Udder Covers Porter Print

Udder Covers Porter Print

We at Udder CoversTM are committed to making the most dependable nursing cover on the market. It’s simple. We want you to have a product that will cover you where you need it and yet still allow you to have eye contact with your baby – all while wearing something chic and stylish.

Main features

  • Our rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby.
  • Our fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton.
  • Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline.
  • Machine washable.

Verified reviews


Cheeply made, and possible hazard

I got this nursing wrap for about $10, so I can’t really complain about it being cheaply made. However, I have one issue which can pose a risk to the baby and the mom using the wrap. The hard plastic strip that is sewn into the top of the cover (which keeps the cover open to see the baby) started poking out of the material. The plastic strip is made of tiny plastic fibers, and the edges of the plastic are very sharp. I have poked my self a few times on the edge of the plastic, and I have to be careful to not let my baby touch the edge so he wont get poked or scraped. I used finger nail clippers to cut the fibbers down, but I am pretty sure they will just keep poking out of the material since they are so sharp. It is not a big issue if you are careful. Also, The material is very thin and cheep. There are many other nursing covers that are made of a much heavier, and better quality fabric. Lastly, the cover is a little shorter (both in length and width) than I would have liked it to be. I am not very tall at all, but when I nurse, I would like to be fully covered. Even though it does the job, there are times when I feel like all my angle’s are not covered as well as I would like them to be.On a positive note… the strap around the neck adjusts really well, and the design and color is a very elegant, neutral pattern. I used this cover for nine months, and it does the job. However, there are many other nursing covers that are of a much higher quality and I will be getting a new one for my next baby.

Michelle Clifford, MI

its just okay

This is actually a good pattern & the structured opening at the top is very useful to look through to see the baby & allowing her fresh air while she is nursing. My problem with the product is the D ring closure, it sucks!!! The strap no matter how many ways I tried ALWAYS slides off allowing you to be easily exposed! It needs a rubber grip on the rings because the fabric is way too thin and silky in texture so the rings have nothing to grip on. I got frustrated and just tied a knot to secure it. For the price I am going to keep it because I really like the structured top since I don’t see that feature in other covers often.

Concepcion Chireno, TX

Ok but difficult to use

I’m not sure how other covers work but I kind of wish I had spent a little more. The opening to see your baby is small and it is therefore tricky to nurse with as opposed to bebe au lait covers. I noticed the openings in those are bigger.

Leslie Fork Union, VA

Beautiful Cover

Bought this with intentions on Breast Feeding. Unfortunately, my 3-week old can’t latch on very well so I wasn’t really able to use this. But I figured I could still get some use out of it for when I am holding him and the sun is shining right into his face (he hates that!)

Octavia Sargent, NE

It’s OK

Well it covered the boobs during nursing but any blanket really could have done that. $16 is a bit high for what’s essentially a mini (thin) blanket).

Ada Rodeo, NM


The fabric is not very thick nor is it long. With my baby often squirming, I get caught if ya know what I mean. But when he isn’t and the lighting is good, this works.

Kasey Dallastown, PA

Great nursing cover at a awesome price!!!

I can’t believe how much people spend on nursing covers. This cover is simple and classic, and does just as good of a job as the more expensive versions. I’ve been using this for over 7 months and it still looks as good as new.

Goldie Waldorf, MN

Work cover

I liked this cover much more than I thought I would. It is not discrete, it is cute though. But it is so functional. At work I run into strange encounters. I had the office door closed the other day and I was pumping, when suddenly someone barged in with an interviewing physician (I’m a midwife). The cover has shape and looks great. So although I did not like the compromising situation, I love the cover.

Sharron Dudley, NC

Great idea. Good price on amazon.

Great product for modesty and bonding. I like the d-ring for the portion that goes around the neck. It is easy to tighten with 1 hand. The band at the top allows for privacy and for you to all see your little ones face which lets you bond so easily. It also allows for air flow. No excuses to not be modest in public while nursing with one of these

Lily Amf Ohare, IL

Meh. Not great.

