Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers Nursing Covers allow mothers everywhere to feed their babies in comfort, style, and confidence anytime – any place!

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Not recommended.

I didn’t buy mine from amazon but from their website using free coupons. I had to pay for shipping which was quite expensive ($11). I wanted to return the item but I was informed that I cannot do so because I used a coupon for it. Anyway, the reason why I wanted to return this nursing cover is that the material is really cheap. The material is stiff, thin, and poorly made. It does not provide a good coverage while you are nursing as well. It is not worth the shipping cost. I would not recommend this product.

Kris Williston Park, NY


I did not order my Udder Cover from Amazon, I ordered mine off of Under Cover’s website with a gift card and only paid shipping. This item arrived drenched in formaldehyde (Made in China) after researching online I found that using formaldehyde on clothing is very common and that toxic levels are found on materials from China. It is used on a lot of clothes, but China does not regulate formaldehyde levels on clothing like the US. To me, any formaldehyde level on clothing is toxic, and I definitely don’t want it around my infant. I am disappointed and have to throw this in the trash.

Luz Benson, IL

Perfect for public nursing

This is actually the second one of these covers by Udder Covers that I have purchased. I love these, because living in Texas with a summer-time baby, these are the perfect thickness. When you get the package, the wire for the neck need to be shaped, but that is the only thing that you really need to do. I have seen others that are thicker material, but I prefer the thin material. It doesn’t take much room in my bag, and I can put it on using one hand. I just leave the neck part a little big and slip it on over my head. I do wish that the material could be a little longer and wider, but it works for me. I use this cover daily to nurse my daughter when I am out in public, and the other cover has faired well in the wash. The material does get wrinkled, but I can live with that. I am overall very happy with the product. This is the same brand of cover that you get a promo code when you are pregnant from when you buy maternity clothes and that are included with your baby magazines. It was offered at a better price here.

Evangeline Laramie, WY

Better if you wash and dry first

I ordered this right from the company website with the promo code “free” and only had to pay $11.90 for “shipping and handling” but you have to wait about a week to get it. The stiff part at the top was bent from the way it was packaged, but after washing and drying it got much better (also had a strong chemical smell that needed washed out). The fabric is really light and nice for summer. My little guy doesn’t seem to mind it at all. I can easily see him, which is a big help since he is still having latching issues.

Shanna Chester, MD

Don’t bother

I got this here because I read the "free" one took a while to ship. What a waste of money! I had to pull the top so tight to make the insert bow enough so I could see in, but my baby kept pulling at it so I couldn’t see anyway. I thought this would be a hands free way to nurse my baby, who had problems latching on so I needed both hands, but I got so frustrated I haven’t used it again.

Casey Penn Valley, CA

Works well and doesn’t take up much room in diaper bag

Works well for nursing in public. Wish it was a bit longer but covers where it needs to and does nit take up much room in a diaper bag. Takes some getting used to with the neck piece. Once I got the right fit for me I tied a knot otherwise it slips out of the rings easily.

Ollie Conetoe, NC

My favorite of 3 nursing covers, but it could still be better

Like most people, I got my Udder Cover free with coupon (although shipping costs made it not all that much cheaper than Amazon). This is my 3rd nursing cover, I can’t seem to find the perfect one. My baby moves around a lot while nursing and this has proven difficult with all the covers I’ve used.The good:-Visual of baby: My son is a difficult feeder. He moves around a lot and unlatches at least a few times during a feeding and I have to be able to see him to get him back on. This cover has the wire to hold the fabric out so I can see him better. Sometimes it doesn’t all work like it’s supposed to though, things shift or it varies based on how I’m sitting, but overall this is the best I’ve had.-Patterns: The Udder Covers seem to have the best patterns. I have the Noah one, but really like the Caleb and kind of which I would’ve got that one.The bad:-D rings: One of my covers (Carter’s Nursing Cover, Yellow Floral) has the continuous loop, like a purse shoulder bag. It adjusts without having a tail (although I don’t like that cover because it doesn’t have a wire to be able to see my baby). The Udder Cover I had to tie the loose end to prevent it from coming off. It seems they could’ve done a better job with this.-Coverage: My other cover has more fabric to surround my torso (The First Years Nursing Wrap, Colors May Vary). With that one I get a little more coverage in the instances where he grabs the cover or moves his arms all around. I’ve had a few “Ooops” moments with my Udder Cover where I was exposed. That nursing cover is a little odd that it has two arm holes, rather than a bib/apron style that goes around my neck. It falls off my shoulders easily, hence why I don’t like it as much.Overall, this is my favorite of the 3 I have, but I’m still casually looking for something I like better. The material gets much softer with washing.

