Tubing Replacement

Tubing Replacement

Brand New Replacement Tubing for all Medela Pump in Style Pumps after July 2006. Please be Sure You are buying the correct part (See Pictures).

Main features

  • Contains two replacement tubings for Pump In Style released After July 2006. Will not fit PIS prior to July 2006. (Please refer to the product pictures.)
  • Made from BPA free material (ABS PVC)
  • Test report available upon request
  • Full retail package from manufacturer

Verified reviews


Tubing for Medela Pump in style advanced

I purchased this tubing to replace the tubing that came with my Medela Pump in Style Advanced. Only one of the tubes worked. The other had a hole in it and therefore had no suction. I would not purchase tubing from this company again.

Reyna South Canaan, PA

Fits my pump as described

I borrowed a pump from a friend so that I did not have to purchase a new one, and after a few months I felt I should replace the tubing. I found this great deal and the pictures show which pump this will work for and which one it won’t, so I was comfortable moving forward with my order. Received the tubes quickly and have put them to use. No problems at all.

Jean Brunswick, NC

Best price for Medela replacement tubing

This is the best price that I have found for replacement tubing for my Medela pump. Medela only sells replacement tubing online and it is expensive. I use my pump daily and the tubing is very difficult to clean. It is much easier and more sanitary to replace the tubing every couple of months. This is a very affordable option and other than the packaging there is no difference from the Medela tubing.

Kay Albion, NE

Stiff tubing, but worth the price

Tubing is very much functional, the only problem I have is how the stiffness of the tubes makes them keep whatever shape they were stored in.

Kimberlee Minden City, MI


Durable and easy to cleanI have NO Complains with it at all.As long as you don’t creat a dent in it… Will last you for a very long time especially when poing multiple times daily.

Lorene Glasgo, CT

Not as tight of a connection.

the little plastic piece at the end that attaches to the beast shield piece isn’t as good as my original. it fits. but it isn’t as air tight. What use to feel like a power level 3 is now my 5. I have had to up the suction level and there was no way I could have done that before. Even with the suction level increased and at a power level 5 it takes me 10 mins longer to get the same amount of milk as I got before. Spend a little more money and go with the actual Medela brand. I bought 2 sets. The only reason I bought new ones was I got milk down in the tubing of the originals and couldn’t get it out.this product was very disappointing.

Lynette Sibley, LA

Same as the real Medela brand’s version

Worked great for a great price! I would definitely purchase again. My tube ends were magenta colored and not yellow, but it didn’t affect the quality or operation of the product.

Edith Shenandoah, IA

Worked great

It was a great fit and worked perfectly with my Medela breast pump. I have had no problems with it at all.

Jenna Otterville, MO

Perfect fit

These are better than the original Medela tubing I had. The connectors are more secure and seem like they will last a long time.

Dee Monette, AR