Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow Lady Bug Costume

Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow Lady Bug Costume

Trumpette’s Howdy Lady Bug Costume is the perfect gift for the child you don’t know what to buy. If your child has Trumpette’s Howdy Rubber Bouncy Cow and it is their favorite ride-on animal, then he or she will go nuts for the costume. Howdy Bouncing Hopper Ride-On Toys are the best toy for any special occasion (Cow sold separately). Howdy Lady Bug Costume:Add more fun to your child’s favorite ride on bouncy cow. If your child has an imagination and loves to play dress up, this fabulous lady bug costume will add to the fun while bouncing on their favorite hopper toy. The costume is made to Velcro around Trumpette’s Howdy Cow’s body and the hood fits nicely over Howdy’s ears. Cow and Costume can be purchased separately. YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE IT Imagine the laughter and the giggles as your prince or princess bounces around the house on their hopping animal cow dressed as a lady bug. Howdy will give your loved one lots of fun while enjoying a healthy activity. A BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT: Looking for a riding toy that is unique and not expensive? Then Howdy (Sold Separately)is just what you need. All youngsters over age of 3 will definitely love this indoor/outdoor cowboys hopper! We can guarantee it. Small toddlers under 3 years old should be supervised.

Main features

  • Includes 1 Howdy rubber bouncy cow lady bug costume. Does not include the cow
  • Howdy loves to dress up! Trumpette’s Howdy Lady Bug Costume adds more fun to your child’s favorite ride on bouncy cow. If your child has an imagination and loves to play dress up, this fabulous lady bug costume with add to the fun while bouncing on their favorite hopper toy. This costume is made to Velcro around Trumpette’s Howdy Cow’s body and the hood fits nicely over Howdy’s ears.
  • The howdy cow was designed to provide your young one(s) hours of ride on bouncing fun. Howdy has extra long ears for easy grasping and is just the right height to hone those balancing skills. This hopper toy is the modern version of a stick horse, but a lot more fun!
  • BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT: Howdy’s lady bug costume will go perfect with a howdy cow for the holidays. This is a perfect gift from Santa. Howdy’s lady bug costume is the perfect gift for the child you are not sure what to get for the holidays. There bouncing bouncy cow wearing a costume will entertain kids for hours. Toddlers love bouncing on howdy over an over again!
  • Best Toddler Toy Gift Idea! Looking for a 1 year old gift – Howdy, 2 year old gift- Howdy, 3 year old gift – Howdy, 4 year old gift – Howdy, 5 year old and or older gift idea – HOWDY! Shopping for Cyber Monday deals, a birthday present, Hanukkah (Chanukah), Kwanzaa. Diwali or any other occasion, howdy will bring a smile to your toddler’s face.

Verified reviews


Didn’t even last one week!

We bought this for my son for Christmas last year. I was excited to give it to him. Since he is so full of energy I figured this would be great for the winter months when we would be spending more time indoors. My husband inflated it and we gave it our son. He was excited and played with it for a little while that day. Nothing too rough, just a lot of sitting on it and bouncing (as it’s meant to be used). The next morning we woke to find that our cow was deflated. We found a small tear. Needless to say we returned it promptly. Maybe we got a fluke but from the reviews it doesn’t seem like we were the only ones to experience this. I chose this over the other slightly more expensive bouncy horse but a friend of mine has the horse ones which they use even outside and has held up for years. If I ever decide to buy another of this type of toy I think it may be worth the extra $10 to buy one that’s sturdier.

Marianne Ladonia, TX

great toy

This is a great toy. It is very cute. My 10 month old son loves bouncing on it. He does need help getting onto it but is able to balance on it once he is on it. It was very easy to inflate with an inexpensive bicycle pump.

Jane Brazoria, TX


We bought this as a add on to our son’s first birthday party. (Farm theme) and we are in love with it! Such a great little guy, he can collapse down and even one of the dads rode on him. He can come with outfits and is SUPER sturdy and makes for a great friend. Much better than a rudy, and cuter too! Love that he has his own pump and CUTE box to come in. We didn’t even wrap it cause it was too cute.Over all a great idea and a great toy!! Thanks Trumpette!

Nora Houston, MS

If it is really worth $40 to you, it DOES last.

We bought this used for $4. I normally would NEVER buy a toy used, but it has a smooth surface, so I easily disinfected it! Boy, was I shocked to find out they go for $40! It’s just a rubber cow! It’s like an over-sized dog toy! I can say that even it being used and inflated before we got it (I didn’t know they even came deflated) mine is still full of air. I picked it up when I was pregnant and my baby is almost 10 months, so I’ve had it about a year. She touches its face but has no interest in climbing on it, but I’m glad because when I sat her on it, it tipped forward. I love it to death for $4, just because it’s cute. I would never, ever have paid $40. I just don’t think it is worth it. Even new, I wouldn’t have wanted to pay more than $15 – $20 TOPS. You can get SO much better toys for $40. Activity tables, swings, slides, TWO ball pits… heck, for $10-15 more you could get a Jumperoo! Having owned this toy, I just don’t think it is worth the listed price at all! My kid barely touches it. But it DOES last, and for that, I’ll give it 4 stars. I had to take off a star b/c all the white is worn off, or wearing off. I don’t like toys that have paint of coating that comes off b/c my child chew on everything.