Like the pattern and the weight if the fabric. Piece at top to keep it stiff so you can see baby isn’t stiff enough and doesn’t work well unless in perfect position. Seen better ones my friends have.

Victoria La Salle, CO

dont use it much

i bought this to use on a plane trip with my newborn, but ended up feeling awkward and clumsy with the over the neck part and plastic band. I ended up just using a blanket over my shoulder.its a good product and seems pretty durable and the fabric is lightweight, not too hot. It just takes a little time to practice with until you can be comfortable with it.

Claudine Wyatt, WV

Not the best

This is very thin material that is clingy and doesn’t stay in place. The D-ring for the strap doesn’t keep the strap at the right adjustment and the wrap doesn’t cover your sides very well. I also ordered the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover and am far happier with that.

Emma Leola, SD

stylish and lightweight

The product is very stylish and offers a lot of coverage. I love the print. I usually use it while I am pumping at work; it covers well. My only issue with the product is that the d-ring slides sometimes and then you are exposed. You have to be sure to adjust it before you start using it each time. Other than that, it works perfectly.

Adelaide Memphis, MI

The funcionality is amazing

The functionality is just right for this product. I can feed kiddo with discretion in public.I was not so pleased with the style. The picture here shows something I would consider a bit stylish. The product however looked a bit different. The curvede lines in the photo are actually made up of several small white circles.Overall, I enjoy this product.

Dorothea Blythe, GA

The best

This is really a great cover. It covers well and the stiff top is great to be able to keep my eye on baby AND for her to be able to see me. Definitely the best I’ve had.

Florine Ridgeway, VA

Does the job – best value

A must for a nursing mom — good coverage and fits easily in to any purse or diaper bag. I went the first few weeks without one of these – I definitely wish I got it sooner!

Stacie Salineno, TX

Works nicely

My wife has another breastfeeding cover which isn’t quite big enough and this one is. With the dark print, there’s also no worry about seeing through the fabric.

Evelyn Magna, UT

Finally a cover without flowers!

I’ve tried a couple of covers and this one is my favorite. The band across the top pokes out enough for you to see what’s going on underneath. The pattern is lovely and not overdone like the covers you can get in the store. There’s enough material on the sides to not make you feel like you could be peeking out. Very nicely done

Katelyn Salix, IA

Wish I’d had this for my first child

I used receiving blankets with my first child and I was always worried about showing everyone my belly because the receiving blanket is only so big. This product is great.. my only concern is that it does seem to get hot under there so I have to make sure the top is open or the sides so the baby gets air flow. Not sure if I’ll be able to use it in the summer for that reason… but other than that it serves it’s purpose well and I would recommend it to others.

Angelia Porters Falls, WV

Must Have

Easy to put on. Light material. Is not see through. Just wish it covered the sides a little more. It moves a bit too easy so you can have a "nip slip". Otherwise its great. Overall I’m happy with my buy and have gotten compliments

Susie Laconia, NH

had to retun

This didnt come in time. I had to return I got one in stores with a similar design. Based on design I like this oroduct.

Audra Hammond, MT

Works well

Pros:The material is thin which is a good thing to prevent baby from getting too hot!Cute pattern.Neck opening makes it easy to see the baby latch onAdjustable neck strap is a nice featureCons:Material wrinkles a lotIn certain lighting, it is too hard to see the baby.

Annette Wayland, KY

Don’t Believe the Bad Reviews

I don’t know why this product received such bad reviews because I love it. It’s very easy to put around your neck and I love how it bows out a little so you can see your baby. The fabric is dark enough that it’s not see through but the fabric is light enough so you and your baby are not sweating. Very happy with this cover and I have received many compliments on the print.

Cleo King William, VA


I was leary of the nursing cover bc I wanted to be able to see my infant and also didn’t want him getting too hot but this cover is nice and breezy with great visibility for me and baby but no-one else.

Milagros Garfield, GA