Ubbi Diaper Pail – Hot Blue

Ubbi Diaper Pail – Hot Blue

ubbi diaper pail

Main features

  • steel
  • any bag
  • decals
  • convenient
  • as seen

Verified reviews


I love what I got, not sure how well it works yet

I love what I got, not sure how well it works yet since we have no dirt diapers yet, but I will try to update.

Clare Pinehurst, NC

Pretty and Functional

I was going to get the pail in purple but the nursery already had a lot of that, this nice light blue helps to make the room a little more multicolored. From just unpacking my clean cloth diapers into a pail liner it worked well and will hold about half my stash with no problems and will be a great cue of when it is time to do laundry. As my sweet little one is not here just yet I have not had time to test it much, but I do like the lock preventing you from opening it if you have other kids wandering about who might get into it. It was really easy to teach my husband the little he needed to know about operating it and I can’t wait to do a more thorough test.Update: Jan 2014We have been using this pail for about a month, it holds the smell very well, though it only holds about 1.5 days worth of diapers. I have kicked it a few times, but it doesn’t weigh enough that it hurts me. It is easy to wipe off if you accidentally get something you don’t want (poop) on the outside or inside of the pail.

Janice Waynesboro, GA

Terrible, doesn’t lock out smells

This diaper pail is horrible. We returned it. It’s just a garbage can. There is no sealing action, so you open the top and out comes nasty smells. Also, the can seemed to retain the smell, even though it said it shouldn’t. Waste of money.

Rosario Enfield, IL

Awesome pail for cloth diapers

We purchased this for cloth diapers, and while I know you can get steel pails for less money, I absolutely love this one and am glad that I bought it. First of all, it looks great. I like the color options and that you can coordinate it with your nursery. It’s small enough to not be super noticeable, but big enough to hold 2 days worth of cloth diapers, wipes and covers. Most importantly, it functions like a dream. Steel is a great material for a cloth diaper pail as it really controls odor, and this pail is no exception. When the pail lid is closed, we have no odor in the room at all. I like the locking feature on the diaper opening, and the lid seals really tight so even if the pail gets knocked over it stays put. You can use any standard size kitchen bag or pail liner in this one (we use the Planet Wise Diaper Pail liners) – no special bags needed.

Wendy Macedonia, IL

What I expected but have not used yet.

So far so good… We are expecting in August so we have not used this for diapers, yet. My hope is the steel diaper pal will lock in the smell better than a plastic pal and last longer.

Ericka Moss Landing, CA

this thing is genius

It looks good, is easy to use, doesn’t require special bags, & doesn’t stink! Amazing. I’ve actually had friends take pictures of it to tell friends or as a reminder to get it for themselves!

Winnie Klamath River, CA

Okay product, great customer service

I know this thing isn’t magic, it’s just a diaper pail, but at this price point I expected it to hold up a little better. My littlest is 8 months old and I haven’t even used this thing in 2 months because the rubber seal came off and after numerous attempts to get it back in place I finally got it, only to have it come loose the next time I opened the can. I really don’t want to have to re-place the seal every time I change out the bag. Speaking of changing out the bag, I would say about 80% of the time the bag catches on the little edges that protrude from the rim and tears when trying to remove it and the piece that holds the top of the bag comes off almost every time. One of my real hopes for this specific product was that it wouldn’t hold the smell like the previous plastic containers I’ve used. It does. I have to bleach it just as often as I did any of the other containers I’ve owned and at 3-4 times the price I’m not sure it’s worth it. I do like that it uses regular garbage bags, but I’m not sure it’s 4 times the price better than a regular garbage can. Especially as often as you have to empty it.**Update 01/20/13**Received comment from Ubbi in less than 24 hours asking me to contact customer service with my issues to see what could be done to fix my issues. Customer services take on the issues were as follows:Regarding the seal, bag catching, and bag holder detaching they concur those are results of design flaws and have offered to send me a replacement pail which is a wonderful response on the part of this company. They obviously recognize these issues with there product and are working to correct them as well as recognizing that customer are investing comparatively more in their product and want them to have a good experience.Regarding the issue I’m having with the smell, I got a long explanation about how the can will smell when you open it (which was not my issue. I absolutely expect it to smell when I open it to toss in a diaper or change the bag). The advice on that issue was to wait until the very last thing to throw the diaper away and then leave the room…not totally realistic when you have a grabby 8 month old on the changing table. My priority is to get the diaper off and out of reach as quickly as possible, but like I said the smell of opening it is expected. My issue was the can itself retaining the smell when in the product description it states powder coated steel doesn’t absorb odors which I interpreted to mean that the can itself wouldn’t hold the smell to the same degree as a plastic one. Which I remedy by bleaching or disinfecting the can. Their reply to this issue was that the can itself will retain smell no matter what, which I understand now but it would be nice to have a clearer explanation in the product description to give consumers clearer expectations. It was also suggested to me that I might want to flush the contents of a smellier diapers instead of placing them in the pail…they said the goal was to make my life easier…that particular suggestion does not make my life easier…the logistics of doing that while trying to wrangle and 8mo old just seems totally impractical. I was also advised not to clean the pail with anything except a dry cloth…I just don’t agree with that. I understand it can cause rust. I’m okay with a little rust, I’m not okay with whatever is causing the can to smell and I honestly feel like it due to its contents it needs to be cleaned occasionally just like all my other trash cans so coming up with better cleaning suggestions might also be helpful.I will update on the new pail once it arrives.I do believe they have excellent customer service, and that gained them an extra star. I also appreciate their willingness to stand behind their product enough to send me a new pail. I think providing a more accurate and detailed product description would go a long way towards managing the expectations of the customers. Is it worth the cost? Personally I probably wouldn’t spend my money on another one, but if you have realistic expectations of what you are purchasing the product is decent and the customer service seems to want to be helpful. If a friend asked me my opinion I’d tell them “it’s an okay product, but at least the customer service is good”

