Udder Covers for Nursing Mothers – MARIA

Udder Covers for Nursing Mothers – MARIA

We at Udder CoversTM are committed to making the most dependable nursing cover on the market. It’s simple. We want you to have a product that will cover you where you need it and yet still allow you to have eye contact with your baby – all while wearing something chic and stylish.

Main features

  • Each of our nursing covers is marked with our signature Udder CoversTM logo.
  • Our rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby.
  • Our fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton.
  • Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline.
  • Machine washable.

Verified reviews


Great cover for nursing!

There were so many choices to choose from for nursing covers that it was hard to decide which one to get. For the fairly cheap price, I was thrilled with it. It covers all the way around for maximum coverage, someone had commented they didn’t even know our baby was under there. I would recommend for anyone looking for a nursing cover that works well at a great price.

Danielle Tunkhannock, PA

Lightweight piece of cloth that just covers.

It is not heavy fabric at all which is good so heat is not held under it. I wish it had some weights at the bottom b/c the wind blows & you are exposed. For feeding indoors it is perfect but use anywhere outdoors when there is a breeze at your own risk.

Sally Drewsville, NH

Clasp is poor quality

The clasp is cheap and didn’t stay. Kept coming undone. I stopped using and found other ways to cover up creatively.

Leona Wiggins, CO


PRO:-it functions decently as a nursing cover-loved the design and color-multi-functional! Covered the infant car seat efficiently, allowing baby to nap while in the car or stroller. Stayed in place while covering car seat. The wire allowed air circulation while napping. Looped the nursing cover on the coat hook of the car, to keep the sunlight from shining onto my baby’s face. My Bebe-Au-Lait nursing cover is better than the Udder Cover as a nursing cover, but somehow doesn’t stay in place when covering the car seat during naps. I think the BAL cover is of heavy (and better) material.-good coverage. i never had problems, but i’m also a petite asian at 125lbs. if you’re similar to my size, then you’ll be fine! however, if you are not petite and/or heavier/wider than a typical 125lb woman, then i would highly recommend that you do not buy this product. maybe buy a plus size breastfeeding cover? more fabric is always better.-fantastically low price. of all the costs regarding baby stuff, its easy to go cheap on this so my baby can have a great warm jacket, name-brand toy/clothes/formula, or an extra doctor’s visit. seeing that a nursing cover is just a piece of fabric with a rope connected to one side, just go cheap! even though the bebe-au-lait cover is a little better quality, its just simply not worth the money.CON:-after a couple washes, the color faded and white streak lines appeared. cheap fabric, but cheap price. fading is not surprising.-my bebe-au-lait cover’s wire was designed better to view the baby while nursing, whereas my udder cover made it a little more challenging to view baby.

Cora Pulaski, TN


I love my cover, I wish it had a bit more material as my son is now a toddler and moves all over the place and tries to pull the cover off his head.

Charmaine Ute Park, NM

smaller than I thought but still works great

I am very pleased with the quality and color of this item but am disappointed in the size. The girl in the picture must be VERY tiny because it covers her a lot more than it covers me. All in all I think it will provide enough coverage just not as much as I was hoping for. At least it wasn’t expensive and if I don’t like it after using it I can afford to step up to a more expensive type. The rigid neck is nice and I think it will be great for seeing my baby..who is not here yet..any day now she should be here. Overall, I think it is a good product..will update post if it isn’t!update: works great!! complete coverage!

Beverley Palestine, WV

It’s ok!

This one seemed kind of cheaply made to me. Material is very thin and the pop out thing doesn’t do much. It covers me, so I guess that’s the main goal, but I could jsut have cut a sheet and get the same effect 😉

Phoebe Bluffton, OH

Great cover up. Right price.

Works well. This cover-up has a neckline that allows you to see the baby while nursing. It’s lightweight but not see-through, which is nice. It is small and thin when folded for easy travel. I really like the purple one. Fyi – doesn’t come in a pretty package like Bebe Au Lait.

Rosario Custer, WI

great nursing cover for the price

I purchased this cover not knowing if it would work well. I got it for a good price, but I thought I would just use a blanket to nurse. The blanket was a little too difficult as I was worried it would fall off. Now I use this cover all the time. It works really well and I like the lightweight material. It gets so hot when I’m trying to nurse and I would not like a heavier weight material at all. I tried a different one on in the store, I think it was the baby au lait, and I didn’t like the heavy weight of the material or the expensive price tag.This cover serves it’s purpose perfectly. I have a black one with little white circles on it and I like it quite a bit! With any new Mom using one of these takes practice. I was so frustrated the first time or two. But that is true no matter which nursing cover or blanket you use. Now, it’s easy.

Jami Jennings, OK