Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip, Oliver Owl

Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip, Oliver Owl

Keep your baby’s pacifier close at hand and off the floor with this stylish Pacifier Clip by Ulubulu. These Danish designed pacifiers clips are super cute and have a universal loop attachment that keeps your favorite brand of pacifier with your baby. Each pacifier clip has a personalized name field on the back to keep things straight at daycare or the park. Just write a name with a ball point pen or sharpie. These pacifier clips have premium stitching and are made from durable material that is hand washable. The metal clip makes sure that your pacifiers are securely fastened for any journey and the plastic jaws ensure that your favorite baby clothes won’t get damaged.

Main features

  • Keeps pacifier attached to baby’s clothing
  • Safe and convenient- complies with US and European safety standards
  • Cotton strap and sturdy metal clip
  • Universal fit with nylon loop, fits your favorite brand of pacifier

Verified reviews


Cute but…

These do what they were made for and they are cute patterns. My baby chewed on these constantly, we didn’t feel comfortable with that so I made some organic fabric ones so he can chew to his hearts content.

Josefa Oakesdale, WA

Does the job, but dislike the clasp

This pacifier clip serves the intended purpose…it holds the pacifier perfectly. However, the clasp is big and strong. So, while your child will not be able to PULL this holder off of his/her clothing, the clasp pinches a big portion of the clothes and ends up gathering too much in the area wherein its fastened. Therefore, this holder simply doesn’t function well on thinner clothing, like onesies. It does well on a jacket or sweater worn OVER the child’s clothing. But, with regular children’s clothing, the clasp is causes major overkill.

John Cherokee, TX

Cute design and works great with Avent Soothie Pacifiers

My baby is hooked on her Soothie pacifier, which is that funky plastic one with NO handle or area for the typical pacifier clips to hook into. This Ulubulu one solves that problem since it has a loop which you can loop into and around the little air-hole thingy in the Soothie. Perfect! I love the owls design. I plan to order another one of these since I feel you can never have too many clippers ready to go for car trips with your little Wriggily Butt. I have noticed that on Amazon the different designs for this clip tend to have different prices. What is up with that? I think it is worth it though to buy it if you find a design you like. I have not seen a clip like this in the stores, so I am glad I was able to buy it online here. The actual metal crab-claw type clip that goes onto Baby’s clothing is STRONG. Which is good, if your baby is like mine and finds joy in waving the whole thing around like one of those rhythmic ribbon dancers haha. It’s staying put!

Laura Owen, WI

Does exactly what it is designed to do

As a new mom I had no clue something like this even existed. After my baby’s bink fell in the wet grass at the park I knew I needed a solution. These work well and have a cute design.

Pauline Corsica, SD

So cute – secures pacifier perfectly

Cute design – great for boys and girls. The clip secures it safely. Strap is great quality/strong. Recommend you buy two – three.

Sadie Madison, IL

Great for owl lovers

I bought this as a gift for a friend who has an owl theme in her classroom. She loved it and thought it was adorable.

Madge Aniak, AK

Super cute, sturdy clip, and name tag!

I love this paci clip. I mostly bought this one because I loved the little owl print, but once I received it I was extremely happy with the entire product as a whole. The clip is easy to attach to baby’s clothing and stays on well. It’s not too hard to detach it when you want to remove it, but it’s definitely strong enough that baby will not rip it off. It attached easily to the Nuk pacifiers by looping the string through the holes on the pacis and threading the rest of the holder through. Another awesome feature is the name tag on the back! You can use a fabric marker or a pen to write baby’s name so it doesn’t get mixed up at daycare or church. I love this product and plan to buy a few more!

Tania Peacham, VT

Great product!

This is a simple product and works well. I chose it b/c of the loop strap that attaches to the pacifier. I thought it looked more secure than the other models. The pattern is cute and I’ve had no issues with it. I even bought a few more so I have them clipped to all the necessary items. 🙂

Latasha Belvidere, NE

Very pretty but clip comes undone

This is a very nice clip, but unfortunately the clip doesn’t fasten very well. I will clip it to my daughter’s clothing and it will come off. I can get it to stay attached to her cloth bib but she doesn’t always have that on. I have another clip (hint: snot head) and that one works wonderful.

Concepcion Los Fresnos, TX

Super cute!

very cute and perfect for gender neutral. I have not tried it yet as the baby is still inutero, but I am sure it will be perfect!

