Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

Udder Covers Nursing Covers allow mothers everywhere to nurse in comfort, style and confidence as they breastfeed their babies – anytime, anyplace. Udder Covers Nursing Covers will cover you where you need it and yet still allow you to have eye contact with your baby, all while wearing something chic and stylish.

Main features

  • Rigid neckline allows direct eye contact with baby.
  • Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline.
  • Fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton.
  • Machine washable.
  • Please use non-chlorine bleach when washing.

Verified reviews


Does the job

Fabric isn’t too soft, but the neck is designed well and does the job. The print looks like an apron…but for the price i would give it a thumbs up!

Ingrid Posen, IL

Great buy!

I love how convenient it is to use. The sturdy edge allows me to look at baby and allows air flow. Great price and value

Misty Ingram, KY

Doesn’t work whatsoever for us

For us, it is much, much easier for me to just wear a tank top that I pull down under the shirt that is worn over everything else (I pull that up to get to business.). This product is like a flag that attracts attention–often very negative looks/glances/stares. The tank-top-method means that we go unnoticed for most of the time.As far as the actual act of nursing in this, it is not practical at all. It doesn’t cover well unless I am holding it in place with one of my hands. While trying to latch, Baby fights it and hates it–hitting it and screaming. The idea is a nice one, but I rarely see people using one of these and if I felt pressured to use one all the time, I would probably just artificially feed my child.

Tammi Rawlings, VA

My Wife Loves it

My wife feels comfortable using this in public to nurse our daughter. It does have some hang-ups with the elastic in it, and sometimes it does not always cover the side. The other issue we have, is that our daughter sometimes gets too hot underneath there, but it is summer in Arizona, so that is less to do about the cover and more to do about Arizona.

Jenny Greenhurst, NY


I adore this cover and use it frequently. My little guy does get annoyed by it tho, especially since we only use it when we are out. He likes to grab at it and pull and such, and I get afraid he’s gonna rip it right off. I def suggest using it at home sometimes just to get baby used to it 😉

Deanna Dongola, IL

Not that I care about people seeing me breastfeeding, but…

In case someone feels uncomfortable, this is a nice tool to hide your baby’s source of food. The piece of plastic creates a little window for you to see the baby.

Kathleen Nineveh, PA

Nursing cover

I do not like to ‘D’ ring it is not practical neither is the neckline because it is kind flimsy. My baby is distracted by the dots so unless he is super hungry he will look at the dots rather than latch on. The fabric is washable but I am afraid the neckline support will break in the wash machine

Geraldine Loganton, PA

Packs easy and covers well

I use this all of the time. It fits easily in my purse and covers everything I need covered. The best part is that it stays out of my baby’s way and allows me to see him.

Josephine Crossville, AL