Tupperware Bell Tumblers with Sipper Seals, Pack of 4

Tupperware Bell Tumblers with Sipper Seals, Pack of 4

Great for the little ones to learn how to hold a cup. Sipper seal makes it easier to drink for the toddlers.

Main features

  • Includes four Bell Tumblers that have a tappered top for smaller hands.
  • Tumblers stack for space-saving storage.
  • Dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible.

Verified reviews


Good, but drippy

These are durable but our baby loves to make it drip all over the floor. I think we will wait a while before having these be our go to cups.

Sally Shonto, AZ

Lids are a pain

I was trying to find the old sippy cups I used as a kid in the 80’s, but they have changed them some. It seems like they are a lot harder to sip out of. I recall the spout was one big hole before, but now it has two small ones that require more sipping. They definitely leak if they fall over, and the lids are nearly impossible to get on. I even did the hot water thing the first time. My daughter won’t drink from them at this point. She’s 16 months.

Doretha Finchville, KY

Love tupperware!

Have loved these cups since I was a small child and my mom used them! Will use them forever for my grandchildren!

Ingrid Fort Irwin, CA

love these

I love these so so so much. Perfect size and versatile. Without the lids they are regular cups and with the lids they are perfect sippy cups.

Janette Winchester, OH

Why the maintenance lids?

I have a set of these and they are awful! The Take and Toss brand is a quarter of the price, BPA free, and the lids don’t need to be heated in order to fit the cup. I don’t have room in my cabinets to store cups with lids on them- I need to stack my cups.

Barbra Falling Waters, WV

Great Product

We have gone through some sippy cups in this house! After trial and error many times we have found THE ONE! The only reason I didn’t score 5 stars was because shipping took awhile.

Ronda West Springfield, MA

good product

I had these for my kids 30 years ago. Pretty colors

Dayna Naples, ME

LOVE these cups!

These cups are just plain awesome. The colors are great and they are so durable. Yes they leak (only through the mouthpiece), but they aren’t meant to be leakproof. The lids do stay on VERY well though and I had no problem attaching them as others have mentioned. I’d totally buy these again and I am even considering buying more because we love them so much!

Celia Alco, AR

Great cups

These are great Tupperware cups. Our 1 year old loves these. The water does come out really fast because it just the cup and lid with no valve. The lid is really hard to get on because it is such a tight fit BUT that also means it is secure and little hands can’t get it off easily. I am sure these will be our go-to cups when we outgrow the sippy cups in the future.

Stacie Brockway, PA

Love them

I love these cups although the tops are very hard to get on and off. I am hopping after using them they will get easier.

Twila Dierks, AR

Great Second Stage Sippy Cups

I love these sippy cups. I have read the complaints in other reviews about them leaking but at this stage in my daughter’s development (12 mos), I want them to flow a little faster and I want her to be cognizant of which side of the sippy is “up.” In addition to be a developmental tool, these cups have many other great features. The tops are simple without any tiny pieces to disassemble and clean with tiny brushes. The colors are great and attract my daughter’s attention so much that they spend as much time getting used as stacking toys as the do getting used as cups. And because they stack, unlike all the curved and handled sippies, they take up very little room in the cupboard. For those of us who have tiny kitchens, this is a huge plus.

Estelle Holstein, IA