Darcy Ransom, PA

Better covers out there.

I’m not completely disappointed in this but I also don’t use this very often. I keep it in the diaper bag in case we’re out of the house for longer than expected. It does provide adequate covering which is great but the "window" part at the top so you can see baby is annoying as hell. It doesn’t provide any real view of the baby and it’s just a nuisance and it’s very flimsy. If I were to use this a lot, I would buy a more expensive one.

Imogene Weems, VA


it’s pretty and compfy, would recommend over the more expensive ones. with my first i had to have everything expensive and no one could tell me otherwise,… i can’t think of the name brand… but i paid 80 bucks compared to this one i didn’t even like it as much.

Janet Fleming, GA


Simple but great idea to allow you to feed without bearing too much.It takes a little practice to get the plastic part (so you can see baby) in the right place. I also found that the strap loosened a bit.It helps keep baby from getting too hot and prevents distractions when feeding too…a good thing when big siblings are n the playground!

Nan Leicester, NC

Helpfull…. could be bigger

I find this cover really helpfull but it could be a little bit wider… the little one tends to pull on it sometimes and if it was wider then I wouldnt be so worried ;-)Other than that GREAT!

Angel Portersville, PA

Nursing in style!

This cover makes me proud to nurse in public! I feel like I am a prepared Mama when I am wearing it. I live in a small town & it helps me feel comfortable to go anywhere knowing I can nurse in style!Light fabric and it has a hard plastic that keeps the top part from falling flat allowing your baby to see you and not feel smothered.

Sylvia Windsor, VA

Know your baby before you buy

My son hates being covered when breast-feeding so this was a waste of money for us in that respect, but even if he had liked it, I wouldn’t have. I’m large-chested so would make seeing what I’m doing practically impossible, even with the stiff top designed to give you some idea of what’s happening down there. Plus, the fabric is thin, stiff, and cheap feeling, even after washing as some reviewers suggested doing.I’ve found most people don’t care that you’re breastfeeding so I don’t usually even bother to cover up, but if I do, I just use a lightweight swaddling blanket to cover the majority of my breast that’s exposed, rather than covering my baby’s face. Know what works for you before you buy a cover like this.

Kirsten Buchanan Dam, TX

Breast feeding in public NOT a problem!

I am all for breastfeeding mothers, they should be able to feed their baby ANYWHERE without hesitation! With that being said I personally am shy. I came back to work at 6 weeks but I am able to bring my lil one with me so this saved me! I feed her at work when she is ready and everyone goes about their business. I am still able to have a conversation while feeding without it being awkward because half the time its not even noticeable. The material is so light weight so I dont feel like she is smothering under it. The opening part is great because I can look down and see her with ease and it allows air for breathing room. I can fold it up and put it in my purse to take everywhere. I have fed while shopping, working, anywhere I want without feeling uncomfortable. A must have!

Anne Liberty, IN

Cute, functional, but a bit too small

I love the fabric (cute pattern and lightweight – which is exactly what I was looking for). However, it is a bit small (width) and my son easily kicks it to the side, exposing some unsightly baby fat and the occasional baby feeder. Also, other covers I own have a little extra material in the bottom corners to prevent ‘blow aways/ups’ and this one does not.

