Under The Nile Eggplant Toy

Under The Nile Eggplant Toy

Under the Nile has been in business for 12 years now. The owner and founder of Under the Nile was motivated to design her own clothing line that was a healthy alternative to conventional clothing for her own children. All of the Under the Nile products are 100% Certified organic cotton. As an added bonus, the products are Egyptian cotton. The softest, most durable cotton in the world. Concern for the environment, humanity, and ethical business practices working harmoniously as one.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair trade
  • Machine wash only, tumble dry until toy is completely dry
  • Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry
  • Certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard

Verified reviews



I wanted an organic toy for a teething baby who chews on everything. She loves this soft little toy and I don’t have to worry about her sticking a bunch of chemicals in her mouth. I’ve already thrown this in the washer/dryer about 10 times and it still looks the same. Great job Under The Nile!

Sally Flint Hill, VA

Just Okay

I bought this little guy for my 6 month old. I like how it’s made of natural fibers, and is a less corny looking baby toy. Though, my little one never found it to be very interesting. She would hold it, and naw on the small stem part, but within a few seconds it was on the ground. I think she found the bulky body a little awkward to hold. It’s a very sweet toy, that has made it through the washer and dryer unscathed, but it has never held my little one’s attention.

Samantha Florham Park, NJ

Quite small

I have many of the items in this set, and I was quite disappointed at the size of this. It’s about the size of a pear, not nearly normal eggplant size. Especially strange considering the fact that the carrot is carrot-sized, the tomato is tomato-sized, and the mushroom is portobello-sized. (The peas, however, are banana-sized. Go figure).Overall I like the fabric, I like the handmade imperfect aesthetic, and the fair-trade pledge. I just wish there was a little more proportionality to the sizing for some of these items.

Latoya Leon, KS

so adorable!

all these under the nile products are soo cute! i bought a couple and found them to be smaller than i thought even though i checked how big they actually are. i love them and for a little kid who is just starting to get teeth and puts anything and everything in her mouth – this is perfect!! my daughter and i LOVE THIS

Nanette Savannah, MO

My baby loves this guy!

His favorite part is the long stem. He will suck on it and teethe on it. He really loves is Under the Nile toys, but I think this one is his favorite.

Lourdes Trenton, NE

Cute Plush

I didn’t really know how large or small this item would be. It is of very good quality though for a cotton toy. I hand wash this and some of my sons other organic toys. He loves biting this. I want to buy all of the fruits and vegetables so my son gets used to having fun with them and then has a better experience trying each one.

Suzette East Haven, CT