Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks – Made in USA

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks – Made in USA

When teaching your child how to read, write, sort, and just have fun, nothing beats simplicity. Each block tells a story, and since there are several sides to any story, you’ll find a variety of animals, numbers, math symbols, and four full alphabets. 28 – 1.75 inch basswood cubes printed with non-toxic, lead-free, child safe inks. Uncle Goose blocks are 100% handcrafted in Grand Rapids, MI from fast-growing and sustainable Great Lakes grown basswood.

Main features

  • 28 – 1.75 inch basswood cubes
  • contains letters and a variety of animals, numbers, and symbols
  • handmade in the USA
  • sustainable Michigan grown basswood
  • printed with non-toxic, lead-free child safe inks

Verified reviews


Not for babies

Lots of blocks can still work for infants. I bought these for my 6 month old as she loves using her cousins. Unfortunately, the corners are too sharp on most of the blocks for her to play with. I ended up finding some softer ones. I kept these as I’m sure we can use them down the road- just wanted to warn other parents about the sharp edges for babies.

Christine Durham, OK


These blocks are just beautiful… and my son loves them. The colors are bright and the images are clear. They’re really great quality and I love the size. A lot of the blocks you see at the store are smaller. I definitely recommend them.

Luann Mount Holly, VA

Nice design but sharp edges

I like the embossed designs on these blocks so really wanted to like them due to other great reviews. Returned it because the corners are pointed and sharp – it could be dangerous if the kids fall on these or a little painful if someone steps on the corners. They were smaller than expected.

Dee North Pitcher, NY


These blocks are perfect. We actually purchased them to do a maternity photo shoot & will also use them when the baby is born for to play with. Them seem to be great quality. The yellow, orange, green, & blue letters are embossed. There are symbols & animals. And they’re made in the US! I’m happy so far!P.S. Baby is 5 months old now & she loves them!! She loves to pick up the blocks in her hands & just hold them.

Aurelia Goodwin, SD

Perfect wooden blocks

I ordered this block set for our son’s nursery. I wanted something beautiful that was also a quality toy that he would be able to play with in the future. I couldn’t be more pleased with these toy blocks. The colors are true to picture and they are absolutely classic.

Colette Brewer, ME

Beautiful set of blocks

This is a great, high quality set of blocks. My son is still a little too young for them (4 months) but he already shows interest in them and wants to chew on them. I have a little fun and spell out messages to friends and family and share them on Facebook. Once my son starts sitting up on his own I’m sure he will absolutely love this set. I know I do!

Nadia Chillicothe, TX

Great quality!

These are exceptional. The size is big and chunky, not small, and the detail on each block is great. Even though the price is more than other brands, I think you get what you pay for. Looking forward to using these at my baby shower, and my kiddo having fun with them!

Robin Red Mountain, CA

very nice

I am very happy with these blocks. My only complaint is that the yellow is slightly hard to see. I would reccomend these to anyone who wants nice educational blocks. They are very flat and solid,easy to stack and play with. My 3 yr old loves them.

Petra Abbott, TX

beautiful but my kid has no interest in them…

This is a beautiful set of blocks but frankly, they’re kind of boring. I think they look great and I thought for sure they would be fun for my kid to build, stack, and enjoy the pictures. But, it just isn’t entertaining enough to keep kids busy for more than 5 mins. Oh well!

Sylvia Somers, WI

Great quality blocks

Got these for my 11-month-old son as an early Christmas gift. They are a great quality block. They will be used for years to come. My son has a great time knocking down the pyramids we build. Even though he chews on them (he’s got eight teeth) I haven’t seen any paint in his mouth.

Aurora Meldrim, GA

Fun, educational, sturdy

These are adorable blocks, perfect for little hands. They are also educational, which is always a plus! One just can’t find many products that are so well made these days.

Ana Franklin, WI

Love Uncle Goose Products!

I first saw these blocks at a photo shoot that we did for my 1st grandson! I loved them so much I researched until I found them!

Lilia Saint Augustine, IL

Daughter loves it

Very durable. Bright colors and fine craftsmanship. Perfect size for a toddler to hold and stack. Love them!

Rita Peaster, TX

Nice blocks

I really like these blocks. I bought them both as an eventual toy for as yet unborn child, but also to use as nursery decor in the meantime. The design of the blocks is really great, colors are vibrant, designs are clear. The packaging was very nice, it would make a really wonderful gift. I really like knowing these were made in the USA and are completely non-toxic.

Tabatha Quaker Hill, CT

Fabulous child’s toy

These blocks are excellent! Beautifully carved and embossed, made from safe products and enjoyable for a range of ages. Visit the company’s website! Our dog chewed one of the blocks, and when we checked the website we learned we could get individual replacement blocks – and that the company offers a range of other great products. A multitude of foreign languages – we got the Japanese blocks for our niece and nephew who are bilingual in that language – plus president blocks, nursery rhymes, elements and more. We also bought the lower case animal set, which had adorable baby versions of the adult animals on this set. If you’re looking for a classic, low tech toy for baby, this is well worth the price.

Hester Lost Nation, IA

Beautiful blocks

I just received these blocks and I’m very pleased with how they look and feel and smell (yes – they don’t stink like a lot of kids’ toys do these days).They are so beautiful and are a nice size. They are very classically decorated and in soft colours. I especially like that they have so much on each block – you can use them to practice math or to learn about animals as well as the letters of course.I’m tempted to get the lower case ones as well!

Kathy New Cumberland, WV

Great blocks for many ages!

Very nice wooden blocks that will be used by my daughter for years to come! Very nice gift idea as well.

Kelley Mooreland, OK

Our son loves these blocks!