Vickie Ramsey, IL

He cant get it off 🙂

We got this to use in the car because our son likes to throw his binki and when you’re driving you can’t just reach back and get the thing, and having a screaming baby right behind you for 2 hours is no fun. We had tried other paci clips but he could always get them off, but this one, it doesn’t matter how hard he tugs he can’t get it off!!!!!!! I love this thing so much I went back and ordered 2 more, one for our baby that is due in April and one for a friend of mine who is due in may! I would highly recommend this product if your little one uses a paci!

Lola Cannon Afb, NM

Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip, Oliver Owl

Wonderful paci clip. It’s cute and a great alternative to the pink and purple movement for all things baby girl.

Antionette Willow Creek, CA

Life saver

There are a ton of products like this, and I decided to try this one. I was really glad it did. It stays secure and my daughter can’t pull it off. Long enough for her to have in her mouth, and short enough where it won’t get caught on other things. There are a ton of different patterns to choose from, and they work well.

Shelby Easton, KS

Looks good but the clip is really hard to open

Looks good but the clip is really hard to open. It is also not very easy to attach the pacifier.

Eva Rose, NE

Great clip

Great pacifier clip and works really well. If u tired of the pacifier falling get this clip!!! Great clours available plus name section to identify owner 🙂

Twila New Berlin, PA

great pacifier clip for the price

cute! works just like ones that are pricier. The clip could be a little easier but they are all kind of like that. Does stay latched nicely.

Olga Shirley, IN


Such a cute pacifier chain, holds up to my son, and stays on his clothing couldn’t ask for anything more!

Brittney New Sarpy, LA

Cute! Cute! Cute!

I have had this pacifier for a couple of months or so, and it is great quality and super cute! This was definitely a good buy and I hope to use it for a long time! The coolest thing is that you can write on the back of it if your child goes to daycare/church so it wont get mixed up with other children!

Caitlin Jal, NM

joint to the pacifier, helps calm the baby a lot

joint to the pacifier, helps calm the baby a lot,….really helps calm the baby a lot and maintain the pacifier clean

Adele Berthold, ND

Great clip!

The clip is sometimes hard to open but you can be assured that the baby will not easily rip it off their clothes. I also like the strap material, it is heavier weight than some other types of paci clips

Latanya Maitland, MO

great for on the go

I purchased two of these one for my sisters baby coming soon and one for my son. I use mine for the baby bag when we’re out and about only. This is m6 second child and he looses more binkies then anyone I know so to prevent loosing and buying some every time I go shopping I just clip this on his shirt asleeve and we haven’t lost any yet. Its not long so it wont choke him its just short enough to be the perfect length from his sleeve to his mouth.

Kristine Midway, FL


I had clips before that were very large. when the baby goes on his belly those were uncomfortable this clip is small and smooth. it also holds on very tight . It also have fun child friendly design.

Georgia Hysham, MT

Super back saver!

This is the one of the best invention made for babies. I do I find paying $5+ for a lanyard is too expensive, but this has paid for itself with less bending down to reach for a dirty binky.

Maricela South Haven, KS

Tough clip

The clip on the holder is very hard to open. It is not very good for my little baby. This is probably better suited to toddlers. Another downside is that you can’t get the paci off easily so you have to commit one pacifier to stay on this holder forever.

Ida Elmer, OK

Good quality!

Adorable! Good quality clip, tight stitching. Bright colors & good variety of prints. The designs will work well on a variety of pacifiers.

Sofia Pennellville, NY

clip is hard to use

i want to love this. the band is big so it is hard to gt the loop around it. That wasn’t the problem though, the clip is so hard to unclip that my finger got clipped a few times. it wasn’t easy to remove from my baby either.

Sheri Ruidoso, NM

Never be without a pacifier if it’s clipped onto them!

A great clip, but the clip will rust after using for a long time. Bought these for all of the babies in my life. Great gift and the pacifier never falls on the ground- avoiding a meltdown!

Terrie Walkerton, VA

best paci clip out there

Believe me – spend the money on this clip, you’ll never lose it! I’ve had other cheaper clips and they’ve all gotten lost. Spend the $6 on this one and you’ll never need another.

Althea Saint Hedwig, TX

Does the trick

Was cheaper than a lot of other pacifier clips that are fancier. Does everything you need and still very cute.

Tamika Fort Ransom, ND

Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip, Princess

•One princess universal pacifier clip with personalization field on the back•Cotton strap with metal clip•Universal fit with nylon loop, fits your favorite brand of pacifier

Valarie Bainbridge, OH