Wanda Columbiana, AL


This is a great diaper pail. Nursery doesn’t smell at all. I like that I can use my own trash bags so I don’t have to buy specific bags for it. Also, doesn’t look bad in the nursery either. Would definitely recommend!

Young Trego, WI

Easy to use one handed.

Keeps smells in really well. Can use any trash bags with this. Is easy to use wi one hand although has become a little stiffer to use recently. Not use why (only used for a month). Looks very good in nursey too.

Brittany Shelby Gap, KY

Great Looking but some drawbacks

I purchased this diaper pail (in white) based on reviews thinking that being able to use normal trash bags would be more economical in the long run. Here are my observationsPro(s)- Nice looking pail, sturdy- Keeps the smell completely contained while closedCons- Hard to open with one hand while holding the baby on the changing table- Hard to change the bag, I find that when I remove the bag (which is heavy from the contents), it gets caught on the edges of the pail and tears- Smell is strong when you open it to add a diaper- If you change bags often, you waste the entire bag (versus models where you cut the bag to match the content)- Opening is a bit small and unless the diaper is compact you have to push it throughA friend gave me her old Diaper Dekor and so far I like the convenience of it a lot more – push pedal to open the pail + flip door to contain odor – I can just drop the diaper in! Also, the bags can be cut from the bottom. Not as attractive but so far much better

Jeannette Fort Mitchell, VA

Nice Quality Pail

I like this Diaper pail. The color is very appealing. My only issue with it is size. I bought it under the impression that it was bigger (the description said you use kitchen sized trash bags as liners, but when it came it was more of a small restroom sized trash can.) It hold odors very well. I cloth diaper, and with a toddler and a newborn it isn’t as useful as I had hoped. Would work fine for families with a small stash of daipers, or just one baby in cloth.

Vicky Crosby, ND


This is definitely worth the price! All the other diaper pails on the market require you to use THEIR pricey bags. With this diaper pail, you can use any bag you please. We have had no issues with any smell escaping, so it does its job.Another plus, other diaper pails are just so ugly looking, you almost dread having to buy one. Ubbi diaper pails has any color you desire to match babys nursery. We actually had a hard time choosing which color. Lol.

Leticia Hartly, DE

Good, not Perfect for gDiapers

There are things I love about this:Well made and NOT a bunch of plasticAccepts regular garbage bagsEasy to cleanEasy to useIf you have diapers around, you know that the BIG issue is its ability to contain smell. On that front, I would say this does a good job, but it is not perfect. When it is closed, there is very little smell, but when I open it to drop a diaper in, it definitely lets out a waft of stink. It is almost a game: see how fast you can get the thing in there and seal it up.The only other issue I have is that we use gDiapers. Disposable diapers get rolled up and sealed into themselves, but with a gDiaper, it is more of a fold. These are a bit tricky to get into the little opening, and more than once, we have ended up making a mess of it.Still, taking all of this into account, I would still buy this product again.

Hollie West Frankfort, IL

Cheaply Made, Breaks Easy, Teeny TIny

I do not reccommend this product, I accidentally knocked this over one day and the white part cracked and fell entirely off after owning it one week. Two weeks later the clear piece that is on the inside of the rim fell off as well.On top of that this is TINY !! I can’t believe how small it is.

Nicole Bradford, NH