Our 14 month can’t get enough of these great blocks. He stacks them, knocks them down, and generally has a great time playing with them. We rest assured knowing that there is no toxic paint on them, especially since these frequently end up in his mouth. We know he will enjoy them for years to come.

Dora Knife River, MN

Fabulous educational and fun toy

I love these blocks. I got both the upper and lowercase sets for my daughter for Christmas, and while they aren’t always the first toy she reaches for, if I say "lets use your blocks" she stays entertained for hours, vs. just 5 minutes for all the other toys she has. The letters, numbers, and animals make teaching her those concepts a part of play, not a drill. These also seem like they wil last a long time. I see them as an investment, and I have no doubt my grandchildren will be playing with the same set.

Dina Lincoln, RI

Very nice wooden blocks

So I struggled for a while finding the right blocks to buy. I was very happy with this set. Although there are a few things I kind of wished for :1 – There are 28 blocks in this set – all uppercase. So if you want the lowercase ones too – prepare to shell out another 30 bucks or so.2 – The blocks do have somewhat sharp corners – they are not rounded at all. My daughter is 15 months old, so I’m not concerned about her getting hurt.3 – I know someone people talked about splinters in their sets – but I haven’t come across that with mine.4 – They are in fact made in the USA – how rare!5 – The blocks are very nicely sized. They aren’t huge but they are the size I would expect considering the price.6 – As someone mentioned in their review – not all sides are embossed – but honestly that doesn’t take away from the design and/or usefulness of the blocks7 – The animal pictures are somewhat “classic” in design – but that’s neither a pro or a conAll in all – I love these blocks. I wish more came in the set – but I’ve gone ahead and purchased the lowercase set to add to this batch. With a total of 56 blocks – we should have no problem making words. If you’re looking for some blocks that seem like the type you keep for the long haul – I’m convinced these are the ones!

Leigh Sparta, NC

Great blocks

Perfect block size for small hands. I got this for my 5 month old and his hands fit so he can look at the block on the way to his mouth. The ink has not worn off despite drool and teething. Very well made blocks. I actually ordered this as a gift for my nephew as well. I love that it is made near Grand Rapids, MI as well. I too wondered why the letters and animal do not correspond to that letter. Great workmanship!

Adela Ackerly, TX

Great, Simple Toy

These blocks are well made and beautiful. They’re a nice size for my 8 month old to be able to grab and play with. They’re a very simple toy but they can be used in so many ways. I think I have as much fun with them as my daughter!

Elizabeth Havaco, WV

Nice blocks

Cute blocks, very detailed letters and designs. I did find a few small splinters when I first opened the package, but since I bought them for my toddler who rarely puts things in his mouth anymore it hasn’t been an issue. The edges and corners are square, not rounded, if that is a concern for you. Right now my 21-month old loves stacking the blocks and knocking them over — the larger size makes them easier to stack, and he made a stack 9 blocks high recently! He’s speech delayed but has started to learn some animal names and sounds, so he also enjoys identifying the animals he recognizes on the blocks. We haven’t started teaching him letters and numbers yet, but hopefully these blocks will be useful for that some day!

Mandy Clear Creek, IN

Great, solid product

We are very happy with this purchase – our 10 month old daughter loves playing with the blocks. They are a nice size, not too small, but easy for her to hold in her hand.

Valarie Quincy, IL

SO cute and well made!

Love that they are Michigan made, and they are so intricate! Bought then when my daughter was 10 months and she instantly stacked them and clapped them together, lots of fun!

Dona Bristow, NE

best blocks you can buy

Non-toxic and beautiful, you can’t go wrong. They’re the best quality you can get. Not only will your child refine their motor skills, but these blocks also help with letters, numbers and animals too.

Terrie Mount Kisco, NY

Beautiful, durable blocks

I bought these blocks for my daughter’s one-year birthday and couldn’t be more pleased. They are high quality and absolutely beautiful, with colorful letters, numbers, mathematical signs and animal pictures. Because they are nontoxic, there is no coating on these blocks, but even with her drooling on them I haven’t noticed much change, except maybe the wood is a tad darker. It’s very hard to notice. Five months later, she still loves stacking them, knocking them down and putting them in containers. I would highly recommend these blocks to anyone! It’s also nice they’re made in the USA. One thing I didn’t think of when I bought them was how they would be stored – I ended up sewing a simple bag with a drawstring to keep them together in one place.

Nancy Mc Intire, IA

Don’t know who likes them more – my son or my husband…

I didn’t want to get my son the same old every day blocks that I have seen – sorry they look boring. So I was glad when I found these online. They are a little more expensive but well worth it. The carving on each block is beautiful, the colors are saturated and do not peel off, and each block has letters, numbers, and picture of an animal. My son loves to stack them up to make towers and so does my husband! They play a game where my husband stacks them and my son runs up and knocks them down. They are blocks so the corners are sharp but if there is a block out there with rounded edges I haven’t heard of it or seen it. Absolutely gorgeous!

Essie Butler, TN

High Quality

These are gorgeous blocks. They are very well made and something I will hang on to that’ll be passed to my grandchildren when the time comes. I realize the price isn’t what you might pay for some blocks, but these are definitely not the cheapo junk you typically find everywhere nowadays. Even my 30+ year old set of blocks weren’t as nice as these. I don’t mind paying for this kind of quality and craftsmanship, and I just wish there were more toys for kids on the market that are this well made.

Clarissa Morton, TX

love these blocks

my girl got these for Christmas at 9 months old. They are her favorite toy, she loves knocking down our towers and banging them together! They are so well made!

Silvia Wood Lake, NE