. It is a tad small for the OXO wipes holder, which just fits with a bit of stretching the fabric. But it will fit most other wipes dispensers that I have tried. I like the size of the caddy overall. I wanted to be able to have a portable caddy for my apartment to move from room to room depending on where the baby was. The quality of the caddy is excellent. It is padded and retains its shape. The fabric and style is similar to a Vera Bradley bag, except it’s in the shape of a caddy.

Cora La Vernia, TX

As a diaper caddy…

I bought this product to use as a diaper caddy to keep downstairs – So we wouldn’t always be running upstairs to change our newborn’s diapers. It’s good for that use, but not great.Pros:One of the compartments perfectly fits a box of wipesIt holds a lot of diapersLots of external pockets for misc baby gear (thermometer, diaper cream, etc)Cons:Because of the way the dividers are configured inside the caddy, things can slip under them (which I suspect would be an even greater issue if I was using for craft items…)The changing pad we use doesn’t fit inside any of the pockets (internal or external) so it’s an additional thing to keep track ofOverall it gets the job done. But for our use it isn’t quite perfect…mostly because it’s designed as a multi-use item.

Kimberlee Mims, FL

convenient diaper caddy

Fits diapers and essentials for diapering wonderfully. Easy to take everything to any room you are in. Very convenient to have around with a baby.

Roslyn Dannemora, NY

Holds all our bath supplies for the babies!

We were looking for a little caddy to hold our bath supplies for our infants. This Trend lab storage caddy worked out great! There are a bunch of compartments where we can easily separate shampoos, lotions, nail files, brushes, bath toys, etc. while keeping it all together. Can’t wait to start using it! Best of all, it’s a super cute pattern.

Sheena Highland, KS

Love it!

Very cute, well-made and convenient. This caddy has 3 compartments with removable dividers. There are two 8 by 5 inch and one 4.5 by 10 inch compartments. While the dividers are rigid, the outer sides are soft so there is some wiggle room if you need to fit something larger inside. It can also be folded flat with the dividers unbuttoned. I used mine as a diaper and breast pump caddy. It holds a large box of wipes, the pump from my Medela Pump-in-Style, and a bunch of diapers on the inside. So convenient!

Evelyn Universal, IN

Nice product, could be cheaper price or better quality though!

These work great as diaper caddies. We have two of them; one upstairs in the nursery, one downstairs easily accessible in the living room. They about two days worth of diapers easily as well as a wipe container. There is a third compartment in the main part of the caddy that can be used for other items like changing pads, or swaddle blankets. There are numerous pouches on the outside that come in handy for holding other useful items like diaper cream and individually sealed alcohol pads for cleaning the belly button/umbilical cord area when your little one first comes home.The downside is the way the divider is held in place on the inside of the main compartment. There are tiny elastic loops on the divider and tiny sewn on buttons on the caddy itself. The elastic straps loop around the buttons to keep the divider in place. We’ve had two of these button (one on each caddy) come off. We haven’t taken the time to sew either back on because the divider seems to stay in place just fine when stuff is stored in the caddy. It just seems like they could make the stitching a little stronger given the price paid for the item. It still works well though even with the missing button so I’ve only taken off one star.

Bobbi Cleveland, AL

Great for diaper changing supplies

So far, this has been a great purchase. I’ve loaded it up with diapers, wipes and various creams and ointments for baby’s bum. We have a 2-story house so this will be great for changing the diaper wherever I am at the time. I was hoping to find something less expensive on the market, but this seems to be the best value for what you get. It has a removable divider so you can essentially have one large bag if you don’t want sections dedicated to different items.

Allene Abrams, WI

Great caddy!

Purchased this for the baby nursery and it is very useful. I actually purchased another after the first arrived. One holds diapers, wipes and diaper cream, while the other holds lotion, bath products, grooming items, etc. The pattern can easily be used day all ages. My only wish is that the sides were a little more sturdy. They tend to bow at the sides if overstuffed.

Jane Zap, ND

Cute by small!

This caddy is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. In the picture it looks like it is a lot bigger than it actually is. I am having twins, so I needed it to hold double the amount of a single baby, so I am disappointed in the size. I ordered the JJ Cole caddy from my friend’s registry and now wish I would have ordered that one for myself. It’s bigger, sturdier, and comes with a changing pad….for the same price or slightly cheaper. I’d definitely go with that one if you are trying to decide on a diaper caddy.

Luann Franklin, ID

Great for diapers when you have 2 floors

We got this so we could keep diapers and wipes (etc.) handy anywhere we were in the house. I didn’t want to have to run all the way upstairs to change my son everytime he needed it, so in the mornings, I just bring this down with me. Then we take it upstairs at night. I also store things that are used often like diaper creams, nail clippers, etc. It’s great to have everything on hand, no matter where we are!

Nelda White Mills, KY

Would buy this again, and for friends!

I have been using this since the day I brought my baby home. It has tons of storage room and it’s super cute.

