Under The Nile Bunny Blanket Friend, Blue

Under The Nile Bunny Blanket Friend, Blue

Under the Nile has been in business for 12 years now. The owner and founder of Under the Nile was motivated to design her own clothing line that was a healthy alternative to conventional clothing for her own children. All of the Under the Nile products are 100% Certified organic cotton. As an added bonus, the products are Egyptian cotton. The softest, most durable cotton in the world. Concern for the environment, humanity, and ethical business practices working harmoniously as one.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair trade
  • Machine wash only, tumble dry until toy is completely dry
  • Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry
  • Certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard

Verified reviews


Not a replacement for Lenny the lovey

Was desperately looking for a replacement to my 1-year old’s current lovey – named Lenny, naturally. This one (now named Kenny) is really quite nice and has lots of “legs” to chew, but whilst the little one does chew them, Kenny isn’t competitive with Lenny.The toy is well made. Washes really well. My only comment is that the head is completely stuffed with padding so if you are anti-dryer or try to avoid wasting power then this lovey will not be for you (or you will need 2 so you can leave one to dry for days to ensure the head isn’t wet).

Florence Hillsdale, IL


Perfect, exactly as described and NOT made in China! I love how soft it is and my baby loves it, which is always a plus.

Rachel Bunnell, FL

ghost bunny is wicked

Our Baby loves this Bunny, its great. Chews on the knotted hands and feet, the ears are great for gnawing. Soft , lightweight you can tie a binkie to it. Washes easily and drys well in the dryer.

Natalia Dinosaur, CO

Perfect Lovey

I bought this for my 3 month old daughter because she always was rubbing her blankets or swaddles or burp cloths against her face. She also began sucking her thumb and we thought we’d rather have her suck on a lovey than on her thumb. This item arrived fast and we had no issues with the packaging. I followed the was/dry instructions and it held up just fine. I slept with the lovey the first night so my scent would be on it and then introduced it to my daughter the next day. I put the lovey on my daughter at every nursing and I also put it in her car seat at every outing. She took the lovey quickly. She doesn’t "need" it as she is only 3 months old, but she certainly holds it and rubs it every time it is with her. I still sleep with the lovey to allow my scent to be on it and perhaps I smell my daughter’s scent, too, which is why I love it so much?! The lovey is a perfect size, the material is soft, and the ears and knots in the fabric are perfect textures for my baby. I have the pink one and am pleased with the colors and the overall appearance. I will definitely buy another one and I hope my daughter keeps loving on her lovey for a long time to come.

Lola Dolan Springs, AZ

wonderful lovie for babies

Such a soft and cozy lovie — we “love” it, especially since it’s made from organic cotton. I throw it in the washer and dryer and it comes out great. Under the Nile has excellent items for babies.

Cassie Gilroy, CA


absolutely a MUST for 4mo. and up. HIGHT EGYPT COTTON QUALITY. takes a while to dry (in dryer and mashine wash only! which is fine) but surprisinly does not shrink at all!! a mean at alllll!!!!!!!!!!!! its also pretty and my baby keeps this “toy” in her bed so if she feels like “breastsfeeding” she can suck smth to calm her down (sometimes:))

Neva Deer Grove, IL

Perfect little bed time friend!

Bunny has been a trusted friend to baby J since we got it and washed it of course hehe. The bunny is soft but made with thick cotton which seems like it would last a long time. It came out of the washer in almost the same state as we put it in. J likes to nibble bunnies ears and tug at the little knots at the corners of the blanket. Some how its simple face is very attractive to baby as well. I hope bunny lasts a long time or we might need to order a back up one preemptively :). All in all definitely recommend for the youngest babies.

Helena Cobalt, ID


My baby girl loves this bunny. It has all sorts of knots she can chew on and it’s soft and cuddly.

Viola Barrington, RI

not as soft as I hoped for

I was hoping these would be softer. I bought two of them and they are nice, but not as snugly soft as I hoped.

Liza Dunbar, NE

Great quality, simple toy/lovie

My daughter is not really attached to it as I hoped she might be, but that is certainly no fault of the bunny! It’s very well made – a thick fabric – plenty of areas to chew on. Can’t think of a way it could be improved.

Angie Climax, MN

nice, but so BIG

I’m only giving it a 4 instead of 5 because it’s way bigger than I expected. I love everything else about it. From the picture, I expected it to have a small head and be about the size of my hand. Well, it’s about double that size and the head is huge!Other than that, this toy is PERFECT if you’re looking for a toy that’s 1) fit for a newborn, 2) organic, 3) ethically made. I am *very* sensitive to smells and hate it when I pull something out of a package and have to wash it 5 times before the chemical smell goes away. Not the case with this toy! It’s dyed with natural, heavy ‘metal-free’ colors, so right out of the bag it didn’t smell at all. I put it in a pillow case and washed it anyway, as you should with any fabric that’s going to touch your baby’s skin.Overall, it’s nice, kind of as big as a newborn, but nice.

Tracy Grants Pass, OR

Bigger that I though

It’s cute and soft, but I though it was going to be about half its size which would have fit in my 8 month old’s hand better. It turns out to be about a foot tall and the head is a bit larger than a golf ball.

Melanie Lancaster, OH

Perfect size, great fabric.

Love how soft it is, great size for blanket lovie, light weight that baby can easily carry with them. Great pastel color as well. My 8 months old baby loves them.

Bobby Union Mills, IN

Cute Bunny, not a favorite

This bunny is soft, cute, washes well, and has held up to 17 months of use. The only problem is, my son really doesn’t seem to favor it over any of his other non-organic stuffed animals. He also didn’t care to chew on it when he was younger. I still think it’s really cute and I put it in his crib with all of his other friends. He prefers his Aden and Anais blankets to this.It does get sort of pilled with time and washing. I would still buy it again and I hope to use it with our next baby.

Mari Sulphur Springs, OH

Love this bunny

My 2-year old loves this bunny and has since he was just over a year old. As a result, we now own 4 of them. Fully washable and stands up to lots of loving. Good present to buy for friends’ babies as I have started to do.

Jeannie Carlisle, PA

Cute little bunnyhead

We’re very happy with this little bunny head. It seems to be the only toy my 4 month old doesn’t throw down. He likes to chew on the feet and ears and I don’t have to worry about him getting tangled or choking on anything. We got the sage color and it’s a beautiful soft green. Very happy it’s machine washable and organic too! We might have to buy another one to keep on hand for overnight trips or if this one gets lost! I will be looking in to purchasing more things from Under the Nile; very happy and thank you.

Leigh Ridgway, PA