Maria Roaring River, NC

Decent option at a decent price point

I received this as a hand me down and probably wouldn’t buy one. I am 5’4 and thin so the size works fine for me. The wired top gives me a good view of my daughter but I constantly have to adjust it so that she can see me (which is probably the case for all nursing covers). The love the patterns that this brand offers. It’s very thin which at first might be undesireable but on hot summer days, such a relief. You don’t want your baby sweating away under a thick fabric while she is nursing! I do wish the corners were layered with terry cloth as some covers do so you can use it as a wipe for drool. The D rings don’t always hold the nursing cover up well so you have to loop it a few times to ensure you don’t have an accidental exposure!If you’re looking for a complete list of things to add to your registry, visit the website, AllMomsArePerfect.com. In the baby gear essentials category you’ll find a stroller shopping guide, crib buying guide, and a comprehensive article about what you need versus what you don’t need (especially if you’re a minimalist). There’s also articles on what to expect at the hospital and during recovery and how to get the most sleep postpartum.

Concetta Wyoming, RI

Very pretty cover up!

I bought this for my DIL as her last cover up got pretty used up. I wish they had these covers when I had my children, makes nursing discretely very easy. Her last cover up, got pretty stained and used up, so I wanted her to have a fresh one for the new baby! It almost matches her diaper bag that I bought her!

Fay Eddyville, OR

Good for modesty and bonding

Love the idea of the d-ring neck tie. It makes for easy 1 handed tightening. I like the band at the top to give you modesty yet allows air to flow ready and you can see your little ones face. Great Price on Amazon.

May Labadieville, LA

Not best value for money

The cover is good and comfortable. Breathable and washable fabric. Nice colour and print. Could have been little more wider as my baby kicks it and pushes it away.

Andrea Smyer, TX

Works well

I keep this in my diaper bag because it folds up really small. It is made of very thin cotton that’s folded over and sewn on the edges. The strap is a little tricky to keep done up. I just tied it around the buckle.

Viola Echo, MN

Light weight

I love this cover! It’s very light weight so my babe doesn’t get too warm. The pop-out neck is very convenient so I can be covered yet still see what I’m doing.

Tanisha Glen Wilton, VA


I wish the strap around the neck stayed tight. It loosens just a little too easily. Also, if this product had a pocket on each side, it would be a five star product. It would be helpful to have a pocket to store breast pads while nursing.

Gayle Normandy Beach, NJ

Great value

Works perfectly. Got compliments on the pattern. The ribbing sticks out just enough to see the baby without revealing anything else.

Cassandra Saint Amant, LA

A bit flimsy.

My wife really likes the print on this nursing cover, but we found it a bit flimsy and not as well built as others.

Tammie Masonville, NY

Amazing, I still use it now and he is …

Amazing , I still use it now and he is 9 months old. Its lightweight and folds down small.

Viola Holland, MN

Works as expected, Strap will loosen if tugged on not ideal

Works as expected, Strap will loosen if tugged on not ideal. If my little one tugs on the cover it will losen.

Gay Tchula, MS


So helpful. Can throw this on and nurse comfortably anywhere. Plenty of fabric, compact for travel. I wish they offered more color options.

Dollie Sarepta, LA

Its ok

So I thought it would be more convenient and easy to use. I have to say that it does cover well, but the strap tends to loosen very easily and so you have to tie a knot on it to stay put; otherwise you would have your breast hanging out. Also because the material is kind of thick it gets really hot in there for the baby, so in hot weather it’s a mess for both mother and child.I do have to say that it is better than just a plain blanket to cover up.The style and material are stylish and seem of good quality,

Sophie Fruita, CO

wish strap was more secure

great coverage. wish strap did not loose so easily. Love the color. Sometimes gets fuzzy in the wash but that depends on what it was washed with.

Alexandria Caro, MI

Five Stars

Is a great cover for the price. I have seen fancier ones but this one works just fine.

Doretha Marion, AL