Tubing for First Issue Pump in Style Advanced, Symphony, Lactina & Classic Breastpump – Bulk Pack of 2

Tubing for First Issue Pump in Style Advanced, Symphony, Lactina & Classic Breastpump – Bulk Pack of 2

Silicone tubing for Medela Pump In Style Advanced breastpump sold though July 2006, the Symphony breastpump, Lactina breastpump and Classic Breastpump. Please note: Replacement tubes are shipped from Medela to authorized distributors in bulk packs of at least 5 pairs of tubes, not in individual retail packaging. They will be separated into a set of two by the distributor and sent to you as a pair. As with all replacement pump parts, even those sold in individual retail packaging, you will need to sterilize these tubes prior to their first use.

Main features

  • ncludes two (2) replacement tubes
  • For Pump In Style Advanced sold through 07/2006
  • Symphony
  • Lactina & Classic Breastpumps
  • Safe for baby & mom – DEHP & BPA free
  • PLEASE NOTE: These tubes come from Medela in bulk – please see product description for complete information.

Verified reviews


Got a free pair from Medela

I took the suggestion of the other reviewers that said they got these free and I have a pair coming to me as well from Medela…Save the money and call their 1-800 number and get a free pair…

Bianca Abernant, AL

Research Homework Guru

Works great, replaced old tubes to ensure that they were usable with pump by the time next child comes around. Much cheaper than buying a new pump!

Marisol Manquin, VA

Sent the wrong product. AGAIN!

I recieved the tubing with the off-white connectors on one end, and the raw edges on the other. This was my third try at purchasing replacement tubing on Amazon, and I just keep getting the wrong thing and having to deal with a huge hassle. I usually go to Amazon for everything, but there seems to be a screwup in their system regarding these tubes. Really irritating!

Serena Dartmouth, MA

Fit perfect in my older pump

I have since bought another seller’s tubing and it doesn’t fit nearly as well. These fit nice and tight and don’t fall out easily. I wish I would have bought these again instead. These are the cloudy, softer plastic tubing and are for the older 12 V Medela PISA.

Erna Stevenson, WA

You can get this for free

I called Medela and asked how I could get tubing made by them for the first generation Pump in Style.They sent them to me for free (including free shipping.)

Alejandra Albany, OH

Tubing falls off easily, got replacement for free

I was about to purchase new tubings when I read the reviews to call the 1-800 number. The rep was very nice and is shipping the new tubings for free.I had problems with the tubings falling off the connection to the pump. So I cut the tubing every month by a centimeter or so to get a more snug fit to the pump connector. Of course, that made it shorter and shorter.In addition, I was steam cleaning the tubing in the Medela steam bags every couple of months for sanitizing purposes. I asked the rep if that was a good idea and she suggested that it was not necessary. The only time she said to clean the tubings is if milk back flowed into the tubings. Otherwise the risk of the tubings getting damaged in the Medela steam bags is too great.So I’m very pleased with the service and am waiting for my replacement tubings to arrive in one week.

Danielle Columbia, SD