Mindy Avila Beach, CA

Perfect for toting diaper supplies around the house

Fits everything you need for changing diapers – small enough to tote around the house to where you need it. Three divided areas in the main compartment for diapers, wipes, changing pad, etc. 1 larger pocket on each of the short sides, and three smaller pockets on each of the long sides for storing vaseline, diaper rash cream, thermometer, nail clippers, brush and comb, snappies, etc.Our little one is only two weeks old, so I can’t say much about quality except that it seems sturdy and well-made, with thick fabric and sturdy handles – I expect to be able to use it for storing other things once my little one is out of diapers. The inner divider is a bit of a pain to put in, but now that it is in, I don’t foresee having to remove it, so the few moments of wrestling with the tiny buttons and loops wasn’t a big deal in the long run.Right now we have 5 cloth diapers, 2 cloth inserts, a roll of 100 flushable liners, five diaper covers, a small thermos of warm water, several cloth wipes, and a changing pad in the main compartments, and smaller items (vaseline, diaper rash cream, snappies, brush and comb, etc) in the outer pockets. As one reviewer noted, the outer pockets will not fit larger bottles, but they are perfect for squeezable tubes and other smaller items. If you need to store a larger bottle, I would just put it in one of the main compartments.I posted a picture with all of our diaper supplies with the Caterpillar print option so others can see how everything fits.

Verna Saint Donatus, IA

Great addition to any changing table

We started using this when the baby came home and we kept it in our bedroom for night changes. This was handy since all the diapers, wipes, and changing pad were all in one place. Now we keep it in our changing table and it is still handy. There is enough room for everything you need for a change. Even has space for a change of clothes (because we know that is always a necessity during diaper changes).The material is of good quality and it is definitely worth the investment. The design is great too.

Graciela Saint Ann, MO

Get This

This is my second attempt at finding some way of keeping a changing station in each child’s room. I have 3 babies 2 1/2 and younger. This one is for our special needs child. The pockets on the side hold a roll of 4 gal trash bags for dirty diapers, the extension to her G-Tube, her creams and ointments for her G-Tube site. A regular Huggies wipes box fits in the one section and 3-4 days worth of diapers can be put in the other two sections. I also include a few Overnight diapers in addition to the regular daily diapers. You will not be sorry you purchased one of these. My only complaint: I bought 3 in different fabric patterns, each pattern having a different price.

Connie Wilbur, WA

Like this a lot! Bought for Diapers

I have two floors in my house, so I keep this attractive caddy downstairs. I have a newborn on the way, so I will use it for my two year old’s diapers, and in compartment right next, newborn diapers, the wipes, diaper cream and changing mat. So for each child, I can have it handy and have everything I need. I almost didn’t get it because a review or two said it was too small for their needs…I found it ROOMY and JUST THE PERFECT SIZE!

Delores Caliente, NV


This made diaper changes so much more convenient. I had a rough time recovering from my c section and this caddy made it easier to camp out in any part of my home.

Antonia New Columbia, PA

Cute but small

This is cute but smaller than I originally thought. The texture is nice and I can tell I can throw it in the wash. It does fit a lot.

Rena Tunnelton, WV

Perfect but pricey!

I needed a nice caddy to leave downstairs (out in the open in the living room) so we could change our babies’ diapers without taking the kids back upstairs all the time. I wanted something that looked stylish (because it was going to sit out in plain view), was big enough to hold wipes, and two different size diapers and a few other baby things. This caddy is PERFECT. Great size – holds lots of diapers, a box of wipes, and lots of pockets for creams and other things. That said, it’s also kind of pricey to me. It’s not huge (but it’s a good size to set on the shelf), and it’s mostly fabric with a few little panels to seperate space inside. I looked all over for something that had everything I was looking for AND wasn’t an eyesore, and I didn’t find much, so I gave in and bought this caddy. I’m happy with it but would be even happier if it had a better price!

Pansy Mount Pleasant, OH

Functionable…I guess

Overall the little organizer is cute. When this arrived I opened it up and discovered that it had a divider that I needed to attach in the center of the organizer. It is held in place by buttons (they look like little white shirt buttons)sewn to the organizer and little fabric eyelets on the divider (they go over the buttons). The eyelets broke immediately. Now the divider is just sitting in the middle. I guess it will still work, but it is disapppointing that it broke before I ever used it. Even if I had been able to get the eyelets on the button the fabric was so weak it would have broken when I tried to put anything in it. The divider is just poorly constructed. The rest of the organizer seems okay though, but I don’t hold out hope that it will last long.

Cecilia Rushville, PA

Cool blue caddy

I am using the bag as a diaper caddy now. The design is good with several pockets however the inner buttons came off due to lots of squeeze. But overall the color is so endearing and I love it. The texture feels good too.

Latisha Waynesville, MO

I really wanted to love this caddy =(

Tho having a caddy around to keep things organized is a great idea, this is not the best one! Within 2 months of use, the 6 small buttons popped off!!! These buttons are used to hold the dividers inplace inside this thing. Sewing buttons back on is a relatively simple thing to do. However, the buttons are teenie, tiny which makes it more of a hassle! I am actually amazed at all the great feedback this bag has received… I feel I am being generous giving it 3 stars! If I could give it 2.5, I would! BOO!!!! Great price, but in this case, you get what you pay for =(

Cora Livingston, CA