Ulubulu Silicone Bib, Hoot Owl

Ulubulu Silicone Bib, Hoot Owl

Ulubulu Silicone Baby Bibs are the easiest to clean baby bib out there. These bibs are made of soft silicone that wipes and rinses clean in the sink- it never has to leave the kitchen or get lost in the laundry! Silicone Baby Bibs by Ulubulu have an easy clasp adjustable neck closure. These bibs can be wiped clean or thrown in the dishwasher, also the built in crumb catcher makes sure your baby clothes stay clean. They are perfect baby gifts for baby showers, family members and friends.

Main features

  • One silicone bib with easy close neck
  • 100% silicone that rinses clean
  • CPSIA tested & compliant
  • One owl silicone baby bib
  • Made of soft silicone that washes in the sink or dishwasher
  • Adjustable neck clasp without irritating velcro
  • Crumb catcher pocket on front keeps the mess off the floor

Verified reviews


Twofer. Bib and Chew Toy!

Ok, I know it’s not a chew toy. In fact, I’m certain that they (Ulubulu)would say (if they haven’t already) that you should not allow baby to chew on this for safety reasons. But…my baby is a tiny hungry hippo. She regularly squaks if I don’t get her food fast enough. When I put this bib on her while I get her food, she pulls it up and chomps on it for a good few minutes (silicone must feel good on emerging teeth), which buys me some quiet time to get her food. Oh, and also, it works as a bib. Though I tend to only use it for less messy foods because it’s not very big. If it’s an avocado or something that’s going to be uber messy and stain clothes, you’re probably better off using a bib with more coverage.

Dana Patton, MO

Super cute, clasp is cumbersome

I love how cute this is, how well it cleans, and how quickly it dries. The clasp, however, takes some getting used to, and my husband avoids it, using our bibs with velcro closures instead.

Anastasia Sedalia, CO

Good alternative to stiff versions

We have a couple other reusable bibs like this and they are very stiff. Baby doesn’t like wearing them around his neck and is always pulling at them to get them off. But this one is flexible and light enough that it doesn’t bother him. Of course, I love the design and I love that you can wash it out easily. Cons are that the neck is sort of big (even on smallest setting) so I end up using a cloth bib underneath just to catch extra stuff–and also that the pocket (due to its flexibility) gets smashed and food still ends up in his lap. Overall, I’d rather use this and do a little more cleanup because baby likes it better.

Chrystal Taberg, NY

Cute & Functional

I love these Ulubulu bibs. I throw them in the sink and wipe them clean when I wash bottles. They can get extra messy though because my son (9 months) loves to chew on them too. They could stand to be a big bigger at the top but that would mess with the cuteness factor. Cute though, we have 3 of them.

Jacklyn South Bay, FL

Too long to fasten

This is such a cute bib, but it was not a hit with my 13 month old granddaughter or with my 6 month old grandson. It takes too long to hook the end through the hole.

Kelsey Mistletoe, KY