Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip, Princess

Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip, Princess

Keep your baby’s pacifier close at hand and off the floor with this stylish Pacifier Clip by Ulubulu. These Danish designed pacifiers clips are super cute and have a universal loop attachment that keeps your favorite brand of pacifier with your baby. Each pacifier clip has a personalized name field on the back to keep things straight at daycare or the park. Just write a name with a ball point pen or sharpie. These pacifier clips have premium stitching and are made from durable material that is hand washable. The metal clip makes sure that your pacifiers are securely fastened for any journey and the plastic jaws ensure that your favorite baby clothes won’t get damaged.

Main features

  • One princess universal pacifier clip with personalization field on the back
  • Cotton strap with metal clip
  • Universal fit with nylon loop, fits your favorite brand of pacifier
  • Complies with US AC:2002 and EN 12586:199

Verified reviews


Annoying to put pacifier on

Not much to this product, just a clip on a strap. The clip is secure and it’s well-made overall, but I wish it was easier to put a pacifier on. To do so, you have to unclip it from whatever it is attached to (e.g. carseat, diaper bag) and feed the end with the loop through the pacifier handle, then fiddle with the clip to get it through the loop. Just a bit annoying, but otherwise does what it’s supposed to.

Socorro West Alton, MO

Works Great!

I agree; at first glance the metal clip is kind of off-putting.But, clip the gizmo so it is out of reach of the little ones mouth and you are set. I believe that is the idea that Ulubulu had in mind anyway.If you clip this deal on the lower shirt, then pop the pacifier in their mouth, you are set and don’t have anything to worry about.The item looks great, and works even better.My little girl likes playing the game "see how many times I can make them bend over and get it". This is a well timed device for our needs. Thanks.

Michell Kingston Springs, TN


It is a good quality material and very useful. The reason i gave it 4 but not 5 stars is that the material itself is little rough and baby’s face with very tender skin is not liking it so much. Nevertheless, i would still recommend this product.

Esther Holy Trinity, AL

good for its purpose, but clip is very stiff

I have this as well as the Boogin paci clips and I’d say the Boogin ones are better. The clip part of the Ulubulu are very stiff and actually pinched my skin once and broke skin (good thing baby wasn’t around). It’s nice that you can label it with their name (for example if they go to day care) but it’s a bit too stiff for my taste.

Candace Powell Butte, OR

super cute paci holder

Very cute design, well made. I would prefer it was an inch or two longer, but overall the length is fine. The clasp is pretty hard to open but that being said, it will prob never fall off your baby’s clothes!

Kaitlin Dresden, ME

pretty good but could be improved

I have two of these clips & like the designs. The clip is strong & stays attached to baby’s clothing. The fabric part is very pliable & reminds me of a thick ribbon, my son likes to chew on it. {We briefly had aNiNi Toy Bungee, Parfait Pinkbut it didn’t work well for us as it was thick, too long, & a stiff rubber material} The length is just right for clipping it to his clothes without worrying about him getting tangled in it. The loop fits perfectly over the MAM pacifier knobMAM 2 Pack Original Silicone Pacifier, 0-6 Months, Colors May Varywithout having to loop it. I like the name spot as he goes to daycare, HOWEVER, the only thing that showed up on the fabric was permanent marker, which bled through to the front side too, so now the whole thing looks messy. 🙁 I’m not sure how you would get around this though… Maybe etsy?

Teri Wattsville, AL