Trend Lab Ultimate Diaper Bag, Brown/Blue

Trend Lab Ultimate Diaper Bag, Brown/Blue

Trend Lab’s hobo style diaper bag is the ultimate bag for your everyday needs. This brown bag with blue lining and trim is spacious enough to tote all of your on the go necessities. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry or hang across stroller handles while the sliding shoulder pad gives maximum comfort and eases pressure from the bag and its contents. Built in, insulated bottle pockets on either side keep bottles and snacks hot or cold. An extra long zippered top opening and light colored lining give fast access and visibility to what you need. Interior pockets include a mesh pocket and an enclosed zipper pocket. Three magnetic pockets on exterior of bag can be opened with one hand making it convenient when holding a baby. Durable nylon fabric easily wipes clean. Accompanying the bag is a blue changing pad and transparent dirty duds zippered pouch that can be clipped onto the bag. Bag: 16″ x 14″ x 5″, Changing Pad: 24″ x 14″, dirty duds pouch: 10″ x 8″.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Hobo style ultimate diaper bag
  • Brown body with blue lining and trim
  • Includes changing pad and dirty duds pouch
  • Two built in insulated bottle pockets
  • Three magnetic pockets on exterior

Verified reviews


cheaply made

I really, truly do not understand the 5 star reviews. This bag is a piece of junk. As another reviewer stated, it looks much nicer in the pictures. When I finally saw it in person, it looked cheap. The worst part is that the zippers are very low quality. Not only is it tough to actually zip them up, but the main zipper already broke and I’d only been using the bag for about 2 months! The only plus is the large storage space inside. If you thought this diaper bag was a bargain and too good to be true, you were correct. Spend a little more and get a skip hop or other brand. I am using a hand-me-down skip hop bag now since this one broke, and the quality is so much better. Especially the zippers. Don’t waste your money on this bag!!!

Rosalind Edgefield, SC

Nice diaper bag but a bit small

I think this bag is nice, very light and with a lot of pockets in the inside, but you fill it very quickly:-/

Tabatha Saint Francisville, IL

Travelled halfway across the world with us!

I already had a Vera Bradley baby bag, which I had gotten as a gift. It looked nice but the handles were too short and the inside pockets never held things in place and they would fall out and become lost in the baby bag abyss.We had to travel abroad and I wanted a baby bag that was a little bigger and had more pockets to put his binkies in where I could reach them easily and one which had a longer strap.After much searching I found this and thought I’d try it. The bag is nothing special to look at but the inside is very spacious and I love the side compartment for bottles (even though our baby was never bottle fed but it makes other small things like binkies and baby food very accessible.) The top zipper is not attached end to end so that the top sorta lifts up giving you an added inch or so more of space (but there are gaps on both ends, so although nothing has ever fallen out of them but I’m always a little conscious that someone might put their hand in the bag through them). The strap is adjustable which is great and there is padding for the shoulder so the strap doesn’t dig into your skin if the bag is too full. There are three side pockets the larger of which has magnetic closure which is nice, and the side pockets are great for storing the changing pad (which is a little flimsy but hey, it was free!) and small toys or even his taggy blanky.The inside has only two pockets, one large mesh one and a zipper pocket, so I wish it did have more secure pockets. But it has so much space that for my 18 hour flight, I packed 2 sleep n’ plays, 3 onesies, one baby einstein take-a-long tunes, 10 – 12 size 2 diapers, 2 packs of wipes,the transparent “dirty duds” pouch filled with his eczema lotion, vaseline, our tooth paste and lotion (travel size), 2 -3 bottles infant formula (individual liquid serving bottles, just in case) and a full sized baby blanket and it all fit (although the bag was bulging, but do you blame it?:D).And to top it all, it survived the wear-and-tear of travel very well and now I use it everyday instead of my Vera Bradley bag because I find it just so convenient and spacious.

Shana Athens, TN

Good diaper bag for our needs

We bought this diaper bag so that my husband or I could carry it. It’s not as roomy inside as some other diaper bags we looked at so if you need something with a lot of space this probably isn’t the bag for you. It’s just right for us though because I didn’t like most of the bigger bulky bags that we saw.