Angelina Wilton, CT

doesn’t seem to get enough air in…

I returned this toy shortly after getting it. There was no way to get enough air in so that the cow would be stable, therefore when my kid tried to climb it, he kept falling.Too bad, really wanted it to work.

Francesca Apache, OK

Cute, but not very sturdy

We really like the howdy cow. It’s really cute, and we can keep it in the living room without our house looking junky and full of toys. However, it’s not very sturdy. Our daughter is 1, and despite the product being for children over 3, we bought it. We can hold her on it and bounce her up and down, but it’s not sturdy enough to hold her up. We may not have blown it up enough, but still I wouldn’t trust it to hold her up until she is older. She really likes him though, and gives him kisses daily.

Arlene Lawton, IA

Seems like the coolest toy ever.

It just screams buy me because I’m a cool toy. It is cool, but kids just don’t really love them. It’s a good addition to our stock of toys, but not an absolutely must have.I’ve seen 5 kids play with it now and mostly they do this thing that looks like they are falling/tackling the cow. Fun to watch because it doesn’t hurt them and I get entertainment from watching people fall.I’d recommend this product ultimately, just watch them if you’re worried they could fall into something.

Alma Disputanta, VA

Possibly more cute than fun

I love the look of this cow. Love it. But my daughter has never taken much interest in it. When she was 12-18 months she would hug it or wrestle with it. From 18 months to 26 months she may bounce for a couple of minutes but it doesn’t hold her interest like I thought it would.Please bear in mind that you have to pump it up as much as possible or the front legs collapse. On a positive note, he’s so close to the ground that a tumble doesn’t do much harm.I guess some kids go crazy for this, but not mine.

Caitlin Kerman, CA

How do they love their cow !

We got the cow when our twins were a year old. It wasn’t love at first sight (i thought it was super cute) probably because they could not use it but now that they walk and have good balance they love to jump on it, get on it, pull its tail while the other holds the head.It’s made of super thick rubber that looks pretty indestructible.

Fanny Sophia, WV

Not Steady Enough

We ordered this for our 17 month old and it is very unsteady. She LOVES bouncing on it but one of us has to hold it steady so she does not go flying forward. The legs seem like they do not get enough air which causes this to collapse forward (we purchased an electric air pump) Our daughter squeals with joy and can bounce on this for a good 20-30 minutes so this would be great if it were just a little more steady,

Effie Southport, ME


The cow is great, but it is a little smaller than the bouncy horses that we have. it has been holding air for 2 weeks so far.

Reyna Ooltewah, TN

A pleased 1 year old

My daughter really enjoys this, she loves for me to hold her hands and let her bounce away. She no longer likes jumpers, so this seems to have filled the need to bounce! And it’s super cute.

Bianca Lake Hill, NY


Paid $13 at lakeside collection a year ago.Can’t believe it is more expensive here. It is well made and lived through many birthday parties with other kids. Even handled a 5 year old for a couple days. And it is still intact and in one piece.

Judi Tehachapi, CA

So Weird, It’s Cute!

My daughter had her first birthday party yesterday (12/11/11), and one of our friends got this for her. They pumped it up ahead of time with an electric bike pump, and they wrapped it all up. You could tell that the present was “a horsy” of some kind. We opened it and everyone was like, “WTF!?” It was the second most bizarre toy my daughter has received (See: Alex Little Hands Mr. Moody). We had five children between the age of one and two, counting my daughter, and they all wanted this cow! It was like it had a hypnotic trance on them. They loved it! At first, I thought someone was going to pop it, but those little kids bounced up and down on that silly thing, and it held its own. In fact, it won a few times: the thing is a bit top heavy, and more than one kid face planted forward while riding it. A few bumps here and there, but it didn’t seem to faze them. It is bizarre and weird but adorable. I dock it one star for being too top heavy, but over all, it seems to be a very durable product: Four Stars!

Ashleigh Mecca, CA

My daughter loves it

We just got this as a gift yesterday for my daughter’s 1st birthday. She loves it. She hasn’t quite figured out how to bounce on it yet, but she likes to bang on it and sit on it while we help her bounce. I do agree with the other reviews that the legs do collapse under, however I think with adult supervision that actually adds to the fun – bucking cow 🙂 I may have a different opinion when she is on her own with it – right now she still needs mom and dad to help her bounce with it

Earnestine Columbia City, IN

Great toy!

Our neighbors have one and my 18 month old couldn’t get enough of it so I decided to purchase her one for Christmas. I can’t wait until she see it!

Justine Aurora, NC


This is the first time I have ever seen the bouncy cow, my little grandbaby loved this, Iwould recommend to anyone with a toddler

Nita Ringling, OK

Great 1st bday gift

We received this as a 1st birthday gift and it’s been a lot of fun. The cow is cute and kids have fun jumping on him. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a pump, so I had to use my exercise ball pump, which isn’t a perfect fit.

Marylou Springfield, NE