Under The Nile Flat Cat Lovie

Under The Nile Flat Cat Lovie

Under the Nile has been in business for 12 years now. The owner and founder of Under the Nile was motivated to design her own clothing line that was a healthy alternative to conventional clothing for her own children. All of the Under the Nile products are 100% Certified organic cotton. As an added bonus, the products are Egyptian cotton. The softest, most durable cotton in the world. Concern for the environment, humanity, and ethical business practices working harmoniously as one. Toys are handcrafted and the size may vary slightly

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair trade
  • Machine wash only, tumble dry until toy is completely dry
  • Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry
  • Certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Toys are handcrafted and the size may vary slightly

Verified reviews


Great Lovie

Yes, Flat Cat is small. But he’s meant to be cuddled with my tiny arms and safely slept with by tiny faces. So you don’t want a giant toy for those purposes. We’ve introduced this to our 3 month old as her bedtime lovie – he’ll only be with her at sleepytimes and is part of that routine. For that, he’s great! Small enough to cuddle, lots of parts of grab on to, and still small enough to easily toss in a bag if he needs to travel.After a wash, the blue did fade and you can sort of see the tan stuffing stuff underneath, hence the minus one star. But this seems to work great for our purposes and I will be buying a second in case anything ever happens to this Flat Cat.UPDATE – She is now almost a year and recently got very attached to Flat Cat. She likes to carry him around now (she is a good enough sleeper that we’re OK with that), and she still chews on his ears and rubs him on her face and snuggles at naptime/bedtime. She lights up when she sees him. We have 3 flat cats (one for her daycare bag and a spare) and they get rotated through and washed every couple weeks and have held up very well. We just wash with her clothes in cold water and toss him in the dryer. For our next baby, we’ll definitely stick with Under the Nile (a different animal) for another lovie.

Beatriz Wellington, IL

Pefect for the crib

I keep this in my baby’s crib and he loves it. It washes well also. Would have loved for it to come in other colors though.

Allyson Jonesville, IN

Love Under the Nile Toys

This toy is adorable and a snuggly kitty that is great for teething. Being that is is organic, I feel comfortable with my baby sucking on this as much as he wants. Easily washable too! Best organic cloth toy & clothing company out there in my opinion! Highly recommend any Under the Nile toys, clothing or other essentials (bathing and burp cloths).

Alyssa Hancock, IA

We love our flat cat

This is the perfect size for babies. It was a great toy to introduce early on to help her learn to grasp and hold, and then later to use for teething. We didn’t try to make it a lovie, exactly, but it’s easy to keep in the diaper bag or to have around on long car trips, so that is a good use for it. For some reason the whiskers on our “Katie Cat” point down, so it’s lovingly referred to as “Sad Cat.”

Lucy Genoa, NE

Not a bad little guy

This cat is super cute! I think I bought it too early for my daughter and then sort-of forgot about it when she was in her teething prime.She is playing with it now, though. I’ll set it on one side of the couch to coerce her to cruise over. She seems to find it interesting and likes chewing on the ears.Docking one star just because it’s not her favorite. Very well-made and I love that it’s organic.

Bernice Gould, AR