Colleen Almo, KY


I own what seems like a million diaper bags. I have tried them all in many different styles and brands from the expensive to the cheaper ones and I have to say that this is a great diaper bag! I have only had it for a very long time so I can’t testify to what months of wear and tear will do but for now it is really a life saver! It is light weight yet a good size bag! I can fit so much inside it and doesn’t slide off of my shoulder like many others do. I also love the outside pockets and two compartments inside of it. What is also great is the changing pad and the plastic see threw sleeve inside which can be used for holding dirty clothes. Also what is cool is that both the plastic sleeve and the changing pad can be clipped to the inside if necessary. The only complaint I have is that my Dr.Brown bottles fit a little too snug in the bottle holder compartment. All in all this is a great bag!I have two children and can pack enough for both of them and still have the bag feel light on my shoulders.

Stephanie Crook, CO

Twisted and frayed strap

I ordered this because it seem “man-friendly” and also functional and stylish. I was a bit disappointed when I received the item because the fabric seemed very low quality, although it did seem like it is water resistant and would clean easily. The changing pad is not padded, and very thin, plus the inner bag for dirty or wet items seemed like it might not last more than a few months max. I kept the bag for maybe 4 days without looking at it too closely (I am due in 10 days now,) but when I actually picked it up and looked closer at it, there was a few flaws. The strap had a frayed/loose loop on the side, which, along with everything else, I could have gotten over because after all it is a $27 bag. The thing I couldn’t get over was that the strap was twisted and attached wrong during the manufacture of the item. Because both sides are sewn into the bag, (no metal attachment that would spin) so there was no way I could keep it. I would have been bothered to no end about the twisted strap, so I returned it and ordered the bag I really wanted (Skip Hop Versa) instead of a “affordable” bag.

Lorena Beallsville, MD

Returned this

I don’t return a lot of items to Amazon, but this one I did. We first ordered this bag in black/avocado, but after two months of saying that it would be shipped, we got word that this color was no longer available. So then we ordered this in black/tuquoise, thinking it would work. The color was ok, but the bag itself just didn’t work for us at all. First of all, it was BIG. When I opened the delivery box, I just couldn’t believe how big it was. I’m all about spacious bags, but this one wasn’t even that spacious; it was just big and flat, which leads me to my second complaint about this bag. It didn’t seem very practical. I couldn’t imagine it being very easy access to the things that I would need because it was long and deep, but very skinny. In the end, this bag just did not work for me. We ended up returning this bag and getting an Eddy Bauer bag for about ten bucks more that has been great for us.

Marina Harborside, ME

nice product

This dipper bag is good up until your kid is about 9 months then the bag starts to seem small but it still works for us have had it over a year and am just now thinking of buying a bigger one

Isabella Greenup, IL


We got this diaper bag because it’s a neutral looking style/color (orange and gray) for my husband and I to both carry, and has an adjustable strap for our very different heights and body types.I need the bag straps much much shorter than he does, and when the bag is shortened to the extent I need it to be carried, over the head/shoulder and across the chest so I can carry 1yr old and have free movement to hold 2.5yr old’s hand the bag is completely uncomfortable. I’ve had cheap/free bags from the hospital or give-a-aways that are better suited for us.Also when in shortened position, the metal slider either gets in the way of the shoulder pad so it doesn’t actually sit on your shoulder, it is either on your chest/back or you can force the slider to go into the shoulder cushion, but then the cushion sits funny and is also uncomfortably feelable underneath.Not at all versatile if you need something more than 2 people will be carrying/sharing.

Meagan Aurora, MO

Pretty Good, Different Than Expected.

We purchased the grey/orange bag and while we like the storage, the appearance leaves a bit to be desired. First of all, the material is very different than the picture leads on. In the photos, it looks like a thin, matte grey canvas. In actuality it is puffy, cheap feeling, and metallic silver. It also had a fray in the strap stitching. However, the storage is more than adequate, the extra pieces inside are nice to have, and the insulated bottle holders are great. In summary, it does the job, but could look nicer.

Lizzie Syracuse, OH