TUPPERWARE Shape O Ball Toy Children, Kids, Game by Avner-Toys

TUPPERWARE Shape O Ball Toy Children, Kids, Game by Avner-Toys

Classic rattle, shape-sorter and counting toy! Here’s a toy that grows with a child, from infants to pre-schoolers. As a rolling rattle, it has lots of open spaces for infants to grab. Toddlers can use the 10 pieces to match the shapes on the toy, allowing them to identify shapes and develop coordination and dexterity. Each piece also has a number on one side with the corresponding number of dots on the other to teach preschoolers number recognition and counting.

Main features

  • 6½” Dia. (16.5 cm)
  • Shapes are sized for child safety
  • Shaped pieces store inside the ball to keep them from getting lost
  • Red and Blue ball with 10 Yellow shapes
  • Ages 6 months and up

Verified reviews


They don’t make them like they used to.

The design of the toy is still the same as the one I had 30 years ago, except for one thing: the thickness of the plastic. My beloved sorter was solid. The body of this one bends with minimal pressure, and I’m skeptical about how well it will hold up to a rough and tumble toddler boy. We didn’t have any issues with the elastic being too tight or breaking, as some reviewers have mentioned. This is a great toy, I just wished they hadn’t skimped on the build quality. I would gladly pay for the better version.

Doretha Catlettsburg, KY

Love it

My children had this ball and now I bought it for my grandchildren. This is a great way to teach shapes and the ball stores them securely.

Rosanna North Troy, VT

Very good shape sorter

I had one of these when I was a kid, so it was largely nostalgia that prompted me to buy one for my son; as it turns out though, it’s a really nice toy. It’s very nice and light, so if it gets thrown, it’s not going to break anything; it has quite a few pieces for your child’s shape sorting enjoyment; all the pieces store inside the ball when not being played with; when the ball is full of pieces it makes a satisfying rattling noise that my son really likes; it’s visually appealing; it’s quite durable. The only think I don’t like about it, is that the halves of the ball are rather hard to pull apart, my kids (3.5 years and 18 months)both need help with this, which rather defeats the purpose of a play-alone toy. Still, once I dump out the pieces for them, they really like putting them all back again. One thing I especially like about this shape sorter is that it has several shapes, and a few of them are similar, which means that it’s genuinely challenging, and even a young pre-schooler who is learning shapes, can have fun with this toy. It’s not just for babies.

Patrice Vado, NM

Great Toy

I remember this toy growing up myself, so I had to get it for my daughter. It is a little challenging if your kid is just starting out with shape sorting, so you may have to sit with them and show them the right side. It is entertaining regardless though, think oversized rattle, maybe even a ball to toss around. It’s durable, so if anything breaks, it’s whatever the toy hit, not the toy itself.We’ve had this for a few months and it will probably be out for her to play with for many more.

Edythe Barrett, MN

Great shape sorter

My mom bought this classic shape sorter for my one-year-old, and I think it’s the best shape sorter toy. At first my daughter didn’t show much interest (except for trying to chew the pieces), but now at 1 1/2, she can put the shapes in if you help her find the appropriate shape. It’s slightly difficult to pull the ends open and shake the pieces out the middle, but it doesn’t bother me because that way my daughter can’t open it herself and put the pieces back in without finding the appropriate shape. I’ve been pleased with it and would highly recommend it to others.

Adrian South Webster, OH

Watch out – the two halves snap together forcefully

This is an adorable toy, but beware – the two halves pull apart and snap together quite forcefully. Little fingers and mouths can get pinched.

Sydney Roberts, WI

Every kid needs one of these.

I had one of these when I was a baby too. It’s crazy I still remember it. My son got one for Christmas this year, and just thinks it rocks. He is 9 months old, so not quite ready to start learning his shapes, but he loves playing with all of the different shapes, inspecting each one’s unique look and feel. He also crawls around chasing the big ball itself after he has thoroughly sorted through all of the different little pieces. It feels well built, and is just one of those basic toys every baby should have to start teaching them shapes. : ]

Reyna Morris, PA

Love it

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my (at the time) 13 month old boy. We showed him how to put in the shapes. The circle, triangle and oval are the easiest for him to put in by himself. The other ones he is still practicing on. Of course. We show him where to put the shape bc he is not that good at turning the ball to find where each shape goes. I like it and I am sure he will continue to learn with it as she gets older.

Libby Meridian, GA

Great toy

I remember having this toy when I was little and when my son was 15 months I wanted to give him a quality shape sorter for Christmas. This one is awesome. When kids are little they need a little more help figuring out where the shapes go and getting the shapes out, but I like that it encourages parent participation. My two oldest learned their shapes quickly thanks to this toy.

Selina Ruby, SC


This is a great toy, just like when I was a kid. I like this way better than the cube ones that are common now.

Letitia Mendenhall, PA

Great classic shape sorter!

I’ve had this toy since I was a kid. It has weathered the decades and my toddler loves to play with it. He is now very proficient with identifying and sorting his shapes. A great toy to hone problem solving skills. Needless to say this doubles as a ball that he can kick and throw around the house. Very sturdy!

Althea Hayti, SD

Nostalgic and cool toy

Everyone who sees this toy loves it — encourages them to spend one-on-one time with the baby. So far, at one-year old, the only thing she can manage is the circle and square, but it’s a very cool toy.

Nelda Huntley, IL

excellent product

Okay, every child needs to have this item, hours, and hours, and hours of great fun for the child at the same time education.

Michele Athol, KY

Old School

I bought this for my Grandson for Christmas! He is still too young to actually play with it, but it brings back so many memories from when my sister was a baby and we use to play with this with her. Very durable and such a great learning toy!

Bobby Winfield, TX

Remember Playing With This!

I’m 30 years old and I remember playing with this exact shape sorter when I was a toddler. It must be one of my earliest memories, though we kept it around for baby visitors long after I outgrew it. Obviously, it held up great and I can’t wait to get one for my youngest. I wish I had thought of it for my two older kiddos. I know they would have enjoyed playing with it. Actually, my three year old could probably benefit from practicing her motor skills with this toy. Five stars for sure!!!

Leigh Ogdensburg, NJ