Under the Nile 12 Piece Year Round Basics Sherpa Wash Cloth, White

Under the Nile 12 Piece Year Round Basics Sherpa Wash Cloth, White

Value pack containing 12 of our extremely soft sherpa wash cloths that are gentle on your baby’s skin for everyday use. Made with the finest 100% Egyptian cotton. 12 pack of wash cloths contains 6 wash clothes trimmed in sage and 6 wash cloths trimmed in yellow.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Super soft sherpa wash cloth
  • 100% organic
  • Made from Egyptian cotton

Verified reviews


Great for butt cloths

I uses these as wet wipes for our daughter. We have been avoiding wipes because they seem to be harsher. These are nice and soft. They are a bit expensive if you consider how many you’ll want around to make it between laundry days with a very young baby that’s still needs changing like 14 times a day.

Jody Cary, MS

Nice though expensive

Not much to say, they’re (rather expensive) washcloths. I wanted something soft to wipe my baby’s face with when he spits up. And these are great for that. Yes they roll up when coming out of the dryer, that’s never bothered me.

Susan Berwick, LA

Love these soft washcloths

We love these washcloths. They are so soft, durable (they wash and dry well), and are perfect for our son’s sensitive skin. They have held up well and are a great price for the amount you receive. We absolutely love Under the Nile’s products and highly recommend this brand!!

Dollie Dawson Springs, KY

Love how soft these are!

I love Under the Nile. We own a LOT of their products ranging from toys to bibs… outfits to these washcloths, nursing pads, cloth diapers, etc. We love everything we own from Under the Nile. These wash cloths are sooo soft! Our baby seems to appreciate that. They are pretty nicely absorbent and wash up just fine. The only thing that
• some
• people
• might
• complain about is that they do like to curl up a bit after being washed. We couldn’t care less about this and it doesn’t make them a big nuisance to stack or anything, in my opinion. I wouldn’t want any other wash cloths because none are nearly as soft as these! 🙂

Elda Edina, MO


These are excellent as baby wipes. I use these with warm water for diaper changes rather than using synthetic fibers and harmful chemical on my baby.

Virgie Chester, VA

Very Soft But Wish They Were Thicker

I really like Under the Nile Products they are fair trade and made of organic cotton. These are very nice and very soft washcloths. I wish they were a little larger and thicker. I think because of their size they curl up on the edges after having been in the dryer. This is ok when washing my baby because when they get wet they un-curl but I think if they had been thicker and larger this would not happen.

Marissa Bridgeton, IN

Love these organic cotton baby wipes

These cloths are thick, absorbent, super soft and just the right size. I bought them to use in place of disposable wipes when my grandbaby visits. It’s easy enough to run one under warm water just before a diaper change, and the baby coos and laughs throughout, so I know they’re as comfortable-feeling to her as they feel in my hand.As she grows, they will be useful lots of ways. On trips to the park or Exploratorium, we can take a couple, pre-moistened, in a small LunchBot for quick face and hand wipes, and a couple more dry ones to mop up wet spills.Later, we can use them for cleaning up kitchen spills (we don’t use paper towels), dusting, or makeup removal. There have got to be a million ways to use these handy wipes.

Shawna Lawton, PA

Super soft washcloths, perfect for washing baby’s face

These are super soft and thick, even after multiple washings. Perfect for bathtime, or for cleaning baby’s face or hands whenever. These are the softest cloths I’ve found, and the only ones that I feel comfortable using on my baby’s face. I wet with warm water and wipe his cheeks/chin (to clean off milk/drool to prevent rash), and he smiles every time. Yes, they curl up a little bit after you wash them, but who cares? Lying flat is not an important criterion for me when it comes to washcloths; much more important that they are soft and organic, and wash well. Love these!

Pam Dedham, MA

Best organic wash cloths

They are very nice wash cloths. The only complaint is they definitely do not stay as soft once they are used and washed several times, (like most things). Still very nice, and in my opinion the best wash cloths out there for my little guy.

Charlene Geneva, OH

Perfect for newborns

These washcloths are perfect for newborns – so soft and gentle for a newborn’s precious skin. I highly recommend this product.

Noelle Litchfield, CA