Triple 8 FLO Diaper Sprayer

Triple 8 FLO Diaper Sprayer

What do you do about poop? This is the most asked question when it comes to cloth diapers. The FLO Diaper sprayer is our answer to dealing with baby poop easily, conveniently, mess free, and without having to get your hands dirty. The FLO diaper sprayer can handle small messes as well as the big ones. The water pressure control valve is conveniently located right under the sprayer handle. This leaves you with the ability to control the water pressure right at your fingertips.

Main features

  • Perfect for use as a hand held bidet for feminine and personal hygiene
  • Sleek, ergonomic design for easy operation
  • 2 convenient options for hanging the sprayer handle: either on the wall, or by the commode
  • Water pressure control located right under the handle
  • Includes all parts necessary, easy installation, no special tools or plumber needed

Verified reviews


Just heaven for a month 🙁

I initially bought this for my cloth diapers to rinse off the poop (sorry too much info.).It works AMAAAAAZING!! I agree with the other reviews, the instructions are HORRIBLE!! The two black rings, well my 8 year old helped me figure it out where to place them. Where the leaks were. Basically the thick O-ring goes where the top sprayer meets the hose, the thinner O-ring goes on the bottom end of the hose that attaches to the t-connector. That’s the mystery! I don’t know WHY they would not include that in the instructions is beyond me. NO LEAKS!!! We are hanging the sprayer on the ledge of the toilet bowl top instead of the drywall option. I am purchasing a second one for the boys bathroom downstairs. We love clean bums!!UPDATE:The happiness lasted a month or two. The handle snapped off and of-course that’s that!UPDATE:Repurchased it and the handle is intact, but the hoses are leaking. Woke up to a FLOODED bathroom AND downstairs hallway!!RETURNED! NEVER AGAIN!I have a different one now. Will keep you posted.

Lashonda Clarence, MO

Good sprayer, but VERY difficult to install

I am giving this 3 stars because of the terrible instructions and the difficulty in getting all the parts tight enough (I’ve installed several shower head sprayer/hoses in the past and nothing was this difficult. As for the sprayer, I would give it 5 stars.This sprayer seemed easy enough to install when I got it out of the box and put it together using the instructions. There were several little rubber washers that were in the box that the instructions made no mention of. I put the washers where they would fit and turned the water back on and water sprayed everywhere from where the hose connected to the sprayer. It was because the hose was loose on the sliding ring that screws onto the water flow control piece. After taking everything apart, I realized that the rubber washers were different size thickness. So, I put the thickest washer between the hose and the water control valve (near the spray handle) and… it still leaked! I was ready to return it when my husband decided to give it a little bruit strength using some tools and a lot of muscle. Then, it finally worked! It works great now. If you shake the sprayer around at all, water will drip out a little bit, but when it is hung up on the holder, no leaking occurs. I really like the way you can control the flow. I would highly recommend looking up a you tube video on how to install this.

Eloise South Pasadena, CA


This thing is great! has a lot of pressure, worked great for spraying off dirty diapers. I do not recommend you spray into your toilet though, water will go everywhere. We sprayed into our tub.

Tanya East Mc Keesport, PA

Great Diaper Sprayer

I am very happy with my FLO sprayer. It was very easy to install and had nice metal, screw on connectors. I have been using it about 2 weeks and I have had no leaks. I made sure I used all of the washers (there were two in a bag that the directions did not tell you to put in but one goes at the sprayer connection and one goes at the end of the hose connection) and I put plumbers tape (included) at all of the connections. I also make sure to turn off the pressure valve control on the handle and shake the excess water before hanging up. It has great pressure, infact almost too much pressure if turned all the way up. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Sonia Newton, AL

couln’t have done cloth diapers without it

This was essential for me. I love how you can adjust the spray which I think is crucial so as not to spray poop all over the place. Still sometimes happened. Easy to install. We have had it on four toilets. Doesn’t always fit them all. We had to make an adaptar at one house. Something to check into, but would buy again. A piece of it broke about a year in, and the company was wonderful about sending the replacement part.

Janette La Belle, PA

On handle pressure toggle is MUCH better than other sprayers.

The FLO sprayer is very easy to use. The pressure adjuster in ON the handle (vs. other sprayers that have it way down by the toilet’s pressure valve – who wants to reach all the way down there 20 times a day?????) and the unit feels sturdy and powerful. We did run into alot of installation issues because our toilet’s valve was too far away so the included supply line didn’t reach. We did have to go to the hardware store to find a 20" supply line (the included one is 12") in order to get it to all work. After 6+ months of use it is still going strong with no leaks.

Tessa Avenel, NJ

Well built

The product is well constructed and feels like a good quality sprayer. It comes with everything you need to complete the installation except for wrenches.

Janell Enfield, NC

easy to use, if your looking for a diaper sprayer get this one

i love this sprayer, of course i havent tried any others but i love that you can adjust the flow and it looks nice. ive never had any problems with leaking and was able to install myself.

Dayna Achille, OK

Powerful jet!

This was simple to install… Just like the video. It has a surprisingly powerful jet and seems to work well. Leaked a but at first but once we rectified that we have had no leaks. Great product.

Kathrine Echola, AL

Reasonably priced and easy to install

Though I’m not that handy, it was relatively easy to install after watching the video. However, I forgot some of the steps while installing it and didn’t have a manual to look back to–a more thorough instruction manual would have been handy instead of playing the 3 minute video over and over again to see what I missed. I love it, though! Getting all the gunk off my diapers and keeping myself personally clean, as well! This is a great product!!!!

Rosemary Blackville, SC

Works Great!

We’ve been using this for a few months now and I’m really impressed. The install was very simple, according to my husband. I was a little concerned about the pressure of this since we have a well. We haven’t had any issues and the water pressure is great for rinsing even the dirtiest diapers. I only wish I would have ordered it sooner.

Maude Pittsburg, KS

Silly design

It’s worked great EXCEPT for the fact that it doesn’t fit into the holder! It seems ridiculous but the handle is way too big for the holder that attaches to the toilet tank. It will loosely sit in, but as soon as you flush, the hose moves enough from the pressure change to pop it right out of the holder. Very annoying. Maybe they’ve fixed this flaw?

Nell Hillman, MN

Diaper sprayer

This thing is pretty awesome. It makes cleaning cloth diapers a breeze. It was definitely a pain to install, but this was due to my toilet more than the product. I watched their installation video online and it was really straightforward and simple. If you’re uncertain because of the reviews, I would highly recommend it.

Leona Canton, NC

Amazing water pressure

Even on our low pressure well water this diaper sprayer worked really well. I love the ability to easily turn the water pressure up and down when you need to. Best diaper sprayer that we tried!

Alana Saltillo, TN

Will never buy another brand!

Before this one we had a Fuzzibunz brand diaper sprayer. It worked well enough for two years before it started leaking. I researched and had to even send back a couple in our pursuit for a new diaper sprayer, until this beauty came into our lives. Shut off/pressure valve is right on the handle, which I love because it is so convenient to turn it all the way off after each use to prevent leaks, AND to prevent the kids from being able to soak the bathroom. 😉

Cornelia Eight Mile, AL